woo!ah! - JOY (1st Mini Album)
    • woo!ah! - JOY (1st Mini Album)

    woo!ah! - JOY (1st Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2022.06.14

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 10


    woo!ah! - JOY (1st Mini Album)


    1. 단거(Danger)

    2. JOYride

    3. Go Away

    4. Switch Up

    5. Straight Up

    6. 별 따러 가자

    woo!ah! (우아!) Mini Album 1 'JOY'

    woo!ah! (우아!) releases their first mini album "JOY".

    [While the trilogy of single albums "EXCLAMATION," "QURIOUS," and "WISH" expressed woo!ah!'s unique message to the world, their first mini album "JOY" captures the pure and sparkling passion of the members.

    Starting with the powerful title track "Danger," this album, which consists of six songs in total, expresses the JOYful spirit of UA! in various directions, showing their growth and broadened musical spectrum. In particular, the album will make this summer even cooler with a performance that feels full of energy and a 'sparkling' visual reminiscent of transparent and sparkling carbonated water. Say goodbye to the boring yesterday and feel the excitement of UA! for the exciting future ahead.

    "I'm in love I'm in danger!" "I'm in love I'm in danger"

    The title track "Danger" is a song that compares the 'you' that keeps coming back to mind and keeps falling in love with to a sweet treat, and the song expresses the feeling of not being able to get away from the sweet 'you' as if you are in 'danger'. It is characterized by a composition that combines "Danger" from the beginning to the second verse and "Crazy In Love" from the bridge to the ending, and is a powerful dance number that connects "Bad Girl" and "Purple". With its sweet and lovely visuals and powerful performance, you can enJOY the reversed charm of "Ooh!".

    "Come and get on! Our JOYride"

    Track 2, "JOYride," features a bouncy synth sound that builds up to an exhilarating feeling of flying through the arrangement. Like a ride on an amusement park ride, "JOYride" invites you to join in on the JOYful emotions.

    "Just go away cause I don't care"

    Track 3, "Go Away," features a rhythmic bass, loud vocal pads, a unique texture in the drop part, and an addictIVE melody, and is personalized by the honest and brash attitude of each member's vocals.

    "Dancing away let's play, shake it like a maniac ok"

    Track 4, "Switch Up," is an uptempo song with a funky guitar riff and a message that says, "Let's break out of the mold, dance away, and lIVE freely! It incorporates a 'party' vibe of enjoying the moment without a care in the world.

    "When the world turns its back on you and you're tired, be a light in the darkness, I'll protect you."

    Track 5, "Straight Up," is a bouncy track with big drums and a woo!ah! (woo!ah!) chants, the song conveys emotion and hope to fans through the lyrics.

    "It's time, Let's Catch the Stars!"

    The final track, "Let's Catch the Stars," is a pop song with a strong disco drum sound and funky guitar and bass. You can feel the members' K-Pop charm as they shine like stars in the night sky.

    The gray season is over, and it's time to enJOY all the fun that's to come. With "JOY," you can imagine a future filled with rainbow colors of fun, excitement, dreams, and happiness. Let's welcome the exciting summer with the 'mind-blowing' performance of the refreshing visuals of UA!

    * Album Specifications

    - Sleeve case: 1 type (image varies by version)

    - Photo Book : 1 x (Image varies by version)

    - Component holder: 1 (Image varies by version)

    - CD-R: 1 (Image varies by version)

    - 4-cut film photo: 1 of 5 randomly inserted (image varies by version)

    - Ground pOSTer: 1 of 5 randomly inserted (image varies by version)

    - POSTcard: 1 insert (image varies by version)

    - Photo Card: Randomly insert 2 out of 10 types (Image varies by version)

    - Sticker: 2 types (set) (image varies by version)

    - Invitation envelope: 1 type inserted (image is the same for each version)

    - Invitation: 1 out of 5 randomly inserted (image varies by version)

    - Ticket: Randomly inserted 1 out of 5 types / Available in the same member set as the invitation (image differs by version)

    - Initial Limited POSTer: 1 pOSTer (image differs by version)


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