IVE - IVE SWITCH (PLVE version) (2nd Mini Album)
    • IVE - IVE SWITCH (PLVE version) (2nd Mini Album)

    IVE - IVE SWITCH (PLVE version) (2nd Mini Album)

    Label: Starship Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.04.30

    Weight: 3


    IVE - IVE SWITCH (PLVE version) (2nd Mini Album)

    ive the 2nd ep

    Coloring the best moments of K-pop with distinct colors, IVE delivers a dramatic twist.

    IVE's identity is self-confidence and dignity. We tried another variation by adding a different charm to it. It's a change of conviction that came at the perfect time. Always a self-assured and self-fulfilling character, Ive's sophisticated and sensual endeavor marks a new beginning.

    The confident facial expressions and poses, the colorful voices of the members, and the confident music still point to IVE's mature style and perfect teamwork. Their forward-thinking steps will redefine IVE in the here and now.

    If the previous album revealed the "self" through various perspectives, this album expands the identity by bringing out another self through a new narrative method. By portraying the existing story genres of fairy tale and metamorphosis with Ive's own new perspective, we can see Ive's newly expanded character within the transformed genre.

    The title track "HEYA," which is based on Ive's story of "The Tiger Who Loved the Sun," is a powerful hip-hop song with lyrics from a story with an oriental flavor.

    The double title track, "Accendio," will showcase IVE's transformation through a spell in a mystical atmosphere.

    The two concepts, which unfold according to opposite moods and styles, are enough to generate interest. The two concepts, which are set in opposite moods and styles, are intriguing enough to keep you interested. It's their own storytelling, with many variations on a single theme.

    The music once again showcases the irreplaceable style of IVE, with hit lyricist Seo Ji-Eum and dynamic duo Gakko contributing, and member Jang Won-Young adding her own unique touch to the song. The undeniable dream team came together and sublimated IVE's new identity and image in a charming way.

    The title track, "HEYA," is a different take on IVE's image. The lyrics incorporate the story of a tiger who loved the sun, and the song starts with a strong rap and completely changes the temperature in the chorus. The theme is clear, but the approach is unconventional, and Ive Mann's engaging approach leaves a strong impression. In the music video, traditional Eastern symbols and elements are stylishly incorporated into the costumes, sets, and more in a way that ties in with the narrative, showcasing the "beauty of the East" in Ive's 2024 way.

    The double title track "Accendio" is a song about the deadly emotions of love, with dynamic duo Gakko and lyricists Seo Ji-eum and Seo Jung-ah leading the new storytelling. Repeating Ive's mantra "Accendio" in the hook, the story of transforming into a new Ive creates a mysterious atmosphere that gradually immerses the listener. As the mystical atmosphere takes center stage, the dreamy sounds are paired with heavy drums and hard-hitting raps to create a unique production. The song is a dramatic, charismatic, and different side of IVE, who has turned on another switch.

    The second mini album [IVE SWITCH] is a continuation of the last album and a sign of expansion that shows 'another me'. The colorful facial expressions and aura that IVE emanates broadens his identity and delivers a great impact. The new image of infinite expansion, the new style that brings the pleasure of reversal, and the new style will appeal to everyone's taste.

    * Track List

    01. should (HEYA) *Title

    02. Accendio *Title

    03. Blue Heart

    04. Ice Queen

    05. WOW

    06. RESET

    * Album Specifications

    - CASE : 28.5x48.7x7mm / 1pc (Cover : 1 random out of 6)

    - IMAGE CARD : 24x32x2.1mm / 1 type inserted

    - PHOTOCARD : 55x85mm / Insert 1 random out of 6 types

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