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SM Entertainment's multinational quartet aespa released their first mini album Savage on November 17 2021

The theme of aespa's music is not just an individual discography, but a full-length series of films, which are used to enrich and strengthen the SMCU brand of aespa. Meanwhile, while the band has continued the futuristic electronic synthpop dance theme from their debut through their subsequent albums, they have increasingly included tracks that utilize acoustic sessions in a separate style. This seems to be a way of utilizing good songs to push a certain theme, but not letting go of diversity and creativity like Red Velvet.

On May 8, 2023, they released a new mini album, My World. This album is the first in about 10 months since aespa's second mini-album, "Girls," released in July 2022, and contains a total of six songs that tell the story of Worldview Season 2, where the members of aespa return to the REAL WORLD from KWANGYA.

In particular, aespa has shown a variety of charms from their debut song "Black Mamba" to intense performance songs such as "Next Level" and "Savage," as well as light-hearted songs such as "Dreams Come True" and "Life's Too Short," so we are looking forward to their new music.