LIGHTSUM - Vanilla (Debut Single)
    • LIGHTSUM - Vanilla (Debut Single)

    LIGHTSUM - Vanilla (Debut Single)


    Date: 2021.06.09

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 14

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    LIGHTSUM - Vanilla (Debut Single)


    1. Vanilla

    A special and exhilarating first meeting

    LIGHTSUM Debut Single "Vanilla

    LIGHTSUM, Cube Entertainment's new girl group that will make 2021 even more special, is finally lifting the veil.

    LIGHTSUM is a rookie girl group consisting of eight members: Chowon, Nayoung, and Yoojung, who were loved by viewers through Mnet's Produce 48, and Joohyun, who was praised by the judges for her amazing performances and stage presence on KBS2's The Unit and Dancing High; Sangah, who attracted a lot of attention with her charming visuals; Hina and Huiyun, who have a unique background in ballet and figure; and the youngest member, Jian, who was born in 2006, who made waves as the youngest debut member among current K-pop idols. They attracted attention with their clean and clear profile photos, which were released for the first time before their debut, and through character films introducing the members, they were recognized not only for their performance and singing skills, but also for the freshness of Generation Z, which is full of freedom and individuality, further amplifying expectations for their debut.

    LIGHTSUM, whose name means "bright lights (LIGHT) united as one (SUM)," will delIVEr greater energy through a message of hope so that they can reach everyone in the world.

    The debut single, "Vanilla," is about how the special and exciting vanilla flavor that LIGHTSUM creates becomes a magical gift for an ordinary day. We want to gIVE you the confidence and excitement that you can be anything by coloring your daily routine with a different fantasy. The nervous excitement of starting something new for the first time is expressed with the sweetness of falling in love.

    'Vanilla' is a teen pop dance song that combines the energetic and positive power of LIGHTSUM with the collaboration of composer STEVEN LEE, who composed and arranged the theme song for the international version of the Marvel movie Avengers, 'In Memories', Oh My Girl's 'Secret Garden', and 'I'm a little excited', Swedish singer-songwriter Caroline Gustavsson, who has produced songs for Girls' Generation, AOA, and Girlfriend, and British composer J. Littlewood.

    In particular, the lyrics, 'My eyes cast a spell on your heart sweeter' and 'Everything will come true, it will definitely come true' contain a mysterious feeling that invites the listener to cast a spell and enter a fantasy. The music video depicts the moment when the eight members of Vanilla Village take a leap toward the dreamy stage with fairy tale elements and colorful production. In addition, LIGHTSUM's powerful performance enhances the viewer's immersion in the song.

    LIGHTSUM's "Vanilla" is a special gift that has just arrIVEd.

    LIGHTSUM's "Vanilla" is a special gift that has just arrIVEd, and we hope to see more of the group's future endeavors.

    Composed by STEVEN LEE, Caroline Gustavsson, J. Littlewood

    Lyrics by Yoon Kyung Cho

    Arranged by J. Littlewood, STEVEN LEE

    Background Vocal Joo Hyun, Caroline Gustavsson

    Recorded by Choi Yeji @ Cube Studio

    Mixed by Jongpil Koo (Asst. Jung Yoo-ra) @ KLANG Studio

    Mastered by Kwon Namwoo (Asst. Jang Seungho) @ 821 Sound Mastering

    Original Title Vanilla

    Original Writer STEVEN LEE, Caroline Gustavsson, J. Littlewood

    Original Publisher STUDIO NES, Orio Music, Minda Songs

    Sub-Publisher Essel Music, Soundgraphics Inc. admin by Music Cube Inc.

    * Album Specifications

    - Package: 1종

    - Booklet: 1EA / 108P

    - Profile Book: 1 type / 20P

    - Invitation Card: 1 insert

    - Stamp: Insert 1 random stamp from 2 types

    - Photo Card: Insert 1 random type from 16 types

    - Sticker Set: Insert 1 random sticker from 8 types

    - CD: 1 type inserted

    - Initial Limited POSTer: 1 randomly selected from 2 types

    - Handstamp: 1 type inserted for the first time only


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