Billlie - the Billage of perception : chapter one (1st Mini Album)
    • Billlie - the Billage of perception : chapter one (1st Mini Album)

    Billlie - the Billage of perception : chapter one (1st Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2021.11.10

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 10


    Billlie - the Billage of perception : chapter one (1st Mini Album)


    1. RING X RING 

    2. flipp!ng a coin


    4. the eleventh day

    5. everybody's got a $ECRET

    6. the rumor

    Billlie the first mini album

    Starting the world view with the title song 'RING X RING'... Foreshadowing a famous song restaurant

    Differentiated planning + overwhelming talent + colorful producers...a complete girl group is born

    Mystic Story's first girl group, Billy, finally takes its first step into the music industry.

    Billy's debut album 'the Billage of perception : chapter one', consisting of Siyoon, Tsuki, Suhyun, Haram, Moonsooah, and Haruna, is a multifaceted album with a unique worldview based on a solid story, as well as music, singing, rap, and perfoRMance through collaboration with top domestic and foreign producers and choreography label One Million Dance Studio.

    As the team's name means, "We will express our B-side, the inner self that everyone has and can relate to," all members of Billy worked hard on the album to create good music that can waRMly touch the hearts of many people. In addition, Moon Soo Ah and Siyoon participated in rap-making from the first album, which is unusual for rookie artists.

    The title track, "RING X RING," which tells the mysterious story of what happened in a village, is the beginning of Billy's worldview and was writTEN by hitmaker duo Lee Min-soo and Kim In-na.

    The album features top producers such as ALEXAnder Karlsson (JeL), Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg, Audi Mok, Anna Timgren, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, K-POP representative writers KZ, Le'mon, and LLANO, and contains songs of various genres that prove Billy's wide musical spectrum.

    With a differentiated plan, unique music, and a unique worldview, BILLY is expected to announce the birth of a 'fourth-generation complete girl group' amidst the hot interest of global fans and music officials.

    01. ring x ring

    Composed & Arranged by Lee Minsoo

    Lyrics by Kim Inna

    The title track of their first mini album 'RING X RING' tells a mysterious story surrounding what happened in a village. We are at the crossroads of whether to stay still in the midst of the incident or curiously jump in to solve it. This song is the beginning of the worldview that will unfold in the future and how each of us will encounter moments of growth in the process.

    The electric guitars, synths, and emo-core rock sound reminiscent of emo-core rock, and the siren that is heard from the beginning of the song will be Billy's signal and the sound that wakes up other Billys in the world.

    02. flipp!ng a coin

    Composed by ALEXAnder Karlsson (JeL), Alexej Viktorovitch (JeL), Bobii Lewis, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg

    Lyrics by LLANO

    Arranged by JeL

    An addictIVE danceable track in a new G-house style with deep & future elements, 'flipp!ng a coin' is an addictIVE track with the message that just like there are no good things and no bad things, there is no right or wrong in your decisions, so you should enjoy the things you choose without looking back.

    The witty lyrics express the dignified way of accepting and enJOYing every aspect and moment as if you simply flip a coin.

    03. FLOWERLD

    Composed by KZ, Kim Tae Young, HOFF

    Lyrics by HOFF, KZ

    Arranged by KZ, TaeYoung Kim

    This song is a song that expresses the expectation of meeting with fans who have been waiting for Billy's debut for a long time even though they haven't met in person yet. In 'FLOWERLD', a world connected by flowers, Billy feels the presence of each other even if they are in different spaces, and cherishes each flower one by one while waiting for the moment to meet.

    The song is a hybrid pop ballad with a beautiful, acoustic piano sound and string melody, featuring an arrangement that gradually builds up like Billy's heart for his fans, and vocals that are filled with excitement and gratitude.

    04. the eleventh day

    Composed by Audi Mok, Tilla Hanna, Ahmad Izham Omar, Zaydro

    Lyrics by Le'mon

    Arranged by Audi Mok, Tilla Hanna, Ahmad Izham Omar, Zaydro

    This track reinterprets the 90's neo-soul style in a billy style and sings about the memory of 11 days of purple Rain, when strange things happened in a village.

    The groovy lo-fi drum beat, DJ scratches, and brass come together with the members' vocals as they follow what they saw, heard, and did in the scattered fragments of time and space, creating a unique and mysterious sound that mixes old and new.

    05. everybody's got a $ECRET

    Composed by C-Young, Anna Timgren

    Lyrics by LLANO

    Arranged by C-Young

    This is Billy's alternatIVE R&B track that combines analog synth-bass with 70's movie music style. Sampling Tchaikovsky's 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy', the secretIVE and mysterious atmosphere is expressed throughout the song, and the acapella in the outro maximizes the completeness of the song.

    Telling the story of the secrets that everyone has, the song once again questions whether what we are accustomed to knowing may not be what it seems, and whether the KEY to unlocking even the deepest and darkest secrets lies in how we treat them.

    06. the rumor

    Composed by Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Ronny Svendsen, NeRMin Harambasic, Bardur Haberg, Samaj Ai Bandeh

    Lyrics by Kim Ina

    Arranged by Bardur Haberg

    Lush Rumors. Suddenly, the town is abuzz with stories of what happened to him. People who knew him and people who didn't know him are talking about him.

    This track is a retro 80's dance pop song with Billy's own style, and the catchy bass riff that runs throughout the song like a rumor that spreads faster and faster, and Billy's vocals that sound like they are actually having a constant conversation, make the lisTENer feel like they are standing in the center of the rumor and overhearing the conversation themselves.

    * Album Specifications

    - Photo Book: 76p

    - Grounded pOSTer: 1 random insert out of 3

    - Illustrated sticker: 1 insert

    - Carrier sticker: 1 insert

    - Student ID: 1 randomly inserted out of 6 types, 1 randomly inserted out of 1,111 limited cards

    (Only 1,111 limited cards will be randomly inserted, so they will not be inserted in the entire supply).

    - Scratch Tickets: 1 randomly inserted out of 3 types

    - Photocard: 2 randomly inserted out of 12 types

    - Component Envelope: 1 inserted

    - Initial Limited POSTer: 1 pOSTer


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