KISS OF LIFE - Born to be XX (Bad Version) (2nd Mini Album)
    • KISS OF LIFE - Born to be XX (Bad Version) (2nd Mini Album)

    KISS OF LIFE - Born to be XX (Bad Version) (2nd Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Enetertainment

    Release Date: 2023.11.09

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 21


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    KISS OF LIFE - Born to be XX (Bad Version) (2nd Mini Album)


    1. Bad News 

    2. Nobody Knows 

    3. My 808

    4. TTG

    5. Gentleman

    6. Says It

    7. Bad News (ENG Ver.)

    KISS OF LIFE 2nd Mini Album [Born to be XX]

    2nd Mini Album "Born to be XX" Released

    The comeback of the 'monster rookie' and the second album "Born to be XX" to establish themselves as 'artists'

    A story about 'true freedom' told through 'X'

    Double title songs "Bad News" and "Nobody Knows" with a reversal of "perspectIVE and ambivalence

    Since its debut in July, KISS OF LIFE has captivated the eyes and ears of fans around the world by dominating various global charts, living up to the title of 'monster rookie'. The band's remarkable achievements include reaching No. 1 on iTunes in Thailand and the top of charts around the world, entering the Spotify Viral 50 chart, and accumulating more than 30 million streams. Their free-spirited and energetic attitude, as well as the quality of their music and content, has amazed audiences. In addition, their overwhelming vocal skills and hip performances through various contents and stages were enough to gather public expectations and interest in their future endeavors.

    While the previous debut album talked about the process of gaining freedom by challenging limits and trials, or "freedom from outside oppression," the second mini album conveys the message that "true freedom is freedom from within" through the keyword "X" in KISS OF LIFE's own way.

    "I was born X, and this is who I am"

    The self-proclaimed "X" in this album is about "something special that is not welcomed". Resisting the existing order, hating to be boxed in, unafraid to express themselves, and wanting freedom, their rebellion and revolutionary behavior can be seen as dangerous and misunderstood by others. Nevertheless, this album is a celebration of "X" itself, as if KISS OF LIFE were saying to us, "It's okay to be you, because that's who you are.

    "All Preconceptions, Prejudices, and X"

    "X" is about showing only what you want to see, seeing only what you want to see, and rejecting all prejudices and preconceptions. In exchange for convenience, we lose our freedom of perception and thought, and the endless stream of information stops us from thinking. I don't even know if what I'm seeing, what I'm thinking, or what I'm doing is the real me. Is it the problem of 'showing me only what I want to see' or 'seeing only what I want to see'? Maybe rejecting all of this is the first step to true freedom?" I preface with the words, "We know the truth, no one knows.

    "We know the truth, nobody knows the truth"

    The double-titling of two different songs - "Bad News," a hard-hitting, guitar riff-drIVEn tune that blends hip-hop and rock, and "Nobody Knows," a soul/R&B tune with a sensual beat - creates a unique and organic pairing. The lyrics sharply but playfully express the theme of the "two sides of perspectIVE" that distinguish between "truth" and "rumor," and the two music videos that accompany them provide another hidden point of appreciation for the public.

    ["Born to be XX" consists of a total of seven songs. As expected from a group that focuses on original music and self-production, the album contains many songs writTEN and composed by the artists. From "Bell's" self-writTEN song "Says It," which captures the feelings of first love, to "My 808" and "Bad News (ENG Ver.)," the members' participation in the work makes the music complete.

    It's time to feel the artificial respiration of KISS OF LIFE once again.

    KISS OF LIFE 2nd Mini Album [Born to be XX] Track List

    01. Bad News (Title)

    Composed by Strawberrybananaclub, Jonghan (JONGHAN), Rick Bridges

    Lyrics by Rick Bridges, 종한 (JONGHAN), PAPRIKAA, Strawberrybananaclub

    Arranged by Strawberrybananaclub

    The title track, "Bad News," is a song that combines an intense rock sound with a heavy hip-hop rhythm. The guitar riff that repeats from the beginning to the end is a bold introduction to a genre of music that may seem unfamiliar, and the unpredictable pre-chorus keeps the listener on their toes and holds their breath. The moment the chorus vocals finally drop, a game changer has arrIVEd.

