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KIM SUNG KYU - SAVIOR (4th Mini Album)
  • KIM SUNG KYU - SAVIOR (4th Mini Album)

KIM SUNG KYU - SAVIOR (4th Mini Album)

Label: Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: 2022.04.25

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 9


KIM SUNG KYU (Infinite) - SAVIOR (4th Mini Album)

'Voice is a genre' vocalist Kim Sung-kyu's colorful return,

After moving to a new company, he releases his 4th mini album [SAVIOR].

The solo album, which comes about a year after his single album released in March last year, contains fIVE songs of various genres, including the title track 'Savior'.

Vocalist Kim Sung Kyu has solidified his position as a male solo singer by securing not only the public but also a fan base with his delicate emotional expressions and unique tone.

His first solo album with Double H.T.I.N.E. is expected to be highly anticipated, as he has been acclaimed and loved for his wide range of vocal skills as a singer and musical actor, as well as his limitless musical abilities.

In this album, Kim Sung Kyu, who is in his 13th year and 11th year as a solo artist, breaks away from his traditional way of working by collaborating with a new team of producers and participates in the writing, composing, and arranging of three songs, including the title track, to showcase a more mature Kim Sung Kyu, who has evolved from a singer to a singer-songwriter.

SAVIOR] is filled with sweet healing songs in genres that cross over ballads and rock.

The title track 'Savior' is a medIUm-tempo POP ROCK song with a repetitive piano theme and a rich and magnificent guitar and drum sound, and the chorus and outro maximize the emotional line of the song.

The song's devotional lyrics about calling your loved one "Savior" and loving them enough to change everything in your life to their way are impressIVE, and Kim Sunggyu wrote the lyrics himself, incorporating his own delicate emotions.

'I Dare You' was also writTEN by Kim Sunggyu alone,

'My Love Will Be Yours' by K-Pop's Midas Son 153/Joombas team, 'Intro' made for Kim Sunggyu by the members of the so-called 'Kim Sunggyu Band' formed last year, and 'Mist' worked together with Kim Sunggyu.

At the beginning of spring 2022, just as a warm spring will surely come after a cold winter, Kim Sung-kyu will finally create a new genre of music in a warm nest, 'Double H-Tien Yi', after going through a period of lonely and lonely musical worries in a turbulent environment.

We look forward to [SAVIOR] to open the spring of singer-songwriter Kim Sungkyu's future.

* Album Specifications

- Album cover : 150*210*8mm / 1 type (Image differs by version)

- Photo book : 150x210 / 80p / 1 copy (Image varies by version)

- CD-R : 1pc (Image varies by version)

- Handwriting sticker : 100*145mm / 1 insert (Image is the same for each version)

- Special pOST card : 100*145mm / 1 insert (Image varies by version)

- Seal sticker : 38*38mm / Insert 1 random out of 10 types (Same image for each version)

- Photo card : 54*86mm / Insert 1 random type from 4 types (image differs by version)

- Initial Limited POSTer : 770*520 / Random 1 out of 2 types (Same image for each version)


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