LIGHTSUM - Light a Wish (Wish Ver.) (2nd Single)
    • LIGHTSUM - Light a Wish (Wish Ver.) (2nd Single)

    LIGHTSUM - Light a Wish (Wish Ver.) (2nd Single)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2021.10.24

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 14

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    LIGHTSUM - Light a Wish (Wish Ver.) (2nd Single)


    1. VIVACE

    2. You, jam

    3. Popcorn

    'Be careful what you wish for, we'll make it happen ourselves'

    The moment your inner genie awakens, a magical story will unfold

    LIGHTSUM's second single "Light a Wish

    LIGHTSUM, who gave us a 'special and exhilarating first encounter', is back with their second single "Light a Wish" after about four months. The moment you follow the bright light led by LIGHTSUM, a fairytale world unfolds. A place where everything we've ever dreamed of comes true.

    LIGHTSUM first made their debut in June with their debut single "Vanilla," expressing the sweetness of the moment of falling in love with a special and exhilarating vanilla flavor, showing the freshness of Generation Z with their unique personalities. The group recorded the highest initial sales of any new girl group in 2021 with 19,000 units, and the music video for "Vanilla" reached 10 million views within a week of its release. It was ranked No. 8 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart in the U.S., proving their power as the "hot rookie girl group of 2021. With their second single "Light a Wish," the group aims to showcase their COOL and SHINE charm that has been upgraded to their powerful performances and unwavering vocals.

    The second single "Light a Wish" means "to illuminate a wish," which conveys the meaning of an album that will fulfill 'our' wishes, not just 'my' wishes. Following the comeback trailer, which depicts a journey of meeting each other where they follow the light and searching for something different, 'Something', the album features two versions of the concept: 'Light Ver.', which symbolizes a new portrait of the '21st century genie', breaking away from the stereotypical image of the genie in Aladdin's story, and 'Wish Ver.', which captures the lovable nature of the genie before it awakens in natural vintage tones. The two versions of the concept, the sensuous movement of the group of eight people as one, and the colorful and sophisticated visuals of the music video are also points of view for this album.

    The tracklist, which is organized in such a way that the unifying theme of 'light' in its various forms runs through the story, further enhances the completeness of the album. The first track and title track, "VIVACE," which means "fast and lively" in Italian, is a dreamy and mysterious synth blend based on the future bass and house genres. Especially, 'Music from somewhere, the moment I've always been waiting for, the world shining in front of me. VIVACE faster and faster so that this song we made doesn't end', LIGHTSUM's 'positive worldview' is further expanded by the discovery of a 'shining' world. The second track "You, jam" features an addictive melody that seems to be imprinted in your head once you hear it and lyrics that express the curious feelings for the other person in a Gen Z way, and the third track "Popcorn" also highlights LIGHTSUM's unique musical color with a colorful melody line with a teenage atmosphere.

    LIGHTSUM's second single, "Light a Wish," is about growing from a 'wisher' who chants a spell to make a wish come true to a 'realizer' who doesn't wait to make a wish come true, and gaining sparkling realizations through each other. We hope you can follow the story of LIGHTSUM, the '21st century genie', and face your inner genie.

    01. VIVACE

    Composed, Lyrics by Tenzo, WWWAVE (PAPERMAKER)

    Arranged by WWWAVE (PAPERMAKER)

    'Music from somewhere, the moment I've always waited for, a world that shines so brightly in front of me.

    VIVACE faster and faster so that this song we made doesn't end.'

    'VIVACE', which means 'fast and lively', is a song that gives a glimpse of LIGHTSUM's various charms by combining a strong future bass and house genre base with colorful and dreamy synths. In addition, the lyrics, which unfold against the backdrop of a 'white dream' following its predecessor, give a sense of LIGHTSUM's positive worldview.

    02. You, jam

    Composed by glorious faces (Full8loom), truth (Full8loom), yuka (Full8loom)

    Lyrics by 진리 (Full8loom), yuka (Full8loom)

    Arranged by 영광의 얼굴들 (Full8loom), yuka (Full8loom), yuka (Full8loom)

    'What other world will unfold after I solve all the patterns I see for the first time, I wonder, I'm curious, I'm curious.'

    'You, jam' is an electro-punk song with a strong arp-synth, groovy rhythm, and colorful, psychedelic sound that pours in from the beginning of the song, and the colorful melody line and lyrics that express the excitement of curiosity in an honest and quirky way. "We who are bored of being bored. The moment we meet you, something different, we say You, jam!" expresses the emotions of Generation Z through the message.

    03. Popcorn

    Composed by STEVEN LEE, Andreas Stone Johansson, Laurell Barker, Joe Lawrence

    Lyrics by Yoon Kyung Cho

    Arranged by Joe Lawrence, STEVEN LEE

    'Pop pop popping popcorn rather than sweet Lollipop.

    Follow your heart as you're drawn, pop your personality like popcorn'

    'Popcorn' is a collaboration between composer STEVEN LEE, who created LIGHTSUM's debut single 'Vanilla', Canadian singer-songwriter Laurell, British producer Joe Lawrence, and Swedish hitmaker Andreas Johansson, and is a teen dance song that can be felt through the modulation of colorful melody lines over a powerful drumline rhythm with a pleasant cry and energy of "let's boldly reveal our personality popping like popcorn".

    * Album Specifications

    - Album Size : 153mm X 183mm

    - PACKAGE : 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - BOOKLET : 1 type / 90P (Image differs by version)

    - LYRIC PAPER : 1 type / 20P (Image varies by version)

    - CD : 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - INVITATION CARD : 1 type inserted (image varies by version)

    - PHOTO CARD: Insert 1 random type out of 8 types (image varies by version)

    - STICKER: Insert 1 random sticker from 8 types (image varies by version)

    - Initial limited POSTER: 1 free poster (image varies by version)


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