Billlie - 2nd Mini Album the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one
    • Billlie - 2nd Mini Album the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one

    Billlie - 2nd Mini Album the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2022.02.24

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12

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    Billlie - 2nd Mini Album the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one


    1. GingaMingaYo (the strange world)

    2. a sign ~ anonymous

    3. overlap (1/1)

    4. MOON palace

    5. believe

    Billlie the second mini album [the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one]

    As Mystic Story's first girl group with a distinctive story and proven skills, Billlie made a successful debut last year with the mini album [the Billage of perception: chapter one], a series of mini-albums about everyday life as seen through Billlie's eyes in reality. His subsequent single album, "the collective soul and unconscious: snowy night," was a prequel to a series about the phenomena of dreams and the unconscious world, establishing Billie's multi-world view and heralding the beginning of his story.

    "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

    The second mini album, "THE COLLECTIVE SOUL AND UNCONSSCIOUS: CHAPTER ONE," continues the story of Billy's strong worldview. The various troubles and stories that we experience in real life are expressed epically through the medIUm of dreams, and all the contents and messages, including music, lyrics, visuals, art, and style, are tightly and texturally connected into one story, creating a unique story that is both grounded in reality and mysterious and fantastical at the same time.

    The album is a reflection of Billy's musical confidence, as he has enhanced the album to make it more enJOYable for listeners who love not only KPOP but also various genres of music. The title track, "GingaMingaYo (the strange world)," an intense electro-pop song by producer Shin Hyuk that captures the questions and feelings we ask ourselves during the process of growing up, and the tracks completed with the participation of top KPOP producers at home and abroad, including minGtion, Mayu Wakisaka, Lee Woo Min "collapsedone" Lee, and Justin Reinstein, maintain a strong continuity with the previous album and strengthen Billy's unique genre color that cannot be felt in existing KPOP. In addition, the performance art, which was directed by One Million Dance Studio's RIAKIM choreographer, completes Billy's unique musical expression.

    "The life I lIVE is a succession of past and yesterdays that have passed, it's like the sun, tomorrow and the future are a succession of unmet anxieties and questions, it's like the moon, it doesn't flow now, it spins in a big circle, it's like the earth..."

    This album marks the beginning of Billy's journey to complete the two parallel narratIVEs of "the Billage of perception" and "the collectIVE soul and unconscious." Through this series, Billy expresses the reality surrounding us that coexists with its predecessor, as well as episodes from dreams and unconsciousness, in his unique mise-en-scene.

    Billy sings about the idea of authority through the representation of adults and children, expresses time and space, and asks philosophical questions about the reality we lIVE in.

    "To me, you are like an untouchable entity that exists in another time and space... Won't you come to my time and join me, or let me know if there is a shortcut to your time... Because your speed seems to slow down my time..."

    01. GingaMingaYo (the strange world)

    Composed by Hyuk Shin(153CreatorsClub), MRey(153CreatorsClub), Ashley Alisha(153/Joombas), Le'mon(153/Joombas)

    Lyrics by Le'mon

    Arranged by MRey(153CreatorsClub)

    The questions you ask yourself as you grow from a boy/girl to an adult...

    I don't have to come to a conclusion about the fundamental question of what is right for me.

    The search for truth deepens when it's not clear whether what I'm experiencing and feeling is real or a dream.

    Billy's disappearance is still on my mind.

    A track that fuses Bass House with Jungle Beat

    02. a sign ~ anonymous

    Composed by 밍지션 (minGtion), Mayu Wakisaka

    Lyrics by Le'mon

    Arranged by 밍지션 (minGtion)

    There's always a series of scenes that I feel like I've seen sometime in my life... People call it déjà vu, but isn't it all a kind of sign that means something?

    Could it be that I'm seeing scenes I've seen before in a different space?

    Billy wasn't even in the attic, by the way...

    New jazz track with Broken-beat flavor

    03. overlap (1/1)

    Composed by 밍지션 (minGtion), Theresia Svensson, Matilda Frommegard

    Lyrics by Le'mon

    Arranged by 밍지션 (minGtion)

    About "What we talk about when we talk about time"...

    Time and space are relatIVE based on our speed...

    You're always in a hurry, I'm always slow. Our time flows differently, are you spending more time than I am?

