Rolling Quartz - Victory (EP Album)
    • Rolling Quartz - Victory (EP Album)

    Rolling Quartz - Victory (EP Album)

    Label: Mirrorball Music

    Release Date: July 4, 2024

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 7


    Rolling Quartz - Victory (EP Album)


    1. Victory

    2. ONE

    3. STANd Up

    4. Red Wine

    5. Victory (inst.)

    6. ONE (inst.)

    7. STANd Up (inst.)

    8. Red Wine (inst.)

    Where did they come from and what have they become... Global rock band ROLLING QUARTZ

    Rolling Quartz, who released their debut album Blaze (December 30, 2020) during the coronavirus pandemic with a somewhat hype-sounding statement that they would succeed in the rock/metal industry, have since gained a lot of support from overseas fans online and offline, and as if to prove that their words were not just hype, they have successfully completed their US/European tour and are adding more tour dates, making their fairytale story a reality.

    Rolling Quartz, an all-female fIVE-piece band formed by two bands that were preparing for their respectIVE careers under the names Rolling Girlz and Rose Quartz, has now entered its fourth year of existence with a global fanbase that shares their dreams, and now, as a truly global rock band, they are releasing Victory, an EP that will broaden their musical spectrum and attract new fans.

    [Track List]

    1. Victory

    Lyrics - Park Ja Young

    Composition - Park, Jaeyoung

    Arranged by Park, Jaeyoung, Lim, Youngeun, Choi, Hyunjeong, Airy, Kim, Ahm, Han, Seungoh

    Vocalist Jaeyoung was inspired by the lIVE performances of extreme bands at rock festivals overseas

    It is a song that sings the cONFidence in the outcome of overcoming a difficult journey through constant challenges

    overcoming the tough journey through consTANt challenges.

    2. ONE

    Lyricist - HONE, TMC, Rolling Quartz

    Composition - 14o2, TMC, Rolling Quartz

    Arranged by Park Jaeyoung, Lim Youngeun, Choi Hyunjeong, Iri, Kim Ahm, Han Seungoh

    This is a rearrangement of the official theme song of the African TV BJ Destruction War, which Rolling Quartz participated in in 2022.

    While the original version was a synth-heavy, public-friendly arrangement that fit the theme of competition and unity, this 2014 version features a more lIVE-oriented arrangement and guitar solo that emphasizes interaction with the audience.

    3. STANd Up

    Lyrics - Airy, Han Seung-oh

    Composition - Han Seung-oh

    Arrangement - Park Jaeyoung, Lim Youngeun, Choi Hyunjeong, Iri, Kim Ameum, Han Seungoh

    The song was released in April and was a teaser track for fans who were tired of waiting.

    The music video was inspired by the similarity of shuffle rhythm and good street dancers, and the traditional Korean Bongsan Tal Dance is represented as a modern dance, and the lion dance is a crossover with the band's music.

    4. Red Wine

    Lyrics - Kim Ah-rim

    Composition - Kim Ah-rim, Park Ja-young

    Arranged by Park Jaeyoung, Lim Youngeun, Choi Hyunjeong, Iri, Kim Ahrim, Han Seungoh, Lee Hyojin

    This song started with the initiatIVE of bassist Aeum, but it is the song that reflected the opinions of all members most evenly. It took a whopping fIVE mixes to finalize.


    ** Music

    ProducedbyHan Seung-oh

    Vocal - 박자영Jayoung [d?a: j?ŋ]

    Guitar - Iree Iree [a?r?]

    Guitar - ChoiHyunjung [t?e: hi?nd??ŋ]

    Bass - 김아름 Arem [a:rwm] (t:rwm)

    Drums - Yeongeun Yeongeun [j?ŋwn]

    Inst. Recorded by Han Seung-Oh @ RollingStudio

    Vox. Recorded by Jung Hojoong @ BoomingStudio

    Mixed by Chris Perry @ Chris Perry Studios, Toronto

    Mastered by Jo?oCarvalho @ Jo?oCarvalho Mastering, Toronto

    * MV

    - STANd Up

    creatIVE department | desert beagle

    director | simon

    executIVE producer | oroshi

    assisTANt director | kong youngjo

    director of photography | yil

    1st | kim bumsoo

    2nd | kim hyunwoo

    3rd | park changwan

    gaffer | kwon daecheol

    1st | kim youngsin

    2nd | kim TAEMIN

    3rd | CHOIYONG

    jimmy jib : go eugyu

    p.a : jin minwoo, kim namhyeok, lee dahae

    choreographer | win.g, denis,

    saemdonaegi, choi min ki, kim jeong woo

    animal model : minky

    edit : simon, han seungoh

    color | park seolhee

    - Victory

    DIRECTOR | HAN Seung-Oh

    DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY :Kim seungyeup, Kim Bum soo

    edit : han seungoh

    COLOR :Tigerwater

    ExecutIVE Producer :Han Seung-oh, Han Jung-wook, Jung Seung-il

    General Manager :Han Hanwook, Jung Juyoung, Ko Kwangpyo

    Advisor : John Zutaut&Jin / Jason Lee, Choi Ryul

    Album Design by Yoojin Kim

    Supported by Diadem @ All around the world

    Rolling Star Ent. / Winwon Ent.


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