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Wanna One - Photo Essay
  • Wanna One - Photo Essay

Wanna One - Photo Essay

Label: CJ E&M

Release Date: 2018.04

Format: Photobook

Weight: 35


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Wanna One - Photo Essay

Wanna One's Official Photo Essay for Fans

Wanna One's half a decade of life, documented in moments

Wanna One has released a photo essay for their fans. <"Wanna One Photo Essay 'Don't Let Our Memories Be Lost'" is a photo essay of Wanna One's activities in 2017, the best year since their debut on August 7, 2017.

It captures Wanna One's album production process and behind-the-scenes stories, including the album jacket shoots and music video shoots for their first mini album "1X1=1 (TO BE ONE)" and their emotional comeback "1-1=0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)".

Over 300 behind-the-scenes photos premiered for the first time

ExclusIVE interviews with each member

Over 300 behind-the-scenes photos showcase Wanna One's passion for music, their playfulness behind the camera, and other never-before-seen moments. We also take you backstage at Wanna One PremIUm FanCon, where the excitement was palpable.

In particular, the photo essay includes interviews with Wanna One about their thoughts, dreams, and passions, including their feelings about the release of their second mini album "0+1=1 (I PROMISE YOU)," their musical concerns and future plans, and their heartfelt cONFessions to their fans. Through the interviews, you will be able to meet the members who are more sincere than ever. In addition, Wanna One's appearance as seen through the eyes of experts in fashion, music, photography, drama, literature, and other fields, as well as the stories of staff members who actually watched them from the sidelines, are included.

'Paper frame & frame support set (common),' '2 photo postcards per member (random),' and '4 bookmarks of each member's life (random)' will be gIVEn away for the first time.

Bonus Specifications★★★!

ㆍ 1 Paper Frame and 1 Frame Support (Common)

ㆍ Set of 2 photo pOSTcards (11 types per member/random)

Folded life 4-cut bookmark (11 types per member/random)

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