    My clock always seems to be ticking slower. If you folded your space and mine in half and put them together, would our time be the same?

    AlternatIVE R&B tracks

    04. m◐◑n palace

    Composed by 밍지션 (minGtion), Farida Benounis, Rasmus Thallaug

    Lyrics by 조경서(153/Joombas)

    Arranged by mingtion (minGtion)

    The life I lIVE is a continuation of the past and yesterday, like the sun.

    Tomorrow and the future are like the moon, a continuation of unmet anxieties and questions.

    The present is like the earth, where time doesn't pass, it just spins around in a big whirlpool.

    Maybe this is my own Lagrange point. I feel like I'm looking for answers in Mr. Fog, but maybe I'm not really looking for answers, but walking through Mr. Fog towards them.

    Or maybe I'm not living in the now, but in a loop between the sun and the moon?

    POST Trip-hop Tracks

    05. believe

    Composed & Arranged by Umin Lee "collapsedone", Justin Reinstein

    Lyrics by Jang Jieun, Lim Kwangkyun, 16, Siyoon, Tsuki, Sean, Suhyun, Haram, Moon Sooah, Haruna

    We were in different spaces, different times, but we became each other's will, and I'm proud of us for believing and waiting for the time when we would meet in one space...

    We meet in a space that leads to flowers. Our time together is JUST Beginning... Believe.

    Synth Pop Track




    executIVE producers

    YOON Jongshin, CHO Youngchul


    HAN Peacedelic Jungsu


    Kim Jihyun @ STUDIO89


    Mr.Panda @ 153/Joombas Studio

    JO Junsung @ WSOUND STUDIO

    KIM Ilho @ STUDIO89

    SHIN Bongwon @ GLAB Studios


    Joe LaPorta @ Sterling Sound

    original publishers

    153/Joombas Publishing

    EKKO Music Rights (powered by CTGA), EKKO Music Rights Europe (powered by CTGA)

    JYP Publishing (KOMCA), NuVibe Music


    HAN Jungsu

    artist management directors

    KIM Taehun, SHIN Hoonchul

    artist management

    LEE Hyungki, HEO Maro, SONG Seungyoon, KIM Hyoungbin, AN Jiwon, PARK Juyeon

    a&r & production planning

    YOO Yena, KIM Jimin


    KIM Ilho, KIM Jihyun


    JEON Doeun, SEO Junghwa

    marketing communication

    MOON Jiyoung, BANG Daeun, LEE Jinju


    MOON Jiyoung, HONG Yeji, YANG Sungha, JEONG Hyunryul, PARK Hyeshin

    business & production support



    HNS HQ

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    artist development

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    HONG Wonki, SHIM JIHYOung @ zanybros


    CHO Yoonyoung @ StoryLabJOY

    concept film music arrangement

    JEONG Donghwan(Melomance)

    choreography direction

    Dohee, JJ(prod. Lia Kim) @ 1MILLION

    Yeji Kim, Amy Park (prod. Lia Kim) @ 1MILLION

    RENAN(prod. Lia Kim) @ 1MILLION


    SHIN sunhye @ CO-OP.

    PARK Jinho, SONG Jongsuk @ studio BoB


    WOOK @ Studio VV

    package artwork & design

    KO Yoon @ deep.wide


    CHOI Heesun, LEE Jinyoung, YOO Chaewon @ JIN


    SEO Ok, YE Mijin, CHO Ara @ OuiOui


    SHIN Dajeong, BAE Areum, KIM Wonhee @ OuiOui

    * Album Specifications

    - Clear Cover (Clear Cover)

    - Photobook : 76P (Image differs by version)

    - CD-R: 1 insert (Image varies by version)

    - ConTENts envelope: 1 type inserted (Image varies by version)

    - ID photo: 1 randomly inserted out of 7 types (image is the same for each version)

    - Photocard: Randomly insert 2 out of 14 types (image varies by version)

    - Polaroid photocard: 1 out of 30 types randomly inserted (image is the same for each version)

    - Layered card: 1 type inserted (image is the same for each version)

    - Sticker: 1 sticker (image is the same for each version)

    - Initial limited pOSTer: 1 of 3 types randomly inserted


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