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PENTAGON - UNIVERSE THE BLACK HALL (Upside Version) (1st Album)
  • PENTAGON - UNIVERSE THE BLACK HALL (Upside Version) (1st Album)

PENTAGON - UNIVERSE THE BLACK HALL (Upside Version) (1st Album)

Cube Entertainment

Release Date: 2020.02

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 16


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PENTAGON - UNIVERSE THE BLACK HALL (Upside Version) (1st Album)


1. Dr. Bebe

2. Asteroid

3. Shower of Rain

4. Die For You



7. Worship U

8. Zoom Up

9. Camellia

10. Someday


Infinite space, new beginnings within it

Pentagon's First Full Album [UNIVERSE : THE BLACK HALL]

Pentagon, who has been gradually proving their limitless possibilities with a wide musical spectrum and spectacular performances that captivate audiences, is releasing their first full-length album [UNIVERSE : THE BLACK HALL], about three years and four months after their debut.

[UNIVERSE: THE BLACK HALL refers to the infinite space and stage that will unfold in front of Pentagon, a vaster and more mysterious unIVErse that they encountered through their fateful encounter in an infinite-sized unIVErse.

The title track of Pentagon's first full-length album [UNIVERSE : THE BLACK HALL], "Dr. Bebe," is an electronic genre song based on hip-hop rhythms, and this title track was also written and composed by Pentagon member Hui, raising many people's expectations.

In particular, through the four themes of 'Love, Fall, Hurt and Crazy', the song tells the story of the 'love trap' that everyone falls in love, breaks up, gets hurt, goes crazy, loves again, and repeats over and over again, and cries out to 'BeBe', the only one who can heal me from this terrible trap, in an inTENse performance.

With a total of 11 colorful tracks, including the title track, PENTAGON returns with a variety of musical capabilities that have never been explored before.

The infinite space in front of the stars with different powers, like a BLACK HOLE that sucks everything in the unIVErse with its strong gravity and creates a new space-time. The new story they will create begins in the BLACK HALL, which is like a darkened stage before the performance begins.

1. Dr. Bebe

Composed by HUI, Nathan (NATHAN), yunji

Lyrics by HUI, Wooseok

Arranged by 네이슨 (NATHAN), yunji

From the magnificent INTRO that makes your feet tap your feet to the moody VERSE, the inTENse HOOK, and the dreamy BRIDGE. Through the delicate development of the song, the main theme of "Dr. Bebe," "Love, Fall, Hurt and Crazy," is completed in a more colorful way, and you can discover the more mature side of Pentagon.

2. Asteroid

Composed by Andrew Choi, Coach & Sendo, minGtion, Oh SeungEun, Andreas Baertels

Lyrics by Isran, Wooseok

Arranged by 밍지션 (minGtion)

A unIVErse where air doesn't exist, where no sound can be heard

The only voice that can call me in that space is only you (UNIVERSE)

"Asteroid" conveys the message that UnIVErse's voice, heard beyond gravity, is the light that illuminates the Pentagon and the only space station you can lean on.

It is an uptempo pop song with an impressIVE synth flux sound, with a groovy drum beat and a unique synth line, and the voices of the members of the Pentagon, which resonate as if they are floating in space, further maximize the atmosphere of the song.

03. Rain Shower

Composed by HUI, Minit

Lyrics by HUI, Wooseok

Arranged by Minit

Based on the hip-hop genre, the medIUm-tempo "Rain Shower" is characterized by its repetitive chorus and Pentagon's witty lyrics and melody.

The song depicts a man crying as Rain falls from the sky to hide the tears that flow from the pain of love, suggesting the duality of love: the pain of love and the love that makes it possible to overcome the pain.

The lyrics and lyrical melody of this song are sure to resonate with anyone who has ever been in love, making it easy for anyone to feel comfortable and approachable.

04. Die For You

Composed by KINO, Nathan (NATHAN)

Lyrics by KINO, 네이슨 (NATHAN), 우석

Arranged by 네이슨 (NATHAN)

'Die For You', as the title suggests, is about the madness of love that happens after being abandoned by a lover and not being able to forget him. The song's melody, which is like a cry that everything is already over but you can't accept the end and want you to come back, maximizes the poignant emotion of the song.

