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SM Entertainment's multinational quartet aespa released their highly anticipated new album, "My World," on May 8, 2023. This album marks their return after a gap of about 10 months since their previous release, "Girls," in July 2022. "My World" features a total of six songs that continue the captivating story of Worldview Season 2, where the members of aespa return to the REAL WORLD from KWANGYA.

aespa has been captivating fans with their diverse range of charms, from the debut hit "Black Mamba" to the intense performance tracks like "Next Level" and "Savage." With the release of their new album, "My World," fans can expect aespa to push boundaries and showcase their unique sound once again.

The theme of aespa's music goes beyond just an individual discography. It forms a comprehensive series of films that enrich and strengthen the SMCU brand. While staying true to their futuristic electronic synthpop dance style, aespa has also incorporated acoustic sessions, demonstrating their versatility and creativity.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating aespa's new music, and "My World" promises to deliver another exciting chapter in the aespa journey. Don't miss out on this sensational Aespa New Album that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the Kpop music scene.