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LUNARSOLAR - SOLAR : rise (2nd Single)
  • LUNARSOLAR - SOLAR : rise (2nd Single)

LUNARSOLAR - SOLAR : rise (2nd Single)


Date: 2021.04.09

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 11

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LUNARSOLAR - SOLAR : rise (2nd Single)




3. Lonely

4. DADADA (inst.)

5. BOM BI DI BOM (inst.)

6. Lonely (inst.)


April 7, 2nd Single Album [ Solar : rise ] released!

- Prepare for upgraded music and performance with the title track "DADADA"!

- Expect them to be the hot rookie of 2021 with their 4 members and 4 colors!

Lunasola, a talented performance group that debuted with their first album [SOLAR : flare] in September last year and showed a lIVE stage like a performance using a custom hand microphone on every stage, will release their second single album [SOLAR : rise] in six months.

LunaSolar's new album [Solar: rise], which will be released on April 7, means the rising sun, and while the first album [Solar: flare] represented the emergence of LunaSolar and the birth of its identity, this album represents LunaSolar's rising, growth, and emergence.

The title track of the second album [SOLAR: rise], "DADADA," is a bright declaration that shouts, "I will do as I please," and was written by composers BXN and KEEBOMB, who have worked with various artists such as BoA, HyunA, Yoon Doo Joon, EXID, Apink, Jung Eun Ji, BIGTONE, Hee Gak, and The Boys, utilizing Lunasola's unique personality. It is an attractive song with a variety of compositions and developments, such as a fat bass sound based on deep house, a chord progression that crosses major and minor, and an analog synth sound that spreads sharply from the hook to show a bright face again, and it is full of fun to listen to as the chorus and chorus are harmonized while mixing interesting sources. In addition, the lyrics of "I'm just me and that's enough," which means that everything starts from loving me, are impressive, and if I am confident, everyone will want me.

The second track, "BOM BI DI BOM," is Lunasola's second collaboration with KZ, HONEYSWEAT, and B.O., the composer of her debut song "OH YA YA YA YA," and is a Latin pop & mumba-ton genre song featuring an impactful piano riff and a funky guitar line, with an addictIVE hook line that won't be forgotten once you hear it. Especially, the upgraded Lunasola members' energetic vocals, along with their gorgeous vocals, are combined with the track, and the beautiful harmonies will catch your attention after just one listen.

The third track, "Lonely," is a mumba-toned electronic song with Latin elements, minor chord patterns, and a whistle sound in the hook. In particular, "Lonely" features LunaSolar's leader Yi Seo himself, who participated in the rap lyrics, perfectly expressing the loneliness and loneliness of "Lonely" with his unique voice and emotions, enhancing the song's completeness. With the lyrics, "I loved because I was lonely, but love makes me lonely," along with Yi Seo's charming rap, you can feel a completely different charm from the existing LunaSolar. The album [Solar: rise] is composed of three concepts, "I am," "ready," and "4 rise," and you can feel Lunasola's various charms not only musically but also in the composition of the album, from "I am," which captures the comfort and vivacity of Lunasola's everyday life, to "ready," which captures her free-spirited and open-minded charm as she prepares to meet with fans, to "4 rise," which captures Lunasola as an artist on stage.

The music video for the title track "DADADA" was produced by director Shin Hee-won, who has worked with EXO, Red Velvet, SHINee, SEVENTEEN, Hyun-ah, and BTOB, and captures not only the color of Lunasola but also the charm of each member, making it not only fun to listen to but also fun to watch.

Meanwhile, Lunasola's new album [SOLAR : rise], which appeared in KBS Yoo Hee-yeol's sketchbook within a month of its debut and appeared in the immortal song, Hidden Singer, attracted attention as a talented girl group, will be available online and offline at the same time on April 7, and this activity will also showcase a lIVE stage like a performance at every stage.

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