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B1A4 - 4th Album Origine (Random Ver.)
  • B1A4 - 4th Album Origine (Random Ver.)

B1A4 - 4th Album Origine (Random Ver.)

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Date: 2020.10

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 19


B1A4 - 4th Album Origine (Random Ver.)


1. Intro - Origine

2. 영화처럼

3. 오렌지색 하늘은 무슨 맛일까? (what is LovE?)


5. 무중력 (신우 Solo) (feat. 비비(BIBI))

6. 물방울

7. 바람

8. 터벅터벅 (산들 Solo)

9. 너에게 물들어간다 (공찬 Solo)

10. 나르샤


12. 더 뜨겁게 사랑할 여름에 만나요 (For BANA)

B1A4 to release their 4th full-length album 'Origine' on October 19 "Title track 'Like a Movie'"

"A total of 12 songs including the title track 'Like a Movie'! All songs are self-written"

"B1A4's identity has been deepened and a well-made album is about to be born! New stories to tell!"

Boy group B1A4 (Shinwoo, Sandeul, Gongchan) is returning with their 4th album "Origine".

B1A4's fourth studio album "Origine" will be released on October 19 and will feature 12 songs, including the title track "Like a Movie. B1A4's new album is expected to be a great gift for music fans who have been waiting for B1A4's music for a long time, as it has been about three years and one month since their last album, "Rollin," which was released in September 2017.

The album consists of 12 tracks, including Shinwoo's self-written title track "Like a Movie," as well as "What is LovE?", "DIVING", "See you in the summer when we will love hotter (For BANA)", "TONIGHT", "Narcia", and "Waterdrop". The album is filled with self-written songs and heralds the birth of a well-made album that deepens B1A4's identity. The album also includes solo songs by Shinwoo, Sandeul, and Gongchan, which is attracting more attention.

B1A4 has solidified its position in the music industry with its unique concept and 'self-made idols'. Since reorganizing as a three-member group, they have grown musically by broadening their spectrum in their respective areas, so expectations for what kind of musical colors they will showcase are amplified.

Shinwoo, who was recently discharged from the military, has been steadily releasing self-written songs such as "Seoul," "Falling in Love," and "Sasun," confirming his outstanding musical abilities. Main vocalist Sandle has been recognized as the next generation of vocalists in the music industry, earning the title of 'pollution-free balladeer' for his authentic voice. Gong Chan, the youngest member of the team, has been working as an MC and actor, and has recently gained popularity for his role as a "handsome bodyguard" in the MBC Every1 drama "I hate dating, but I don't want to be lonely!".

We can't wait to see the heartwarming stories that B1A4 will share with us as they return to the world like a movie.

1. Intro - Origin

Composed by RWAM

Arranged by RWAM

- A lyrical piano melody in a dreamy atmosphere creates a beautiful atmosphere for the song.

The harmony of various bass sources and rhythms maximizes the dreamy feeling.

The ambience sound at the end and the different piano texture from the beginning serve to open the movie.

2. Like a Movie

Composed by Shinwoo, RWAM, Lee Hansul

Lyrics by Shinwoo, RWAM

Arranged by RWAM, Jung Wan Ki

- 'You and I, the main characters in a pretty movie, don't have a sad ending'

The sound of a projector and the texture effect of watching a silent movie announces the beginning of a movie between you and me.Programmed drums, lyrical piano, 808 bass with a glide feeling, and real string melodies with molten strings surround all of them, creating a beautiful harmony. The delicate and emotional lyrics add to the fantastic atmosphere of the song.

3. What flavor is the orange sky? (what is LovE?)

Composed by Shinwoo, RWAM

Lyrics by Shinwoo, RWAM

Arranged by RWAM

- 'What does the orange sky taste like? What would it feel like to touch your hands?'

This song compares the moment of falling in love to an orange sunset sky.

The dreamy, cloud-like progression and the reversal to a retro vibe in the chorus bring fun and dynamism. The danceable pace and innocent childlike lyrics and melody create a trendy and unique atmosphere.


Composed bySinwoo, Sandle, RWAM

Lyrics by신우, RWAM

Arranged byRWAM

- 'Strong pull, unknown trembling, in the unfamiliar air, in your familiar scent'

It's a song about throwing my all into you even though I know I'll get hurt, even though I know I'll get hurt.

The warm yet aggressive instrumentation, straightforward lyrics, and dynamic melody over a Moombahton-based rhythm complete the song's atmosphere.

