DAY6 - Fourever (8th Mini Album)
    • DAY6 - Fourever (8th Mini Album)

    DAY6 - Fourever (8th Mini Album)

    Label: JYP Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.03.19

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 14


    DAY6 - Fourever (8th Mini Album)


    1 Welcome to the Show (Title)

    2. HAPPY

    3. The Power of Love

    4. 널 제외한 나의 뇌 (Get The Hell Out)

    5. 나만 슬픈 엔딩

    6. 사랑하게 해주라

    7. 그게 너의 사랑인지 몰랐어

    DAY6, new album ‘Fourever’ confirmed to be released on March 18th! ‘Trust and Listen DAY6’ makes a full comeback after 3 years

    - DAY6 that everyone has been waiting for All members Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon are finally making a comeback after their absence from the military!

    - DAY6's new album 'Fourever', officially released at 6 PM on March 18th

    DAY6 will return in full form with the new album 'Fourever' on March 18th.

    DAY6 will release their new album 'Fourever' on the 18th, and their 7th mini album and previous work 'The Book of Us: Negentropy - Chaos swallowed up in love' released in April 2021 (The Book of Us: Negentropy - Chaos Swallow) Up in Love), 3 years later, they return to their fans as a complete member of DAY6.

    DAY6's last members, Sungjin, Young K, and Dowoon, were discharged from the military in the winter of 2023, with Wonpil as the last member. During the members' free time, the title song 'You Were Pretty' from the album 'Every DAY6 February' released in February 2017 and the 5th mini album 'The Book of Us: Gravity' released in July 2019 BT) As the title song ‘To Become One Page’ succeeded in making a double comeback, attention is focused on DAY6’s comeback.

    They will unveil their new work 'Fourever' at 6 PM on March 18th and respond to the strong support of those who have been waiting for the new music of 'Trust and Listen to DAY6'.

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    1. Specifications

    General class (2 types)

    - Photobook (80p / 2 Versions)

    - Photo card (1 random out of 4 types / 2 Versions)

    - Unit photo card (1 random out of 6 types / common to all versions)

    - Photo stickers (4 types / common to all versions)

    - Index sticker (1 type / common to all versions)

    - Original ticket (1 random out of 4 types / common across versions)

    - Mini POSTer (1 random out of 4 types / 2 Versions)

    - Initial limited paper tag (1 random out of 4 types)

    - Initial limited edition pOSTer (1 type)


    2 types / 162x213 mm


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