WayV - On My Youth (Diary Version) (2nd Album)
    • WayV - On My Youth (Diary Version) (2nd Album)

    WayV - On My Youth (Diary Version) (2nd Album)

    Label: SM Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.11.09

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 14


    WayV - On My Youth (Diary Version) (2nd Album)


    1. On My Youth (?憾效?) *Title

    2. Poppin' Love (心??告)

    3. Ain't No Thang

    4. No One But You

    5. INVINCIBLE (?限)

    6. RODEO (冒?行?)

    7. Moonlight (新月)

    8. 心之所向 (Lighthouse)

    9. Be Alright (未??台)

    10. On My Youth (English Ver.)

    WayV's long-awaited comeback! Full-length 2nd album 'On My Youth' released on November 1, and album on November 8!

    10 songs in total, including the title track 'On My Youth'!

    WayV (WayWave, part of LABEL V) is making a splendid comeback this November with their second album 'On My Youth'.

    WayV's second album, which will be released on November 8, consists of a total of 10 songs in various genres, including the title track, "On My Youth," and will showcase WayV's newly refreshed musical world.

    In particular, WayV is making a comeback after a year since their fourth mini album "Phantom" released in November 2022, and they have been proving their own solid color and solid skills with trendy music and inTENse performances in each of their songs "Phantom," "Kick Back," "Turn Back Time," and "Moonwalk," so we are looking forward to seeing what they will do with their second album.

    In addition, WayV held their first global fanmeeting tour this year, '2023 'WayV Fanmeeting Tour', and upgraded their global power by holding 14 concerts in 10 cities around the world over 14 times, building close relationships with fans from all over the world, and it is expected that they will show their performance with this album.

    * Album Specifications (Final)

    - Cover : 1 type

    - Booklet : 96p

    - CD-R: 1 type

    - Ground pOSTer: 1 insert

    - Tag: 1 random insert of 3 types

    - Sticker: Random 4 of 9 types inserted

    - Polaroid (Group Ver.) : 1 type inserted

    - Polaroid (Individual Ver.): 1 randomly selected from 6 types inserted

    - Photocard: 1 random insert from 6 types


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