    02. Nobody Knows (Title)

    Composed by PAPRIKAA, Lim Jungwoo, ADORA, VON MENTZER

    Korean Lyrics by Cho Yoon Kyung, Julie, Rick Bridges

    Arranged by PAPRIKAA

    The double title track "Nobody Knows" is an R&B song influenced by 1970s psychedelic and funk music and the classic mood of Philadelphia Soul. Featuring a languid but head-nodding rhythm and mesmerizing bass/guitar playing that captivates the listener, this song is an original genre music with a high level of musical comprehension and vocal difficulty, and KISS OF LIFE's musical ambition and passion to challenge it will bring another charm and new experience to listeners.

    03. My 808

    Composed by G'harah "PK" Degeddingseze, Tricia BatTANi, TMM

    Lyrics by Mia(153Joombas), Rick Bridges, Lee Hye Yum(Jamfactory), Gemma, Belle, Natty

    Arranged by G'harah "PK" Degeddingseze, Tricia BatTANi

    "My 808" is a Dance/R&B track with a sensual sensuality that compares the mesmerizing "my bass (dance)" to the "808 sound" in the music. You can enjoy listening to the addictIVE hook and the individuality of the vocalists who digest the repeated parts with their own charm and interpretation.

    04. TTG

    Composed by BYMORE, Ondine, ADORA, Rick Bridges, Rick Bridges

    Lyrics by Ondine, Rick Bridges, BYMORE

    Arranged by BYMORE

    'TTG' is an R&B Dance Pop song that features a retro synth sound centered on acoustic guitar and the Y2K tone and manner it creates, and is completed with a groovy melody and harmonious vocal production. "TTG" stands for "That That Girl," and is a feminine R&B song that aims to express the feeling of the 2000s, and is a rare song that will once again show a different side of KISS OF LIFE.

    05. Gentleman

    Composed by Thomas Troelsen, Lindy Robbins, Gabe Saporta, Shy Carter

    Lyrics by Cho Yoon Kyung

    Arranged by Thomas Troelsen

    'Gentleman' is a song with Afro rhythms and reggae patterns, and it shows a unique charm by combining the 808 bass-oriented verse of the pop genre with the soulful gospel chorus. The solo vocalist leads the song, and the gospel in the chorus is a unique aspect that shows KISS OF LIFE's musical ability and confidence.

    06. Says It

    Composed by clovd(WSHL:ST), Kwon Dukgeun(WSHL:ST), Young Chance, Belle, Eunsol

    Lyrics by Belle, Rick Bridges

    Arranged by clovd(WSHL:ST), 권덕근(WSHL:ST)

    I wanted to capture the feeling of first love, the unfamiliarity and recklessness of being in love for the first time.

    "The feeling of having color in my life that was black and white, sitting for hours on a cool summer night with mosquito bites and not knowing when the time was passing, let's call these strange feelings 'love' and let's not waste any more time, let's love with everything we have."

    Commentary by BELLE

    07. Bad News (Eng Ver.)

    Composed by Strawberrybananaclub, 종한 (JONGHAN), Rick Bridges

    Lyrics by Julie, Rick Bridges, 종한 (JONGHAN), PAPRIKAA, Strawberrybananaclub

    Arranged by Strawberrybananaclub

    'Bad News (Eng ver.)' is the album's closing song and bonus track, with more inTENse guitar riffs and a more intimate feel for the players' energy. The harsh and vivid sound of the original version will be a surprise for lisTENers, as if they are watching the stage.

    * Album Specifications

    * Bad Ver.

    - Booklet: 210mm * 297mm / 150p / 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - Album Plate : 1pc (Image varies by version)

    - News ground pOSTer : 370mm * 560mm / 1 insert

    - Freeform BoArd sticker : 120mm * 160mm / 1 insert (image is the same for each version)

    - Photocard : 55mm * 85mm / Insert 2 random out of 12 types (Image differs by version)

    * Good Ver.

    - Booklet : 210mm * 297mm / 150p / 1 type (image differs by version)

    - Alphan : 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - Folding POSTcard Card : 352mm * 125mm / 1 insert

    - Freeform Pansticker : 120mm * 160mm / 1 insert (Image is the same for each version)

    - Photo Card : 55mm * 85mm / Insert 2 random types from 12 types (image differs by version)


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