5. Zero Gravity (Shinwoo Solo) (feat. BIBI)

Composed byShinwoo, Houdini

Lyrics by Shinwoo

Arranged by Houdini

-'Was I fooled by familiarity, emptiness makes me suffer even more'

This is a solo song by BIBI and Shinwoo that sings about the emptiness when the things you take for granted disappear. It is a future R&B song with a lo-fi sound and bass and vocal synths.

6.water drops

Composed by Sandle, Team Columbus

Lyrics by Sandeul, Tim Columbus

Arranged by Team Columbus

-'I want to float freely, I want to color the sea'

This medium-tempo soul ballad features the members' sweet voices amidst the calm performance of acoustic instruments.

It tells the story of a drop of water that falls from a leaf in a mountain valley and flows down a stream and along a river with the determination that it will one day color the sea.

Sometimes it feels more like being alive than living, and this song expresses the desire to reorganize oneself and lead oneself in a better direction.

7. wind

Composed by Shinwoo, RWAM

Lyrics by Shinwoo

Arranged by RWAM

- 'I can't have it, it disappears when I hold it in my hand, I can't catch it, it goes further away'

This song is sung by comparing something that cannot be grasped to the wind.

The song has a lo-fi and rustic texture with a strong guitar sound.

The melody that bursts out in the chorus enhances the mood of the song.

8. Tumbling (Sandle Solo)

Composed by Sandle, Tim Columbus

Lyrics by Sandle, Tim Columbus

Arranged by Team Columbus

-"What does the world look like from a puppy's perspective?

This song harmonizes a shuffle rhythm with a bluesy scale melody, and features an addictive guitar riff, a lovely chorus verse, and expressive vocals.

It is a story of a wandering puppy, and the lyrics were written while imagining what the world would look like from a puppy's perspective, thinking that their thoughts may be different from ours.

9. Color Me (Gong Chan Solo)

Composed byMoon Jung Kyu

Lyrics by공찬,문정규

Arranged byJohnny Lee

-'One day, when I opened my eyes, you were there'

This is a contemporary pop ballad with an easy listening style where you can comfortably listen to Gong Chan's emotional voice and lyrics. The acoustic instruments and orchestration convey a deep romantic feeling in the relaxed development of melody and harmony. The lyrics express the transformation of oneself by finding a loved one.

10. Narsha

Composed bySinwoo, Houdini, RWAM

Lyrics by Shinwoo

Arranged by Houdini, RWAM

- 'Think of the image you'll draw on the wide blue canvas'

This is a lofi mood-based pop song with hopeful lyrics and melodies that blend well over the guitar sound that leads the whole song. The arrangement and vocals in the latter half of the song create a dynamic atmosphere, and the lyrics about a bright tomorrow written on a blueprint for the future are impressive.


Composed byShinwoo, RWAM

Lyrics by Shinwoo

Arranged by RWAM

- 'At this moment, when I'm looking at the stars, I'm grateful for your hard work today'

This is a retro song with a funky and exciting rhythm, with a retro feel to the verse and chorus, tight rhythm and guitar sound, and dynamic development.

In addition, the bright and exciting melody and hopeful lyrics are combined with the members' vocals to enhance the atmosphere.

12. See You In Summer When We'll Love Hotter(For BANA)

Composed by Shinwoo, Sandle, RWAM, Jung Wan Ki

Lyrics by신우, 산들, 공찬, RWAM

Arranged byJung Wan Ki,RWAM

- 'See you in the summer when we'll love hotter and hotter'

This song is a gift for all the members of B1A4, as it captures their feelings towards BANA without forgetting the hot message that BANA delivered.

It is a retro ballad genre of the 80s and 90s, with an impressive instrumental composition and song development that reminds us of those times. The warm and emotional lyrics and melody are combined with the warm vocals of the members to maximize the feeling of the song.

[Album Composition]

- Sleeve Cover : 240 X 240 mm, 3ver.

- Photo Book : 240 X 240 mm, 64p, 3ver. (varies by version)

- Lyrics Poster : 480 X 480 mm

- CD-R

- CD-R Cover : 3ver.

- Photo Card : 55 X 85 mm, Random 3ea of 30

- Original Polaroid : 54 X 86 mm, Random 1ea of 100 (Limited to the first time)(*Random insertion only for some quantities)

- Event Ticket : Random 1ea of 50 (limited to the first batch)(*Random insertion only for some quantities) *Details of the event will be announced at a later date

- Poster : 420 X 594 mm, Random 1ea of 4 (Limited to the first batch)


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