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Stray Kids - GO生 Go Live (Normal Edition, B version) (1st Album)
  • Stray Kids - GO生 Go Live (Normal Edition, B version) (1st Album)

Stray Kids - GO生 Go Live (Normal Edition, B version) (1st Album)

Label: JYP Entertainment

Release Date: 2020.06

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 17


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Stray Kids - GO生 Go Live (Normal Edition, B version) (1st Album)


1. GO生

2. 神메뉴

3. Easy

4. Pacemaker

5. 비행기

6. 일상

7. Phobia

8. 청사진

9. 타

10. Haven

11. TOP ("신의 탑" OST)

12. SLUMP ("신의 탑" OST)

13. Gone Days

14. 바보라도 알아

Stray Kids' first full-length album "GO生" and title track "神メニュー" released on June 17th!

"Meet the real Stray Kids"

- The title track "God Menu," with its addictIVE "maramat music" + experimental performance

- Participated in writing and composing all songs this time! It contains all of STRAYKIDS' unique music and growth!

- 100% purity of Stray Kids! We organized everything from music to album concept and keywords ourselves!

Stray Kids will release their first full-length album "GO生" on June 17th.

Having built their own world of 'maramat music' by writing, composing, and arranging each album, Stray Kids will compete with more unique and experimental works.

The team's production group, 3RACHA, produced the new album's eponymous track, "GO生," as well as the title track, "神メニュー," "Easy," "Pacemaker," "Airplane," "Everyday Life," and "Phobia. 'Blueprint', 'Ride', 'Haven', 'TOP ("God's Tower" OST)', 'SLUMP ("God's Tower" OST)', 'Gone Days', and 'Even a Fool Knows'.

The title track, "神メニュー," is characterized by a strong addictIVE quality that will never be forgotten once heard. The title has both the traditional meaning of a new menu and a double meaning of being gIVEn by God. The eight members refer to the new song as a dish, expressing their ambition to capture every listener's taste and palate with this menu.

Bangchan, Changbin, and Han, who wrote and composed the song, said, "It has a strong hip-hop sound with a variety of instruments. We tried to emphasize the meaning of STRAYKIDS' slogan 'STEP OUT,' which is to 'break the mold and take a new step ahead. The performance is also experimental and unlike anything you've ever seen before."

STRAYKIDS TOOk the lead on the keywords, concepts, and music for the entire album and worked hard to embody 100% of the group's charm.

The raw, wild eyes and colorful graffiti effects were used to visually express the raw, living, breathing feeling of the group.

In particular, the members themselves suggested collaborations with musicians they had been watching closely in order to embody the team's colors. The writing team for their first full-length album has attracted a lot of atTENtion since its release.

The first track, "GO生," features compositions and arrangements by MNDR, who won a 2017 Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Album for his collaboration with Flume, "Skin. The album is rounded out by musician Peter Wade Keusch, who has worked with world-class artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Charli XCX.

Track 3, "Easy," is produced by Mike Daley, who has collaborated with Lady Gaga and Chris Brown, Henry Oyekanmi, who has worked with Selena Gomez, and Mitchell Owens, who has worked on Justin Timberlake albums.

Other notable K-pop artists include VERSACHOI, Full8loom, MosPick, Loaded, Isran, earattack, and UndersTANding Sol.

In addition, the opening song "TOP ("Tower of God" OST)" and ending song "SLUMP ("Tower of God" OST)" from the Naver webTOOn animation "Tower of God" sung by STRAYKIDS were included to complete the album.

Tracks 13 and 14, "Gone Days" and "Even a Fool Knows," were previously released as a "Mixtape Project," which resonates with the stories of people who are lOST and in trouble through music.

Since their pre-debut album 'Mixtape' released in 2018, Stray Kids has been delIVEring raw, unprocessed charm. With "GO生," their first full-length album, they are expected to pioneer the K-pop market with a new dish made with fresh and unique ingredients.

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GO生 General Class

1. Composition:

- 3 photo books (some pages are the same as the limited edition)

- 3 package boxes

- 3 CD-Rs

- 1 random unit leaflet out of 2 (same as the Limited Edition)

- 2 randomized out of 40 photocards (same as the Limited Edition)

- Random 1 out of 4 4-color film (Same as the Limited Edition)

- 1 Secret Card 1 SET (Same as the Limited Edition)

- Pre-Sale Perks (Same as Limited Edition)_Ended.

1) Random 1 of 8 Polaroids

2) 1 random pOSTer from 3 types

2. SIZE : 164 x 224 x 35 mm

3. pOSTer: 1 pOSTer from 3 types at random


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