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PENTAGON - SUM(ME:R) (9th Mini Album)
  • PENTAGON - SUM(ME:R) (9th Mini Album)

PENTAGON - SUM(ME:R) (9th Mini Album)

Kakao M

Release Date: 2019.07

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 16


PENTAGON - SUM(ME:R) (9th Mini Album)


1. Jeobgeungeumji (Humph!) (Prod. By Giriboy)

2. Fantasy Stick (Prod. By Giriboy)


4. Round 2 (Bonus Track)

PENTAGON's summer stories are like a cool breeze in your ear

PENTAGON's mini 9th album, 'SUM(ME:R)', is organized into four 'R' formula themes

PENTAGON, who has shown remarkable growth by creating their own musical color with each album, returns with a mini 9th album that tells a complete summer story.

Using the English word SUMMER, which means summer, this album creates a new meaning of 'SUM(ME:R)' by adding 'ME', which stands for Pentagon, and four different 'R' mathematical themes to the sum function 'SUM'. In other words, the themes represented by Pentagon and R are combined to create a colorful and attractIVE tracklist.

In particular, the title track "Approach Prohibited (Prod. By Giriboy)" was created by rapper and producer Giriboy, who is loved by the public not only in the hip-hop scene but also in various genres, with member Hui. "Approach Prohibited (Prod. By Giriboy)" is based on a cute memory of a childhood friend who drew a line on his desk and told him not to cross it. The song's charm is enhanced by the easy and rhythmic melody, which tells the story of his childhood when he liked someone too much but pretended not to like them.

The other songs on the album are also composed of songs with lyrics that anyone can easily relate to and addictIVE melodies that Pentagon has shown so far, and will provide music that is like a refreshing break for everyone who is tired of the heat in the hot summer.

1. SUM(ME+Romance)= 'Stay Away (Prod. By Giriboy)'

Composed by Giriboy, Hui

Lyrics by Hui, Giriboy, WooSeok, WooSeok

Arranged by Giriboy

The first track and title track "No Access (Prod. By Giriboy)" is a Hip-Hop genre song that is full of Pentagon's wit and wit.

Especially, the repeated melody in the chorus is easy to sing along with, and you will feel the magic of humming 'No access, no access, no access' while walking down the street.

2. SUM(ME+Rock N Roll)= 'Fantastic (Prod. By Giriboy)'

Composed by Giriboy, Minit, Hui

Lyrics by HUI, Wooseok

Arranged by 기리보이, Minit

'Fantastic (Prod. By Giriboy)' is a dance song that members Hui, Giriboy, and Minit worked together to create, and it's a song that gIVEs you a strong sense of coolness that can blow away the heat. It is impressIVE that it expresses the meaning of having a 'fantasy' day with the neologism 'Fantastic'. The easy lyrics and catchy chorus make the listener feel the freedom and liberation of summer, away from the stuffy city. Pentagon wants to sing along with everyone this summer.

3. SUM(ME+Relax)= 'SUMMER!'

Composed, Arranged by Albin Nordqvist, Andreas Oberg

Lyrics by Jinho, Wooseok

The third track "SUMMER!" is an upbeat summer song composed and arranged exclusively for Pentagon by Albin Nordqvist, who has worked with top Asian artists such as MONSTA X, GOT7, TWICE, Seohyun, NCT 127, Koda Kumi, Sexy Zone, and Yamashita Tomohisa, and Andreas Oberg, who has worked with numerous Asian pop artists such as Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, EXO, and Red Velvet, as well as Amuro Namie, Arashi, Hey! Say! Jump! The cute lyrics capture the excitement and joy of traveling with friends in the hot summer, making you want to run away somewhere every time you hear it.

4. SUM(ME+Role)= 'Round 2 (Bonus Track)'

Composed by Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeowon, Yanan, Yuto, KINO, Wooseok, MosPick

Lyrics by Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeowon, Yanan, Yuto, KINO, Wooseok

Arranged by MosPick

The final track, "Round 2 (Bonus Track)," is a bonus track for fans of the last album, "Round 1," and features a light trap beat and bright chord progression. Once again, all of the members of PENTAGON wrote and composed the song, creating a hilarious diss song with PENTAGON's signature humor. The members express each other in a cute or gross way within the setting of body swapping, adding to the fun of the song.

* Album Specifications

- Booklet: 1 type

- Albumlet: 1 of 4 types with random insert

- Photocard: 1 of 9 types randomly inserted

- POSTcard: 1 of 9 randomly inserted

- Sticker: 1 of 4 randomly inserted


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