ITZY - GUESS WHO Album (Random Ver.)
    • ITZY - GUESS WHO Album (Random Ver.)

    ITZY - GUESS WHO Album (Random Ver.)

    Label: JYP Entertainment

    Release Date: 2021.04.30

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 17


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    ITZY - GUESS WHO Album (Random Ver.)

    DAY, NIGHT, DAY&NIGHT Version Random


    1. 마.피.아. IN THE MORNING

    2. Sorry Not Sorry


    4. Wild Wild West

    5. SHOOT!

    6. TENNIS (0:0)

    ITZY, "The Return of the 4th Generation Representative Girl Group," Confirms April 30th Worldwide Release of New Album 'GUESS WHO'

    - New album 'GUESS WHO' to be released on April 30 at 1pm! Grand comeback to follow up their worldwide sensation.

    - ITZY raises global curiosity through U.S. Forbes! "What's the new song? Surprise after surprise! Look forward to new charm"

    - ITZY successfully held their first 'FAN PARTY LIVE' on April 20! Fansong "MIDZY" released + English version released!

    ITZY will be making a comeback on April 30 with their new album "GUESS WHO" (게스 후), which will be released simultaneously worldwide.

    JYP Entertainment unexpectedly released a comeback poster on its official social media channels on April 22 at 0:00 a.m. with the news of ITZY's new album. ITZY, the "representative girl group of the fourth generation," will release their new album "GUESS WHO" on March 30 at 0 p.m. ET (1 p.m. KST) and continue their global comeback.

    The poster features an intense visual effect that looks like light splashes on a black background, hinting at an unusual concept. In a recent interview with Forbes, the fIVE members teased, "The new song will be a series of surprises for our fans, so please look forward to it, and we are preparing new and different choreography and styling to show our different charm."

    The group has been loved for their addictIVE melodies and powerful performances, as well as their unique concepts aimed at the tastes of the MZ generation (Millennials born in the early 1980s to early 2000s and Generation Z born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s), so it is highly anticipated to see what kind of music and visuals they will present to their fans around the world.

    Previously, on the 20th, they held a 'FAN PARTY LIVE' at 4pm and released the music and lyric video for their fan song 'MIDZY' at 6pm to gIVE their fans a special day. At the end of the 'FAN PARTY LIVE', he said, "I will come to you with the good news that fans are waiting for the most," raising curiosity, and then announced the announcement of his new album, 'GUESS WHO', just a day and a half later, properly igniting the comeback atmosphere.

    At the 'FAN PARTY LIVE' event, ITZY sang a fan song with the message, "The reason for ITZY's existence is because of the fans' unwavering faith in us," and held various game corners and talks to communicate more closely with fans. In order to repay the global love for the '4th generation representative girl group', they sang a new song in English and officially included it as track 2 of their new digital single album, 'MIDZY', to the delight of global fans.


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