BADVILLAIN - OVERSTEP (STEP version) (1st Single Album)
    • BADVILLAIN - OVERSTEP (STEP version) (1st Single Album)

    BADVILLAIN - OVERSTEP (STEP version) (1st Single Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: June 4, 2024

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 15


    BADVILLAIN - OVERSTEP (STEP version) (1st Single Album)



    2. 야호 (BADTITUDE)

    3. +82

    - BADVILLAIN to release debut album "OVERSTEP" on June 3

    - "Born to be Visionary!" BADVILLAIN, the emergence of a new HERO

    - BADVILLAIN's Shoutout, "We'll Rise Up, Carve BV on Your Head

    BADVILLAIN announced the birth of a new K-Pop hero on June 3 with the release of their debut album, 1st Single Album [OVERSTEP]. BADVILLAIN, who had been shrouded in mystery, made their debut with a powerful image and a new vision as the first girl group to be released by Big Planet Made Entertainment.

    BADVILLAIN is composed of seven members: Emma, Chloe Young, Huey, Ina, Yoonseo, Bin, and Kelly. They redefine the meaning of the group's names, "BAD" and "VILLAIN," as all-around artists with powerful raps, unique vocals, and proven unconventional performances.

    BAD is an adjectIVE that means 'bad' and is an acronym for 'Be AggressIVE for Desire', which sets the direction for BADVILLAIN. 'VILLAIN' is often used in modern times to describe 'selfish people' and 'unstructured people', but BADVILLAIN's 'VILLAIN' aims to show 'people who move only for their own goals' and 'children who make the best choices for themselves'.

    It is also writTEN as 'Born to be Visionary' (BV), which adds meaning to BADVILLAIN's identity. The first letter 'B' for 'Born' and the first letter 'V' for 'Visionary' express the emergence of the fifth generation of artists leading K-POP, which has never been seen before.

    BADVILLAIN 1st Single Album [OVERSTEP] contains a total of three songs, including the title track "BADVILLAIN," which shares the same name as the group, and shows the emergence of BADVILLAIN, who breaks out of the mold created by the world and crosses sTANdards and lines.

    The title track "BADVILLAIN" is a song that impresses with its rapping and addictIVE hook that expresses confidence in the goal. In addition, "Yahoo (BADTITUDE)," which is about achieving goals without being bound by the rules of the world, and "+82," which is about being able to do things differently from others, gIVE a glimpse into the dIVErse and enterprising side of BADVILLAIN. In particular, in "+82," members Chloe Young and Ina directly participated in rap making, showing their potential for musical growth.

    BADVILLAIN's confident and assertIVE personality is further evident in their promotional trailer and music video for their debut song "BADVILLAIN. BADVILLAIN answers the question, "Why did BADVILLAIN have to become a villain?" and justifies their status as a villain by accumulating the things they want to do and the messages they want to show.

    In addition, Casper, a talented choreographer who has created choreography for Taemin's "Guilty," EXO's "Ko Ko Bop" and "Cream Soda," Baekhyun's "UN Village," and aespa's "Savage," and Kany, a choreographer who has worked with leading domestic and international artists such as Beyoncé, SHINee, and VIVIZ, were in charge of BADVILLAIN to present a complete performance with both popularity and artistry.

    The performance of the title track "BADVILLAIN" shows the powerful stage control and overwhelming charisma of the members of BADVILLAIN, and the mega crew composition with multi-person dancers creates a dynamic and huge scale. In particular, the spectacular mega crew scene at the end of the music video maximizes the unlimited possibilities and powerful energy of the members of BADVILLAIN, amplifying expectations for the future they will change.

    OVERSTEP, BADVILLAIN has finally crossed the line. By crossing this line, they will become K-Pop's villains and new heroes who are not afraid to act in order to achieve their dreams and goals. We expect them to write a new history in the K-Pop world by becoming 'Born to be Visionary', or BADVILLAIN, who will create a new world by themselves, rather than settling for the world that someone else creates for them.


    'BADVILLAIN' is a dance song with a hip-hop base and a strong one-chord beat that allows only BADVILLAIN's performance to stand out. You can feel the weight of the song with the melodic main riff that leads the song from the introduction and the grand and classic orchestra, and the repetitIVE hook and unique rapping that captivates the ears show the various charms of the members of 'BADVILLAIN'. It is a song with the message of moving forward confidently with a goal that is our own desire rather than the gaze of others, and as it is the same song title as the Badvillain group name, it is a song that gIVEs a glimpse of the group's color.

    2. Yaho (BADTITUDE)

    This is a hip-hop genre song with a trap rhythm that captures your ears with intense rapping from the beginning and makes you feel the groove, and you can feel the fun and freshness of the song through the addictIVE hook drop and catchy sound. It is a song that can show the ambition of 'BADVILLAIN' by saying that we will fulfill our goals beyond the world's framework or rules.

    3. +82

    It is a Jersey Club-style hip-hop dance song that shows the identity of 'BADVILLAIN' through '+82', the Korean country code. It wittily conveys the selfishness related to one's desires, and the repetitIVE rhythm of the attacking beat and sensual synths is impressIVE. The song is full of BADVILLAIN's energy with catchy rapping and a performance in the second half of the song, and members Chloe Young and Ina participated in the lyrics to add meaning.

    * Album Specifications

    - PET sleeve: W136xH190mm / 1 piece (Image varies by version)

    - Photo Book : W135xH190mm / 120P / 1EA (Image varies by version)

    - CD Case : W135xH190mm / 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - CD-R : 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - Accordion Profile Ticket: W70xH140mm / 1 insert (Image varies by version)

    - Ground pOSTer: W380xH540mm / 1 insert (image varies by version)

    - Photo Card: W55xH85mm / Insert 1 random out of 7 types (image varies by version)

    - Sticker : W125xH122mm / 1 type inserted (image is the same for each version)

    - Lyrics: W135xH190mm / 1 type inserted (image is the same for each version)


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