KWON EUN BI - The Flash (1st Single Album)
    • KWON EUN BI - The Flash (1st Single Album)

    KWON EUN BI - The Flash (1st Single Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2023.08.04

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 9


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    KWON EUN BI - The Flash (1st Single Album)


    1. The Flash

    2. Comet

    3. Beautiful Night

    KWON EUNBI(KWON EUNBI) 1st Single Album [The Flash] - Returning to 'SUMMER QUEEN'

    KWON EUNBI returns with 'SUMMER QUEEN', her first single album [The Flash].

    'Overcoming another taboo with a mix and match of pure WHITE and strong BLACK'

    In 2023, KWON EUNB, who has earned the title of 'SUMMER QUEEN' through performances at the largest music festivals in Korea and abroad, will release her 1st Single Album [The Flash].

    KWON EUNBI's 1st Single Album [The Flash] is a summer season album consisting of three genres, with intense, glamorous sounds and refreshing charms that will calm the heat of the hot summer days.

    The title track is a POP-DANCE genre song with the motif of the mythological figure 'Persephone', and it is a modern mythology that reinterprets the keyword 'choice' of free will by mixing and matching the metaphors of WHITE, which symbolizes a girl who loves flowers and gardens, STAR, which is loved by everyone, and BLACK, which symbolizes a woman who is determined to become the queen of the underworld, and Nora, who runs away from the dollhouse.

    The lyrics, which are based on the story of Persephone who swallowed a red pomegranate, are organized in the form of a word puzzle in which the two people find the right answer by combining hidden words, and Kwon Eun-bi's bold and energetic vocals and performance enhance the completeness of the song.

    In addition, KWON EUNBI, a solo artist who shows new attempts and growth with each album, collaborated with four producer teams (NEWTYPE, Full8loom, Noday &IRIS, and Perrie) who are leading the K-POP scene that has expanded to the global market for the title track, and continued to challenge herself musically by recording a song in the electro teen-pop genre that decorated the Billboard mainstream in the early 2000s and a modern rock sound-based song that resembles the exhilarating freedom of a summer night.

    Meanwhile, KWON EUNBI, who made a comeback this summer with her first single album in 10 months, will capture the hearts of global listeners at home and abroad with her more mature charm, and will continue to communicate and meet with fans through various activities.

    * Album Specifications

    - Photobook: 150*210mm / 68p / 1 type

    - CD-R: 118*118mm / 1 piece

    - Photo Card: 54*86mm / Insert 1 random out of 12 types

    - Lyrics Postcard: 140*205mm / Insert 1 random from 4 types

    - Slide Photo Card: 125*75mm / Insert 1 type

    - Motion Film: 120*40mm / Insert 1 random 1 out of 4 types

    - Initial Limited Poster: 610*440mm / 1 randomly selected from 2 types


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