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Davichi - Mini Album Season Note
  • Davichi - Mini Album Season Note

Davichi - Mini Album Season Note

Stone Music Entertainment

Date: 2022.05.17

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 10


Davichi - Mini Album Season Note


1. 둘이서 떠나요

2. 팡파레

3. 모래성

4. 유난히 지치는 그런 날이 있잖아

5. 나의 첫사랑

6. 그냥 안아달란 말야

7. 팡파레 Inst.

8. 둘이서 떠나요 Inst.

Over the past 14 years, Davichi has successfully established their own unique musical path through a steady stream of albums.

Davichi, who has been loved by many people by building their own musical color, including well-made ballads that are worthy of the formula 'trusted and listened to Davichi' as well as Davichi's mid-tempo songs that have become a specific genre of Davichi, will return in May 2022 with a mini-album 'Season Note' that will deliver another fantastic vocal harmony.

'Season Note', which means 'seasonal record' and 'seasonal note' in Chinese, is an album that captures the various forms of love that we experience in the face of big and small changes in our lives, just like the changing seasons, in a comforting and unique way.

Featuring the duo's unique vocals and harmonies, the album is an exploration of new genres and themes, with messages of love, separation, and cheer to empathize with and comfort everyone, and a musical spectrum ranging from emotional ballads to mid-tempo songs to fill the album with a variety of charm.

In May, the season of warm sunshine, Davichi returns with the mini-album 'Season Note', and we look forward to delivering another complete album that will bring joy and happiness to many people, while also delivering a message of comfort and empathy.

**Component List

- CD-R



- PHOTOCARD / 2 out of 4 types (1 type of Lee Hae-ri + 1 type of Kang Min-kyung) Randomly assorted


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