Today's Webtoon OST (SBS TV Drama)
    • Today's Webtoon OST (SBS TV Drama)

    Today's Webtoon OST (SBS TV Drama)


    Date: 2022.10.13

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs :1

    Weight: 11


    Today's Webtoon OST (SBS TV Drama)



    1. I FLY -지효 (TWICE)

    2. Bring it on - 래원 (Layone)

    3. We Know (ENG Ver.) - 오왠 (O.WHEN)

    4. Walking girl - 김예지

    5. Start

    6. Little Devils

    7. I Got A Job

    8. Comic Box

    9. Dumpling Yammy

    10. Bring It On Slow

    11. Train

    12. Cinema

    13. Achromatic

    14. Get Back Up (Title)

    15. Walking Girl Cute

    16. Walking Girl Painful (Go)

    17. Walking Ska (Jin)


    1. 오늘의 너- 오왠 (O.WHEN)

    2. 너의 하루는 어때- 김태우

    3. 그러면 좋겠다- Zeenan

    4. Feel So Good Long

    5. None Of Your Business

    6. Rainy All Day

    7. Piv Weapon

    8. Low

    9. Fire

    10. Energy Up

    11. With You

    12. Happy Memory

    13. Weird

    14. Listen To Your Heart

    15. Happy Toons

    16. Gift Of The Day

    17. Trouble

    18. I Aready Know

    19. Paik's Master

    The OST album of SBS's Friday night drama 'Today's Webtoon' is officially released!

    - From the OST composed of a lineup of prestigious artists to the BGM that adds immersion to the drama! Pre-sale starts on Friday, September 16th!

    2 CDs, a 68-page booklet with major scenes from the drama, stickers with unique images of 'Today's Webtoon', and postcards with famous lines from the drama make it a must-have!

    - Officially released on October 12 at online and offline stores nationwide

    Starring Kim Se-jung, Choi Daniel, and Nam Yoon-soo, SBS's Friday drama "Today's Webtoon" depicts the dynamic office life of the webtoon industry and the level-up growth of "Onmind" (played by Kim Se-jung), a new webtoon editor who is a former judo athlete who enters the world of uploading the daily webtoon of the day, and for the first time in a Korean drama, it showed the vivid reality of the webtoon industry and attracted the attention of viewers and those new to social life with its fresh material.

    This album was created for fans who are sad that the drama is about to end, so they can listen to the songs that enhanced the immersion of the drama in one place, from the songs inserted in the jewel-like scenes to the BGM. From 'TWICE's 'I FLY' to 'Layone's 'Bring it on', 'O.WHEN's 'Today's You', 'Kim Tae-woo's 'How is your day', 'Kim Ye-ji's 'Walking girl', 'Zeenan's 'I wish', and 'We Know', the English version of 'Today's You' sung by 'O.WHEN', a total of 36 songs are included on the two CDs, including seven OSTs and score songs.

    In addition, the 68-page booklet contains photos of the drama's famous scenes, and various components such as stickers with kitschy images unique to 'Today's Webtoon' and postcards with the drama's famous lines enhance the collectible value.

    It will be officially released at online and offline stores nationwide from October 12, and is expected to be the best gift for fans who are sad to leave 'Today's Webtoon'.

    * Details

    - CD-R (2CD)

    - 68P booklet (OST lyrics and stills, etc.)

    - 1 sticker

    - 4 postcards


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