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PENTAGON - Genie:us (8th Mini Album)
  • PENTAGON - Genie:us (8th Mini Album)

PENTAGON - Genie:us (8th Mini Album)

Kakao M

Date: 2019.03

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 16


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PENTAGON - Genie:us (8th Mini Album)


1. 신토불이 - title

2. Lost Paradise (Hip Hop Unit)

3. 그 순간 그때까지 (Ballad Unit)

4. 에일리언

5. 봄눈

6. Round 1 (Bonus Track)

An exciting Saturday night of music and burning! - 'Shintobului'

Pentagon's 8th mini album returns with even more intense addictiveness [Genie:us]

Pentagon, who was loved by many with last year's backwards running myths 'Shine' and 'Blue Frog', announces the possibility of infinite growth as an artist with their eighth mini album 'Genie:us'.

The album, which combines the English words 'Genie', a wish-granting lamp fairy, and 'Us', which means 'we', has been reborn as 'Genie:us', which means genius. With the hidden meaning that everyone has a genius talent in their own field, the album consists of six colorful tracks that can give listeners joy, comfort, hope, and courage at the same time. The album is also filled with self-written songs by the members, which further enriches the musical color and personality of Pentagon.

The first track and title track of the mini 8th album, "Shinto Bully," is a dance song in the Future House genre, and shows off Pentagon's strengths in performance with strong and powerful sword dances along with witty and straightforward lyrics that only Pentagon can handle. 'Exciting Saturday Burning This Night' features a strong beat and a cool melody that is enough to melt away all the stresses of everyday life, and the repetition of the word 'sinto-bului' in the chorus is addictive and expresses exactly what the song is about. The music video is also impressive, depicting a Saturday party as a "feast" that burns off stress after a boring and frustrating week.

The second track "Lost Paradise (Hip Hop Unit)" is a hip hop unit song featuring members Hui, Yuto, Kino, and Woosuk, who ask their innocent selves, who had big dreams that have already faded, why they are scared now, and why it's not too early to talk about failure. The song answers the question with a hopeful message that "paradise" still exists deep in the hearts of everyone who feels hopeless.

The third track, "Until That Moment (Ballad Unit)," is a unit song featuring members Jinho, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeowon, and Yanan, and is a pentatonic ballad with a deep emotion. Featuring a soothing piano accompaniment and a full band sound that captivates the listener in the second half of the song, the lyrics give the listener hope and courage. The lyrical lyrics and Pentagon's determination to keep going for the moment create a touching atmosphere. In particular, the ballad unit members' vocal abilities can be rediscovered.

The fourth track, "Alien," is an upbeat and fun song in the rap/hip-hop genre that captures the members' determination to make their own mark in the music industry like an alien. The song is characterized by Pentagon's honest and witty lyrics and a song development that is anything but ordinary. Especially, if you pay attention to the various musical points that appear in the middle of the song, you can maximize the fun of the song.

The fifth track, "Spring Snow," is an upbeat alternative rock song that sings about the special experience of visiting the Pentagon in the spring of 2018. A year later, the Pentagon has returned with a new look and the universe is always there to support them, and they hope that the spring of 2019 will bring them the same happiness they cherished then.

The final track, "Round 1 (Bonus Track)," is a bonus track for fans and stands out as it was written and composed by all members of Pentagon. Over a playful beat and bright chord progression, the lyrics are fun, with each member playing off against the other in a playful but cautiously hilarious diss. The members know each other very well, so the lyrics are full of recognizable points and real-life references. The last member Woo Seok's part, "We're not like this because we're really close," shows the close friendship between the members of Pentagon.

Let's look forward to their new leaps and steps through [Genie:us], Pentagon's mini 8th album with the sincerity of 9 members deeply embedded in every track.

*Album Specifications

- Booklet: 1 type

- Postcard: 1 of 9 randomly inserted

- Photocard: 1 of 9 randomly inserted

- Alphabet Edition: 1 of 3 randomly inserted

- Initial Limited Poster: 1 free poster


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