Stray Kids - MAXIDENT (CASE version)
    • Stray Kids - MAXIDENT (CASE version)

    Stray Kids - MAXIDENT (CASE version)

    JYP Entertainment

    Date: 2022.10.17

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 7


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    Stray Kids - MAXIDENT (CASE version)


    1. CASE 143 

    2. 식혀

    3. Give Me Your TMI


    5. 3RACHA (방찬, 창빈, 한)

    6. TASTE (리노, 현진, 필릭스)

    7. 나 너 좋아하나봐 (승민, 아이엔)

    8. CIRCUS (Korean Ver.)

    K-pop's 4th generation leaders, Stray Kids, release new mini album 'MAXIDENT' and title track 'CASE 143' on October 7th!

    - Stray Kids, the No. 1 group on the US Billboard 200, has made a spectacular comeback after about 7 months! A huge event befell them!

    - New album 'MAXIDENT', written and composed by all members of the group's in-house production team, ThreeRacha! A masterpiece album with increased individuality and authenticity!

    - "Skizpyo love songs are different" title track 'CASE 143', love likened to the occurrence of an incident! Plenty of intense energy over dynamic sound!

    - Sold out 2 tickets at the KSPO DOME! Successful after selling out the entire second world tour of 19 concerts in 9 cities!

    'Case No. 143'

    Stray Kids encountered a case of 'love'.

    Stray Kids will release their new mini album "MAXIDENT" and title track "CASE 143" on October 7, 2022.

    STRAY KIDS' previous album, "ODDINARY," released on March 18 this year, debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200, becoming the third K-pop artist to do so. The title track "MANIAC" has been streamed more than 100 million times on global music streaming platform Spotify as of August 31, proving its global popularity. STRAYKIDS, who have firmly established themselves as the "leaders of the fourth generation of K-pop," are making a spectacular comeback with their new album "MAXIDENT" after a seven-month hiatus.

    The new name 'MAXIDENT' is a compound word that combines the English words 'Max' and 'Maximum' with 'Accident' and 'Incident', meaning a 'big event' that happens without warning. The album includes the title track "CASE 143," which expresses universal emotions such as love in a more 'MANIAC' way, as well as "Chill," "Give Me Your TMI," "SUPER BOARD," and "3RACHA (Bangchan, Changbin, Han)", "3RACHA", "TASTE" (Reno, Hyunjin, Phyllix), "I Like You" (Seungmin, Aien), and the Korean version of their Japanese mini album title track "CIRCUS".

    The new song "CASE 143" is STRAYKIDS' first love song as a title track and has a different charm. They showed off their wit by analogizing their confused minds due to their first feelings to 'an incident' and expressing their love with the chord '143 (I LOVE YOU)'. The song's fast-paced composition over a chromatic synth line captivates the listener, and the intense energy of STRAYKIDS is electrifying. The song was written and composed by 3RACHA, the group's production team consisting of Bangchan, Changbin, and Han, who have created all of STRAYKIDS' titles from their debut song "District 9" in March 2018 to "MANIAC" in March 2022, and Bangchan also contributed to the arrangement.

    All of the members, including 3RACHA, are listed in the credits of the new song, adding their distinct personalities and authenticity. In addition, leading domestic and international writers such as VERSACHOI, Hong Jisang, and earattack added their touches to complete another well-made album.

    STRAYKIDS, who have captivated K-pop fans around the world with their unique music and performances, recently completed their second world tour with a total of 19 concerts in 9 cities and proved themselves as a 'performance gourmet'. After selling out all of their world tour dates, Stray Kids rewarded their fans with the "Stray Kids 2nd World Tour "MANIAC" Seoul Special (UNVEIL 11)" on September 17 and 18 at the KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) in Songpa-gu, Seoul. The concert, which was made more meaningful by entering the KSPO DOME, was also sold out for both performances, and the group announced additional concerts afterward, realizing the unstoppable rise of STRAYKIDS.

    With their high-quality mini album "MAXIDENT" and title track "CASE 143," they are expected to bring another "huge event" to the K-pop music market.


    1. Composition:

    - Paper Case + Photo Book (1 random out of 8)

    - 1 CD-R

    - 1 x Lyric Paper

    - Photocard (1 random out of 8)

    - 1 unit mini ground poster (1 of 4 randomized)

    - Pre-order perks: Limited photocard (1 of 8 randomized)

    SIZE : 150mm x 210mm


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