Among the many feelings that come with love, this song is a song that allows you to feel the emotions that remain at the very end.

05. TALK

Composed, Arranged by Albin Nordqvist, Sebastian Lestapier, AdamALEXAnder

Lyrics by Jinho, Wooseok

PENTAGON met for the second time with the composer of "SUMMER!", which was included in their ninth mini album "SUM(ME:R)" and was loved by many fans.

'TALK' is a sensual R&B ballad with lyrics by PENTAGON member Jinho that tells the story of old lovers who don't have the courage to speak up even though they know how they feel.

06. the black hall

Composed by HUI, Flow Blow

Lyrics by HUI, Woosuk

Arranged by Flow Blow

'THE BLACK HALL', the subtitle of PENTAGON's first full-length album, is an EDM dance song created by the collaboration between Hui and producer duo Flow Blow, a trusted combination.

Especially, you can feel the different charm of each member in each part, making you look forward to PENTAGON's more mature performance on their first full-length album.

07. Worship U

Composed by earattack, Jimmy Claeson

Lyrics by Isran, Woosuk, earattack, earattack

Arranged by earattack, Larmook

'Worship U' is a trendy and energetic medIUm-tempo synth pop song that gives a strong sense of freshness from the intro, and expresses the innocence and excitement of a man in love throughout the track.

The lyrical lyrics, "My life has been transformed into a new dream because of you, and I will love and protect only you until the end of my life," are accompanied by a bright and cheerful beat, adding immersion to the song.

08. Zoom Up

Composed, Lyrics by CODE 9, PURAVIDA

Arranged by CODE 9

'Zoom Up' starts with an oriental guitar line and synth sound that captivates the lisTENer, and as the song progresses, the heavy bass and groovy rhythm combine to create a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere.

The lyrics, which express a strong attraction to and curiosity about the opposite sex, are complemented by the chant-like repetition of the chorus, creating an oddly addictIVE feel to the song.

The edgy TENsion and mature mood of the delicate vocals will make you feel the charm of another Pentagon.

09. Camellia

Composed, Arranged by FCM Houdini, Yuto, FCM Langbo

Lyrics by Yuto, Woosuk, FCM Houdini

"I love you more than anyone else.

WritTEN and composed by Pentagon member Yuto, "Camellia" is a modern rock ballad in the genre of "camellia flower," and the lyrics describe the three years that Pentagon and its fans have spent together and the stories they wanted to tell their fans.

Like the beauty of a camellia flower that BLOOms alone in the cold winter wind, the song conveys the warm sincerity of the members of Pentagon, who want to remember every moment together as a beautiful memory.

10. Someday (Song By Jinho, HUI)

Composed, Lyrics, Arranged by IMAGES, POPKID

The special track "Someday (Song By Jinho, Hui)" is a ballad about you, me, and us moving towards our dreams, melted over a lyrical piano melody, and the beauty of the moment when our dreams come true is writTEN in the night sky.

Toward the end of the song, the two's sweet voices harmonize with the magnificent string sound, and we hope that it will touch everyone's heart.

11. Let's Run Away (HAPPINESS KR Ver.)

Composed by KINO, 홍익인간, 멧돼지

Lyrics by KINO, Yuto, Wooseok

Arranged by 홍익인간, 멧돼지, 가여니

"HAPPINESS", the double title track of PENTAGON's second Japanese single "HAPPINESS / SHA LA LA" last year, is newly released in Korean.

Depicting the process of running away from loved ones in search of happiness under the hot sun, "Let's Run Away (HAPPINESS KR Ver.)" sends a hopeful message to everyone living in the current era, saying, "Let's run away from reality to the ideal place that everyone dreams of.

Especially over the uptempo and trendy new jack swing rhythm, the refreshing lyrics remind lisTENers of the 'blue sea' and 'cool breeze', making them feel another kind of happiness.

A song with a small wish for everyone who hears this song to be happy.

* Album Specifications

- PACKAGE : 1 type per version (different design for each version)

- BOOKLET: 1 per version / 96P (Image differs by version)

- CD & CD CASE: 1 for each version (Design varies by version)

- PHOTOCARD: Insert 2 random out of 16 types (image varies by version)

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