LIM HYUNSIK - The Young Man and the Deep Sea (2nd Mini Album)
    • LIM HYUNSIK - The Young Man and the Deep Sea (2nd Mini Album)

    LIM HYUNSIK - The Young Man and the Deep Sea (2nd Mini Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2024.02.20

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 9


    LIM HYUNSIK - The Young Man and the Deep Sea (2nd Mini Album)


    1. 밀물과 썰물 (The Tides of Life)

    2. 고독한 바다 (La Mar) 

    3. Deep Blue Sea

    4. Sunshine

    5. 항해 (Navigate)

    6. Swimming (Reimagined Ver.)

    The Young Man and the Deep Sea

    <Album Introduction

    An artist who sings a story

    an artist who sings 'my' own story

    Lim Hyun Sik's 2nd Mini Album [The Young Man and the Deep Sea]

    B2B's Lim Hyun-sik releases his second solo mini album [The Young Man and the Deep Sea].

    Following his last mini album [RENDEZ-VOUS], he returns to his fans with his second mini album [The Young Man and the Deep Sea] after more than five years, so we are looking forward to seeing what kind of story he will tell.

    If the last album sang sincerely about his own stories of meeting and connecting with the universe, human relationships, and love, this album expresses his view of the sea and his deepening musical world through the theme of the sea.

    Since his first solo song "SWIMMING" came out, he has always wanted to make an album with the theme of the sea, so this album was also led by him. He wrote all of the songs and participated in the concept and design of the album, as well as the planning of the music video, hoping that the meaning of "sea" as he saw it would truly touch the public. As his own commentary states, "As I grew older and lived, I felt that my life and myself were also an ocean," and if you listen to the music while imagining what colors, sounds, moods, and temperatures the 'ocean of Lim Hyun-sik' is, you will feel a deeper sense of emotion.

    The story of the sea that Lim unfolds is an alternative sound that is not limited to any genre, and it unfolds in various ways. Lim has always enjoyed reading The Old Man and the Sea, and the name of this mini second album is a homage to it. Lim's desire to show the sea (me) of a grown-up young man who is no longer a boy in his 30s is similar to the steadfast attitude and wisdom of the old man in the novel The Old Man and the Sea. What does 'sea' really mean to Lim Hyun-sik, what kind of path has he gone through, and is he sailing safely now, and it would be good to follow his journey with the album.

    The music video for the title track, "Lonely Sea (La Mar)," is a testament to Lim's passion as he also participated in the planning. All of the ocean scenes in the music video were actually filmed in the ocean, and he took time out of his album preparation to train in diving, and the results were beautiful. The video is a true reflection of the ocean that he experienced firsthand.

    In his second mini album, "The Young Man and the Deep Sea," Lim Hyun-sik's main message is 'light and dark,' and the first track, "Tides of Life (The Tides of Life)," to the third track, "Deep Blue Sea," is the dark side of light, and the fourth track, "Sunshine," to the last track, "Swimming (Reimagined Ver.)," is the light side of darkness. So from track 6, when he returns to track 1, the organicity begins again, expressing the repetition of meeting and parting, and the repetition of light and dark in life. Let's enjoy the 'sea' in his music according to the flow he develops.

    * Album Specifications

    - PACKAGE : W 144 x H 125 x D 19 (mm) / 1 piece

    - DIGIPACK : W 143 x H 125 x D 18 (mm) / 1 item

    - PHOTO BOOK : W 138 x H 120 x D 7.5 (mm) / 80 PAGES / 1 item

    - CD-R : W 120 x H 120 (mm) / 1 piece

    - COASTER : W 80 x H 80 (mm) / 1 insert

    - PHOTOCARD : W 55 x H 85 (mm) / Insert 2 random out of 6 types

    - STICKER : Insert 10 types


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