QWER - MANITO (Platform Version) (1st Mini Album)
    • QWER - MANITO (Platform Version) (1st Mini Album)

    QWER - MANITO (Platform Version) (1st Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.04.02

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    QWER - MANITO (Platform Version) (1st Mini Album)


    1. 고민중독

    2. SODA

    3. 자유선언

    4. 지구정복

    5. 대관람차

    6. 불꽃놀이

    7. 마니또

    1st Mini Album 'MANITO'

    QWER, a band that has been writing their own unique story of 'harmony created from dissonance', is back with their mini album 'MANITO'. While the first single told the story of the formation of members Chodan, Magenta, Hina, and Demonstration Four from different backgrounds and the team's identity, MANITO will tell the story of QWER's inner feelings after experiencing a fateful meeting.

    "I thought it was a coincidence, but it's all fate"

    Even though the process of how we became our own manitou is a coincidence, the new relationship between each other can be interpreted as a fateful encounter. In retrospect, the fateful connections around us begin with small coincidences, such as being in the same class, being paired up, and sitting in the same seat. Furthermore, like the butterfly effect, which creates meaningful movement from small flaps of wings, tiny cogs come together to pioneer their own big destiny. In this album, the members of QWER, who accidentally became each other's manitou, would like to present the process of creating a single destiny under the name of QWER.

    The album is a dramatic composition that takes place in a chronological order from day to night against the backdrop of a school, and the familiar themes such as longing for someone, friendship with friends, band club activities, and school after school are interwoven with unique keywords in the music. In addition, it is expected that QWER will once again recognize its own charm to the public by composing a variety of unique music that is not confined to the framework of a band.

    1. Worry Addiction *title

    Lyrics by Lee Dong Hyuk, GESTURE, Kim Hye Jung, Elum, Magenta / Composed by Lee Dong Hyuk, Hong Hoon Ki, Elum, GESTURE, Han A Young / Arranged by Lee Dong Hyuk, Han A Young

    "Words I've been thinking and practicing every day"

    Scene#01 : When I open my eyes in the morning, I see you, and the day starts with a pounding heart. What can I do to get closer to you? Between the hesitation of not being able to say it and the expectation that you'll look at me, I'm thinking about it for the thousandth time.

    2. SODA

    Lyrics by Lee Dong Hyuk, ALG, Camgirl, GESTURE, Kwon Ae Jin (MonoTree), Elum / Composed by 빅싼초 (Yummy Tone), Sonsiaaa, ALG, Camgirl, Kwon Ae Jin (MonoTree), Heon Seo (헌서) / Arranged by 빅싼초 (Yummy Tone), Sonsiaaa

    "You're so exciting, you're like a SODA that's about to pop"

    Scene#02: It's recess time when everyone is smiling and talking in a sunny way. When I see you in my classmates, I think you're like a soda. The TANgy bubbles make me want to reach for it again and again. In fact, my heart for you is shaking and about to burst!

    3. Declaration of Freedom

    Lyrics by Lee Dong Hyuk, Elum / Composed by Lee Dong Hyuk, Hong Hoon Ki, Kim Seung Joon, Elum / Arranged by Hong Hoon Ki, Kim Seung Joon

    "You won't be able to stop it, shout freedom declaration!"

    Scene#03 : It's 5th period, and the sun is starting to set. Suddenly, I imagine running out of the school with you, leaving the boring class behind. I'm afraid to do it alone, but I think it would be so much fun to be reckless with you. Let's climb out The Window, over the wall, and shout out what we've been hiding!

    4. Conquer the Earth

    Lyrics byLee Donghyuk, GESTURE, Elum, Magenta, Hong Jihye, Lee Si-yeon, HINA / Composed by Lee Donghyuk, Kim Seungjun, GESTURE, Elum, Hong Jihye / Arranged by Lee Donghyuk, Kim Seungjun

    "Like I said, our goal!"

    Scene#04 : It's the long-awaited after-school club time! For this one moment, I can join you as a member of the band club. Even if you look clumsy, your cONFidence is the best. At this rate, you'll be able to conquer the world!

    5. Ferris Wheel

    Lyrics by Lee Dong Hyuk, Kim Hye Jung / Composed by Lee Dong Hyuk, Elum, Kim Seung Joon, GESTURE, Hong Ji Hye / Arranged by Lee Dong Hyuk, Kim Seung Joon

    "I'm going to meet you tomorrow beyond today"

    Scene#05 : On the way back home with my bandmates after the concert, the sun is setting in the sky. Thank you for adding a newness of being together to the repetitIVE days. Pause for a moment and look at the sun, waving goodbye to meet us tomorrow.

    6. Fireworks

    Lyrics by Lee Dong Hyuk, Kim Hye Jung / Composed by Lee Dong Hyuk, Hong Hoon Ki, Anchor, GESTURE, Elum / Arranged by Lee Dong Hyuk

    "Make Our HIGHLIGHT!"

    Scene#06 : On the night when the earth spider disappeared, I suddenly heard the sound of firecrackers decorating the sky. Can I take this moment to tell you what I wanted to say? Our time together is fleeting, but I want you to cherish it forever.

    7. Manito

    Lyrics by Lee Dong Hyuk, Kim Hye Jung, Hong Ji Hye, Elum / Composed by Lee Dong Hyuk, 623, Elum, Hong Ji Hye / Arranged by Lee Beom Hoon

    "Yeah, I like you TOO"

    Epilogue : I was actually watching you, and I was so happy that you joined the band club. Our first meeting may have been a coincidence, but I think our relationship now was meant to be, because I was your manito, TOO.

    * Album Specifications

    - Album Case : 56*87 / 1 piece (Image varies by version)

    - Minicard : 54*85mm / Insert 1 random out of 4 types (Image varies by version)

    - Selfie Photo Card : 54*85mm / Insert 1 random type from 4 types (Image varies by version)

    - Official Photo Card : 54*85mm / Insert 5 types (1 set) (Image varies by version)

    - Unit Photo Card : 54*85mm / Insert 1 random 1 of 2 types (Image varies by version)

    - Bookmark : 50*80mm / Insert 1 random type from 4 types (Image varies by version)


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