WONHO - FACADE (3rd Mini Album)
    • WONHO - FACADE (3rd Mini Album)

    WONHO - FACADE (3rd Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2022.06.14

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12


    WONHO - FACADE (3rd Mini Album)


    1. INTRO:9AM

    2. CRAZY

    3. CLOSE


    5. OUTRO: 9PM

    Singer WONHO is back with a new mini-album that showcases his evolving musical skills.

    "Facade" is an album that analogizes the various emotions that go through a carnival. It expresses the JOY, excitement, and various emotions of the carnival, such as soaring and falling on a roller coaster, riding a carousel, forgetting reality for a moment, and seeing a new world.

    Following his mini album "Blue Letter" and first single "OBSESSION," WONHO participated in the writing, composing, and producing of the entire album, demonstrating his deepened musical colors and emotions and proving himself as an 'all-around artist'.

    The album contains a total of fIVE songs in various genres. Wonho once again collaborated with producer ENAN, the soulful voice of Sun Ahn, and singer-songwriter Brother Soo to enhance the perfection of the songs.

    The title track, "CRAZY," is the album's centerpiece, a funky dance song that features a variety of energetic arrangements, a groovy drum and bass line, and a harmonious, melodic vocal line.

    The music video for "CRAZY" features WONHO becoming a crazy dancer, and shows him falling into the deep world of dance. The music video for "CRAZY" shows WONHO falling deeper into the world of dance as he crosses over between the world of dance and reality, eventually opening the door to the world of "the end of dance." The sensual video production and WONHO's colorful performance added to the fun of watching.

    In addition, the first song of the album, "INTRO: 9AM," was composed to mark the beginning of the carnival, and the last song, "OUTRO: 9PM," was composed to mark the end of the carnival.

    WONHO, who has perfectly established himself as a 'popular solo artist' by showing infinite growth with each album he releases, once again proves his limitless musical spectrum with his mini 3rd album 'Facade'.

    * Album Specifications

    - PHOTOBOOK : 96p / 175 x 230m / 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - CD-R : 120 x 120mm / 1EA (Image varies by version)

    - PHOTOCARD : 55 x 85m / 1 random insert from 6 types (Image varies by version)

    - BOOKMARK : 45 x 140mm / 1 type inserted (image varies by version)

    - FOLDED POSTER : 297 x 420m / Insert 1 random type from 3 types (Image varies by version)

    * pre - order benefit

    - 2CUTS PHOTO : 106 x 73mm / Randomly insert 1 out of 3 types (Image varies by version)

    - MESSAGE PHOTOCARD : 55 x 85m / Insert 1 random 1 out of 3 types (Image varies by version)


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