PURPLE KISS - FESTA (Main Ver) (1st Single Album)
    • PURPLE KISS - FESTA (Main Ver) (1st Single Album)

    PURPLE KISS - FESTA (Main Ver) (1st Single Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.09.06

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 13


    PURPLE KISS - FESTA (Main Ver) (1st Single Album)


    1. 7HEAVEN

    2. Biscuit

    3. Mistake

    PURPLE KISS(퍼플키스)싱글 1집 /FESTA (Main Ver.)

    PURPLE KISS 1st Single Album [FESTA] Released

    - A violet festival that breaks away from the monotony of 24/7 life

    A paradise filled with refreshing & positIVE energy unique to 'PURPLE KISS'

    - The end of summer. A magical escape from your daily routine

    PURPLE KISS, who has been acclaimed by the public for their unique concepts and overwhelming performances on each album, will release [FESTA] on September 5, 2023, with a new charm that has never been seen before.

    Like colorful firecrackers decorating the black night sky, [FESTA] tells everyone who is tired of the monotonous routine of everyday life, 'Let's enjoy the festival with us'. It is an album where you can feel the refreshing and positIVE purple energy of PURPLE KISS that has never been shown before.

    The title track "7HEAVEN" is a funk-based pop dance song with addictIVE chorus lyrics, synth melodies, and rhythmic vocals by PURPLE KISS, and sings about the wish that all of our days, 24/7, should be a festival. The song captures the sparkling feeling that you are special to me and that everywhere you go is full of excitement and magic.

    PURPLE KISS uses the logo motion to show a connection to the previous album, and the song's metaphor of festivals as a break from the boredom of everyday life, beyond the longing for freedom. The music video visually showcases the different moods of different time zones within a single season. The "coincidental changes that occur in the 24/7 routine" lead to "magical festivals," dramatizing the special and poignant scenes that are appropriate for the end of summer as we look toward fall.

    In addition, a total of three songs were included, including "Biscuit," a self-writTEN song by member Chaein that expresses the message that sometimes we need tearful days to confess our worries and concerns, and "Mistake," which features a tight pop melody over a calm track that combines lyrical pop ballads and UK Garage genres.

    This album is perfect for the end of summer, when the breeze tickles your hair and the violet sky with pink and blue colors unfolds before your eyes, and the magical festival begins.

    [Track List]

    01. 7HEAVEN

    Lyrics by 손영진(Mospick), Coco Doo Daddy(RBW) / Composed by 손영진(Mospick), Coco Doo Daddy(RBW), Boran / Arranged by 손영진(Mospick), Coco Doo Daddy(RBW)

    The title track '7HEAVEN' is a funk-based pop dance song with a funky guitar sound and groovy bass.

    It features addictIVE chorus lyrics and synthesizer melodies, and PURPLE KISS's rhythmic vocals over the rich sound created a more exciting atmosphere.

    May every day be a festival with you 24/7.

    02. Biscuit

    Lyrics by Chaeyin, Yuki / Composed by Adam H. Evans(RBW), Chaeyin / Arranged by Adam H. Evans(RBW), Chaeyin

    "Biscuit" is a song that compares a biscuit to a milk-soaked biscuit to convey the message that sometimes we need to let go of our worries and concerns and have a tearful day. It features a dreamy beat and a simple and catchy melody line, and the spacey vocal sound and the chorus in the second half of the song made the song more attractIVE.

    03. Mistake

    Lyrics by 올다우 (AllThou), KINSHA, FLORA, KIWUK

    Composed by Davve(RBW), AllThou, FLORA, KINSHA, FLORA, Jiwon Kang

    Arranged by Davve(RBW), Yoon Youngjun, WU, Lee Jooyong

    'Mistake' is a combination of lyrical pop ballad and UK Garage genres, featuring a tight pop melody over a chilled out track. The lyrics "We try to look away to see if we were each other's mistake in the end, but through the cracks that have already been broken, you are getting further and further away" are expressed with PURPLE KISS's unique sensibility.

    * Album Specifications

    - PET SLEEVE : 142 x 192 mm / 1 piece

    - PHOTO BOOK : 96page / 135 x 185 mm / 1 item

    - MINI CD-R : 77 x 77 mm / 1 piece

    - LYRICS POP-UP CARD : 100 x 150 mm / 1 insert

    - ENVELOPE : 128 x 153 mm / 1 insert

    - POLAROID : 55 x 80 mm / Insert 1 random type from 6 types

    - TICKET : 150 x 60 mm / 1 type inserted

    - HOLOGRAM ♥ CARD : 80 x 80 mm / Insert 1 random type from 6 types

    - PHOTO CARD : 55 x 85 mm / Insert 2 random types from 12 types

    - PHOTO CARD FRAME : 55 x 85 mm / 1 type inserted

    - Initially limited POSTER : 405 x 610 mm / 1 randomly selected from 2 types


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