Label: Sony Music

    Release Date: 2021.08.09

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 8

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    ONF's Special Summer Limited Edition "SUMMER POPUP ALBUM

    The title track 'POPPING' has been announced!

    What will ONF's summer look like in their city?

    August 9th. ONF's comeback that will make us fall in love with summer! ONF's summer is pouring out!

    - The title track, "POPPING," is ONF's first summer song!

    The first summer album that will give you energy like a carbonated drink this summer!

    - 'ONF X Monotree' contains a total of 5 songs in the summer limited edition of the idol's trusted 'famous song restaurant'!

    - 'Popping', 'Summer Poem', 'Summer Shape', 'Dry Ice', and 'Summer End' are various genres that express different summers!

    ONF will release their summer pop album SUMMER POPUP ALBUM on August 9th with the title track 'POPPING'.ONF is back with a special summer pop album with energy and refreshment like a soda this summer, plus a tablespoon of emotion.

    ONF, who has been breaking their own records by pioneering a new genre with their unique identity and breaking their own records with their first full-length album [ONF:MY NAME] and repackaged album [CITY OF ONF], is back with a summer album that will be responsible for our summer. In their own city that shouted 'youth and freedom', this time, ONF delivers a message that says 'even if the ice age comes back, we will always be together' with their unique perspective, as if a glorious summer will pour down on us.

    This summer pop album contains songs of various genres expressing different summer stories, filled with the voices and colors of ONF's six members, so you can meet various summer feelings. The title track, "POPPING," is a funky disco genre that expresses the refreshing summer of "you and I who fell in love with summer" and reinterprets it in K-pop. The song, which shows ONF's cool voice and energy like a soda, is expected to be a steady summer song that will be remembered every summer. Other songs include "Summer Poem" with a bossa nova rhythm about "the poetry of our younger days that you and I are writing"; "Summer Shape" about the different shapes of summer for different people; and "Dry Ice," a special collaboration with songwriting team 13, known for their work with numerous K-pop artists including JO1, IZONE, and Taemin, 'Summer End', a city-pop song about the regret felt at the end of summer and preparations for the next one. Not only does the album contain tracks that interpret the emotions of summer in various ways, but it also contains delicate stories that look forward to ONF's next steps.

    In the hot summer, let's fall in love with ONF, who are creating their own storytelling and high completion of each album with stories that contain ONF's own identity!

    01. Summer Popping (Popping)

    Composed by Hwanghyun (MonoTree)

    Lyrics by 황현 (MonoTree), WYATT (온앤오프), WYATT (온앤오프)

    Arranged by 황현 (MonoTree)

    'Summer Sock' is a dance song that reinterprets the funky disco genre into K-pop, with the theme of 'you and I falling in love in summer'. The cool voices of the members, like a midsummer soda, and the flute in the drop part combine to create a refreshing summer vibe. The intro melody, which is sung in chorus over a simple piano accompaniment, is repeated again in the second half, and the change in mood is also a point that leads the narrative of the song.

    02. Summer Poem (Summer Poem)

    Composed by Hwang Hyun(MonoTree), MK (On & Off)

    Lyrics by Hwanghyun(MonoTree), WYATT (On & Off)

    Arranged by황현(MonoTree)

    "Summer Poem", which sings about the moment of confession while walking together in the city on a summer night, is a song that is newly composed with modern instruments while keeping the bossa nova rhythmic form. The song takes bossa nova, which originally meant new wave, to the next level with a new sound.

    03.여름의 모양 (Summer Shape)

    Composed by 손고은 (MonoTree)

    Lyrics by 손고은 (MonoTree)

    Arranged by Hwanghyun, Jun_P(MonoTree)

    "Summer Shape" was written with the theme of 'Just as people have different shapes of hearts, I wonder if the shapes of the summers we meet are also diverse', and we tried to capture each member's voice clearly without a chorus. Spring Reverb was used for the vocals to give the song a different color than a typical ballad, and the basic instrumentation was a jazz trio. The participation of pianist Jun_P further enhanced the completeness of the song.

    04. Summer Temperature (Dry Ice)

    Composed by SCORE(13), Megatone(13), Inner Child, Hwang Hyun (MonoTree), MK(On & Off)

    Lyrics by GDLO(MonoTree), WYATT (온앤오프), Inner Child(MonoTree)

    Arranged bySCORE(13), Megatone(13)

    Like the opposing moods of the track, with a swirling drop part and a loose reggae part, this track is based on the idea of 'dry ice', which is cold to the touch but hot to the touch. The composition of the song, which ends with a coda after two verses, rather than a three verse structure, as if there is a hidden next story after the second verse, is different from the conventional pop music language. Collaborating with composition team 13, which is known for its work with numerous K-pop artists such as JO1, IZONE, and Taemin, was a synergy that made ON&OFF shine even more.

    05. Summer End (Summer End)

    Composed by Hwanghyun (MonoTree)

    Lyrics by Hwanghyun (MonoTree), WYATT (온앤오프), WYATT (온앤오프)

    Arranged by 황현 (MonoTree)

    This is a city-pop song that expresses the regretful feeling at the end of summer and the heart to prepare for the next one. The members' emotional vocals convey the message that when we meet the next summer, we hope that our trajectory will be in that unfamiliar future.


    - SLEEVE PACKAGE : 143 * 124 mm / 3 ver.

    - BOOKLET : 142 * 123 mm / 3 ver. / 72p *Different for each version

    - SELFIE PHOTOCARD : 55 * 85 mm / 3 ver. / Random 2ea out of 12

    - SUMMER PHOTOCARD (COOL FOOD ver.) : 55 * 85 mm / 1 ver. / Random 1ea out of 18

    - LIMITED PHOTOCARD (HOT FOOD ver.) : 55 * 85 mm / 1 ver. / 1ea *Initially limited (5000 pieces only)

    - MESSAGE LETTER : 120 * 80 mm / 1 ver. / folding / Random 1ea out of 6

    - POSTER : 594 * 420 mm / 3 ver. / 1ea *Initially limited (1:1 gift for each version)


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