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tripleS - ASSEMBLE24 (B version) (1st Album)
  • tripleS - ASSEMBLE24 (B version) (1st Album)

tripleS - ASSEMBLE24 (B version) (1st Album)

Label: Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: May 9 2024

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 15


tripleS - ASSEMBLE24 (B version) (1st Album)


1. S

2. Girls Never Die

3. 가시권 (Heart Raider)

4. Midnight Flower

5. White Soul Sneakers

6. 치유 (Chiyu)

7. 24

8. 이면의 이면 (Beyond the Beyond)

9. Non Scale

10. Dimension


The innovative idol tripleS, who won the '2023 MAMA AWARDS' Female Rookie of the Year and the '2023 Hanter Music Awards' Rookie of the Year, has finally lifted the veil on their 24-member full-length album . Triple S, who are gaining momentum as the world's first fan-participation group by allowing fans to vote on the composition and title song of each activity, will release with 24 members after two years. Only once a year. For , an album with the meaning of all members coming together, the first member Yoon Seo-yeon and the 24th member Ji-yeon joined forces.

For their debut full-length album, fans cast 130,000 votes for "Girls Never Die," which became the title track of Triple S's first full-length album. The title track "Girls Never Die" is a story about girls who get knocked down and get back up again. It sings about how failure is a valuable and wonderful experience in a world that is afraid of failure and has no tolerance for losers. The song is organized into four phases. The narrative of "trial-awakening-overcoming-we" is extended to the story of Triple S and the girls living in the present.

EL CAPITXN and Vendors, who created Triple S's signature songs "Generation" and "Girls' Capitalism," collaborated to create a highly polished song, and the 24-member military dance led by Choi Hyoje, who worked as a choreographer for NCT and The Boys, visually expresses the power of a mega girl group. The music video continues the story of 'Generation', 'Rising', and 'Girls' Capitalism', and is directed by Undermood Film, which captured the daily lives of girls living in Seoul.

After the intro song "S," which expresses a girl with special abilities, the song "Visibility," which follows the title track "Girls Never Die," expands the spectrum of emotions by expressing the exciting moment just before dating.

'Midnight Flower', which Triple S member Kim Na-kyung participated in writing for the first time, sings about a flower that blooms colorfully until midnight despite the noise.

'White Soul Sneakers' was written and composed by Park Sohyun, a producer member of Triple S. It connects to its predecessor "Black Soul Dress" through the theme of going your own way no matter what others say.

The album's only R&B track, "Healing," is a healing song with the theme that spring will always come after winter, and warm days will come if you endure the cold season.

'24' is a gift from GDLO, the producer behind Triple S's signature song 'Rising'. It captures the ambition of the moment when all twenty-four members gathered together. In particular, the lyrics express a narrative that connects all of Triple S's worldviews like a finale.

'The Other Side' is a unique song that captures the fantasy of entering an otherworldly space. Led by mod-house producer BADD, the song mixes various genres to create a mysterious feeling of the otherworldly dimension of being in another world.

"Non Scale," which was already highly recommended by fans from the time they voted for the title song, is a typical girl group music style, but it tells the story of how my heart for you is so big that it cannot be measured through the balance of vocal characters that are as cute as a large group of 24 people.

'Dimension', which is like the theme song of Triple S, was rearranged into a new hip-hop style song to commemorate the completion of the 24-member group.

From the first unit Acid Angel from Asia, to the second unit +(KR)ystal Eyes, to LOVElution and EVOLution, to Aria, NXT, and Glow. The possibilities of Triple S, a system with multiple girl groups in one team, are just beginning, as each step forward brings new colors to captivate fans.

* Album Specifications

- Cover : 154.5 x 215mm / 1pc (Image varies by version)

- Booklet : 150 x 210mm / 70p / 1 copy (Image varies by version)

- Cd-r : 120 x 120mm / 1pc (Image varies by version)

- Double Class Objekt : 55 x 85mm / Random 1 of 24 types inserted (Image varies by version)

- Sticker : 3 types inserted (image is the same for each version)

- Folded poster : 597 X 423mm / 1 type inserted (image varies by version)

- ID Picture : 35mm x 45mm / Insert 1 random out of 24 types (Image varies by version)

- Visual Card : 89mm x 127mm / Insert 1 random out of 24 types (Image varies by version)

- Symbol Card : 60mm x 70mm / Insert 1 random out of 24 types (Image is the same for each version)


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