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VIVIZ - VERSUS (Photobook, Fate Version) (4th Mini Album)
  • VIVIZ - VERSUS (Photobook, Fate Version) (4th Mini Album)

VIVIZ - VERSUS (Photobook, Fate Version) (4th Mini Album)

Label: Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: 2023.11.03

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 12


VIVIZ - VERSUS (Photobook, Fate Version) (4th Mini Album)



2. Untie

3. Overflow

4. 한 걸음 (Day by day)

5. Up 2 Me

VIVIZ - The 4th Mini Album 'VERSUS'

- VIVIZ releases their 4th mini album 'VERSUS' on November 2nd!

- "A melody that can't be explained in any other words but love" This is love, right?

- A new spectrum of colors that VIVIZ is creating

VIVIZ, who has always shown a new side of themselves through their albums that are as vivid and colorful as their team name VIVIZ, is back with their fourth album 'VERSUS', a deep dIVE into the many choices that determine destiny, following their third album 'VarioUS', which expressed their strong and confident side.

The fourth mini-album 'VERSUS' captures VIVIZ's worries and answers in two worlds: the fantasy world created by others and the world I am creating. Through various 'VERSUS' songs, VIVIZ talks about choices and decisions, beautiful but dangerous, hard but happy moments, and honestly expresses them without deception or concealment, making you think TWICE about what you really want.

The new album includes a total of 5 songs, including the title track "MANIAC". The title track "MANIAC" is a song that impresses with its addictIVE melody and lyrics that sensitIVEly explain how people hurt and hurt each other in the name of love but recognize that it is love after all. The song's choreography by choreographer Kany, who has choreographed for leading domestic and international artists such as Beyoncé and SHINee, enhances the performance. In addition, the music video, which captures various emotions such as joy, sadness, and friendship between people, is more immersIVE with VIVIZ's expressIVE power, and provides rich attractions with colorful screen transitions and a detailed story.

In addition, "Untie," a song about moving forward boldly without being confined to a small box in social media, "Overflow," an R&B-based dance song that expresses unorganized and overflowing emotions, "Day by day," a light, medIUm-tempo pop song, and "Up 2 Me," a story that begins with my decision, show the growth of VIVIZ as a more independent and mature artist.

This album, which was born out of VIVIZ's many choices, is a color chip that contains a variety of colors, unlike previous albums that used symbolic colors to express the message they wanted to convey. Just as many colors exist in an orderly manner, but sometimes break the rules and create unpredictable combinations, VIVIZ constantly asks questions (choices) through various stories and guides listeners to decide the direction of color (destiny) by themselves.

After listening to all fIVE tracks they have prepared, you will be drawn to VIVIZ like a fate because you will be convinced that their worries and choices will lead us to a good path.


Lyrics by Koo Yeo Summer

Composed by Jack David Brady, Jordan Michael Roman, Chloe Copoloff, Austin Nicole Wolfe, TMM

Arranged by The Wavys

The title track "MANIAC" is a pop dance song with an alternatIVE rock-based aggressIVE bass sound and a mesmerizing melody, and it showcases VIVIZ's more mature voice and charm through lyrics that sensitIVEly describe how they hate their opponents but can't let go.

2. Untie

Lyrics by Ellie Suh (153/Joombas)

Composed by Ryan Jeon, Lenno Linjama, Elsa Curran, Kella Armitage

Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Lenno Linjama

'Untie' is a pop dance song with a groovy and addictIVE melody and dynamic track development, featuring a rhythmically repetitIVE bass lead sound and VIVIZ's energetic and stylish vocals that convey a confident and self-assured attitude.

3. Overflow

Lyrics byC'SA, BYMORE

Composed byC'SA, Xxio, BYMORE

Arrange byXxio, BYMORE

'Overflow' is an R&B-based dance song with a catchy bass line, groovy beat, and lyrical melody, and the lyrics express the unorganized and overflowing emotions after a breakup.

4. One Step (Day by day)

Lyrics by 정하리 (153/Joombas), bay (153/Joombas)

Composed by Andreas Oberg, Felix Back, Ashley Alisha, Freek Mulder, Freek Mulder

Arranged by Felix Back, Freek Mulder

'Day by day' is an upbeat, mid-tempo pop song with 90s R&B influences. The lyrics about making the best choice you can in this moment are hopeful and suggest that your choices will always bring you good fortune, and VIVIZ's smooth vocals maximize the song's mood.

5. Up 2 Me

Lyrics bydanke (lalala studio)

Composed by Amanda Thomsen, Andreas Ringblom, dr.ahn, YOUNGWOO

Arranged by dr.ahn, YOUNGWOO

'Up 2 Me' is a pop genre song with a retro synth sound and dreamy melody, and lyrically expresses the many stories that start with one's own decision, and adds VIVIZ's fresh and clean sound to make it more colorful.

* Album Specifications

- Photo Book : FAKE ver - W200xH275mm / 72P / 1EA (Image varies by version) FATE ver - W275xH200mm / 72P / 1EA (Image varies by version)

- CD : 1 type (Image varies by version)

- CD envelope: W123xH123mm / 1pc (Image varies by version)

- Photo Card : W55xH85mm / Insert 1 random type from 9 types (Image varies by version)

- ID card: W85xH55mm / 1 random 1 of 3 types inserted (image varies by version)

- Mini POSTer: FAKE ver - W260xH185mm / 1pc inserted (Image varies by version) FATE ver - W185xH260mm / 1pc inserted (Image varies by version)

- Sticker : W164xH84mm / 1 piece inserted (Image varies by version)


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