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IVE is a six-member multinational girl group consisting of five Koreans and one Japanese under Starship Entertainment that debuted on December 1, 2021.

As a fourth-generation girl group, IVE also debuted based on the girl crush concept, but the crucial difference between IVE and other girl groups is that instead of the powerful concept that comes to mind when one thinks of girl crush, IVE tried a different concept by maintaining the identity of "girl" and adding the image of "self-love" to it.

Their debut single album ELEVEN, released in December 2021, sold over 20,000 copies in two days and 150,000 copies in a week, setting the highest sales record for a girl group debut album at the time.

Their second single, LOVE DIVE, released in April 2022, entered the Spotify Global Chart at #155 on April 6, the second day of its release. A day later, on April 7, it jumped to #51. With 1.39 million listeners, it reached a career-high and continued to break its own records, peaking at #47 on April 11. The song also debuted at #51 on Spotify's weekly chart for its first week of release. It debuted at #1 on Spotify's weekly K-pop chart.

On Apple Music, it debuted at #12 globally, making it the 3rd highest global debut by a K-Pop girl group on Apple Music.

After LIKE, their third single released in August 2022, sold over 500,000 copies in a week and debuted at #23 globally and #82 in the U.S. on day 2, making them the second K-Pop girl group to debut inside the U.S. Spotify Top 100 since BLACKPINK.