(G)I-DLE - 2 (2 Version) (2nd Full Album)
    • (G)I-DLE - 2 (2 Version) (2nd Full Album)

    (G)I-DLE - 2 (2 Version) (2nd Full Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.01.30

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 17

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    (5/5) out of 8 total ratings
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    (G)I-DLE - 2 (2 Version) (2nd Full Album)


    1. Super Lady

    2. Revenge

    3. Doll

    4. Vision

    5. 7Days

    6. 나는 아픈 건 딱 질색이니까

    7. Rollie

    8. Wife

    An ode to the beauty and power of the 'Super Lady'

    The spectacular return of conceptual masters (Girls) Generation

    (G)I-DLE's second full-length album [2]

    In 2023, (GIRLS), who broke their own record by topping the domestic music charts with the title track of their sixth mini album, "Queencard," and earning the title of "million seller," and later entered the U.S. BillBoArd 200 chart at No. 41, not only in Korea, but also in the U.S., with their "2023 (G)I-DLE WORLD TOUR [I am FREE-TY]" in 18 cities around the world, and their first English-language album, "HEAT," are making another huge impact.

    On their second full-length album [2] (Two), the girls' second album in about eight months, (GIRLS) reveal their strong confidence in their second full-length album with the potential for reversal and the musical solidity of the fIVE members, who will unleash the energy behind the number '5' to become '2'.

    The title track "Super Lady" is dedicated to all the "Super Ladies" in the world, singing about the beauty and strength of each of them. The message of 'let's move forward together no matter what hardships and adversity we face' is combined with the explosIVE performances of the girls, who are not only confident but also proud, giving the listener an overwhelming feeling.

    The album will also showcase an expanded musical world by including tracks in full English, such as '7Days' and 'Rollie', while enhancing authenticity and compleTENess by having the members compose and write all tracks.

    The second track, "Revenge," opens with lyrics about the pain of the other person being the only reward in life and a classic and unique sound, especially the distorted bass guitar riff and urgent synths that add to the song's weight. The third track, "Doll," is dedicated to someone who used to treat love like a toy, and it has a dark atmosphere and a powerful chant section. The fourth track, "Vision," is a mesmerizing lyric about achieving anything in a hallucination, with dreamy chords over a TENse beat that creates a unique atmosphere. The fifth track, "7Days," is a hybrid of drum & bass beats over an emotional guitar riff that captures the excitement of spending time with your loved one forever. The sixth track, "I Don't Like Being Sick," is a witty lyric about "fate" that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and features the band's minimalist and colorful punk-based sound. The seventh track, 'Rollie', is a straightforward expression of the colorful and confident 'me', and the dynamic and vintage Pluck sound makes the song's message more unique. The final track, 'Wife', is a bubblegum bass-based pop track with a unique and sophisticated sound and trendy and cute lyrics that only a '(girl) can express.

    (G)I-DLE's second full-length album [2] solidly tells a story that everyone can relate to in a way that only (G)I-DLE can.

    We hope that (G)I-DLE's second full-length album [2] will serve as a new spark for all those who are willing to face their inner strength and beauty.


    01. Super Lady

    Composed by SOYEON, Pop Time, Daily, LiKEY

    Lyrics by SoYeon

    Arranged by Pop Time, Daily, LiKEY, Soyeon

    "Dear all the ladies."

    02. Revenge

    Composed by 소연, Pop Time, Kako

    Lyrics by 소연

    Arranged by Pop Time, Kako, Soyeon

    "I have a revenge that I must take."

    03. Doll

    Composed by 우기, BOYTOY, MOJO, Jayins (Jayins), 이승훈 (PLZ)

    Lyrics by 우기, BOYTOY, Jayins, MOJO

    Arranged by 이승훈 (PLZ)

    "Your mindless doll play is over."

    04. Vision

    Composed by Minnie, BreadBeat, Shinkung

    Lyrics by Miyeon, Minni, Roydo (Roydo)

    Arranged by BreadBeat, Shinkung

    "I'll paint the color of my desire on the white canvas."

    05. 7Days

    Composed by Minni, BreadBeat

    Lyrics by Minnie, Tim TAN

    Arranged by BreadBeat

    "7Days is like an eternal dream."

    06. I'm not good at being sick

    Composed by 소연, Pop Time, Daily, LiKEY

    Lyrics by SoYeon

    Arranged by Pop Time, Daily, LiKEY, Soyeon

    "There are things in the world that you can never trust."

    07. Rollie

    Composed by WooGi, BOYTOY, Melli (PLZ), 213 (PLZ), MOJO, Milli Oshyun

    Lyrics by 우기, BOYTOY, Melli (PLZ), 213 (PLZ), MOJO

    Arranged by 213 (PLZ), MOJO, Milli Oshyun, BOYTOY

    "Priceless, an issue maker, an 'I' that is itself."

    08. Wife

    Composed by SoYeon, Daily, LiKEY, Pop Time, Pop Time

    Lyrics by 소연

    Arranged by Daily, LiKEY, Pop Time, Soyeon

    "But I'm not."

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