Stray Kids - ODDINARY (SCANNING version)

    Label: JYP Entertainment

    Release Date: 2022.03.21

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 19


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    Stray Kids - ODDINARY (SCANNING version)


    1. 거미줄

    2. MANIAC

    3. Charmer

    4. 땡 (FREEZE)

    5. Lonely St.

    6. 피어난다 (Waiting For Us) (Bang Chan, Lee Know, Seungmin, I.N)

    7. Muddy Water (Changbin, Hyunjin, HAN, Felix)

    K-Pop's 4th Generation Leaders' Stray Kids to Release New Mini Album 'ODDINARY' and Title Track 'MANIAC' on March 18th!

    - 'JYP's first million-selling artist' Stray Kids solidifies their popularity with their well-made mini album 'ODDINARY'! Stray Kids to Attract Fans Worldwide!

    - 'MANIAC', the title track, abbreviates the group's identity! Stray Kids' unique 'MANIAC' personality "a group full of abnormalities" that will lead the K-pop mainstream

    - A self-produced group that has grown by leaps and bounds through self-made music! This time, they will be working on the entire album "ODDINARY" including the title track!

    Stray Kids, the "4th generation K-pop leader," will release their new mini album "ODDINARY" and title track "MANIAC" on March 18, 2022.

    Starting with their final victory on Mnet's "Kingdom: Legendary War" in 2021, Stray Kids quickly became one of K-pop's most popular groups with their first full-length album's title track "Shin Menu," the title track of their repackaged album "IN生," the title track "Back Door," and the title track of their second full-length album, "Shouters," which deeply incorporated the group's personality. In particular, the group earned the title of "JYP's first million-selling artist" with their second full-length album "NOEASY," and are set to solidify their popularity with "ODDINARY," their first well-made mini album since "Cle : LEVANTER," released in December 2019.

    The new album 'ODDINARY' truly captures the essence of Stray Kids with its unique characteristics. The album's name combines two English words, 'Odd' and 'Ordinary', which mean 'strange' and 'ordinary' respectIVEly, and conveys the message that 'ordinary people all have a strange side, and strange is ordinary'. The group is expected to lead the K-pop mainstream with their new album 'ODDINARY', which is expected to be an out-of-the-ordinary album. In particular, STRAY KIDS' witty naming style once again stands out, as they have named their various works with Chinese titles, including their first album 'GO生', title track '神メニュー', repackaged album 'IN生', second album 'NOEASY', and holiday special single 'Christmas EveL'.

    The title track, "MANIAC," is a fresh take on STRAY KIDS' signature charm that will once again sweep K-pop fans around the world. The unique and addictIVE chorus over the bold sound captures the group's unique energy, and the restraint and maturity in the flow of the colorful song is refreshing. With lyrics such as "This life where it's not comfortable to show your true colors in the end, like a doll thread that bursts," the group conveys the message, "Don't be trapped in the frame set by the world and reveal your true self.

    The new music video is a visual representation of their unique sound, making it even more fun to watch and listen to. When the mood of the song changes, the music video scenes are switched accordingly, creating a differentiated atmosphere and enhancing immersion. In addition, the members' perspectIVEs of the world are expressed in an unrealistic or witty way, and STRAY KIDS play characters with their own narratIVEs, creating a dramatic feeling for the viewers.

    With Bangchan, Changbin, and Han of the group's production team 3RACHA working on their albums, Stray Kids has grown by leaps and bounds with their self-produced music. Last year, the group made significant achievements on various global platforms such as Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as winning four awards at the year-ending awards ceremony, including their first grand prize in three years since their debut.

    The new album, which includes the title track "MANIAC" and seven other songs including "Spider's Web," "Charmer," "Ting," "Lonely St.," "BLOOm (Bangchan, Reno, Seungmin, Aien)," and "Muddy Water (Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Phyllix)," also showcases the group's deep musicality as all members are named in the credits. In addition to the writer VERSACHOI, who worked with them on "God Menu," leading writers such as DallasK, Trippy, JUN2, Nickko Young, and Millionboy worked together to enhance the completeness.

    Stray Kids has been rising to the center of K-pop with their mini-album "ODDINARY" and title track "MANIAC," which contains more music, concepts, and music videos than usual.

    SCANNING ver., MASK OFF ver. (General Class)

    1. ConTENts:

    - 2 package boxes (1 for each version)

    - 2 photo books (1 for each version)

    - 2 CD-Rs (1 per version)

    - 1 lyric paper (same as Limited Edition)

    - 2 randomized out of 24 photocards (same as Limited Edition)

    - 1 random ID photo card out of 8 (same as the Limited Edition)

    - 1 randomized mini pOSTer out of 8 (Same as the Limited Edition)

    - 1 sticker (Same as the Limited Edition)

    - Pre-Sale Perks

    1) 4 randomized out of 24 tradable unit photocards, with version-specific envelope (same as the Limited Edition)

    2) 2 ground pOSTers (1 for each version)

    2. SIZE : 164 x 224 x 35


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