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KISS OF LIFE - 1st Mini Album
  • KISS OF LIFE - 1st Mini Album

KISS OF LIFE - 1st Mini Album

Kakao Entertainment

Date: 2023.07.05

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 23


KISS OF LIFE - 1st Mini Album


1. 쉿 (Shhh) 

2. 안녕,네버랜드

3. Sugarcoat (NATTY Solo)

4. Countdown (BELLE Solo)

5. Kitty Cat (JULIE Solo)

6. Play Love Games (HANEUL Solo)


1st Mini Album "KISS OF LIFE" Released

KISS OF LIFE's first album that talks about 'freedom' and 'true self'!

The first mini album that shows the identity of "KISS OF LIFE" from the team name to the album title.

The birth of "real" artists who perfectly demonstrate individual charm and the sum of their parts.

"Breathe, I'll Let You Breathe"

The group name "KISS OF LIFE" means "artificial respiration" and marks the beginning of a new "life force" of artists. They will breathe new life into the message of freedom and finding your true self.

They will deliver a voice of self-discovery that encourages people to find their own intrinsic values and goals in order to move forward on the path they truly want, rather than trying to conform to the expectations of others or society. This message reawakens the "youth" that lies dormant in everyone's heart.

KISS OF LIFE consists of four members, including Natty, who has already been recognized by the public for her talent, as well as Belle, Julie, and Heaven. They have proven their capabilities through solo content released before their debut, and all members, with the exception of Belle, who has previously worked as a K-Pop music producer, have participated in the writing and composing of the songs on the album, demonstrating their versatility and raising expectations for their debut album.

With six tracks of original music, KISS OF LIFE's debut album will allow the public to get closer to the distinct personalities of the members as well as the identity of a group of real artists. The members' most natural charms are showcased first through their solo songs, and then the harmony of the four members in the group songs gives the audience another layer of enjoyment.

Not only in music, but also in music videos, KISS OF LIFE has tried to diversify the stories and create new ways of directing. The solo music videos, which tell the stories of each member, show them challenging and facing the oppression and trials in our lives that everyone has experienced at one time or another, while the group music videos show the growth process of escaping from difficulties and finding freedom, and all the stories are organically harmonized to show a fresh narrative and production.

KISS OF LIFE represents a freeing journey to find your true self, and through this, it will deliver an important message to the public and breathe new life into the group.

KISS OF LIFE 1st Mini Album [KISS OF LIFE] Track List

01. 쉿 (Shhh) - Title

Composed by Strawberrybananaclub, Rick Bridges, Belle, Natty

Lyrics by Rick Bridges, Strawberrybananaclub, Belle, Julie

Arranged by Strawberrybananaclub

KISS OF LIFE's debut title track "Shhh" introduces the public to the identity of an artist who pursues 'freedom' by showing their natural self without being bound by others. The song is a harmonious blend of hip-hop and dance genres with an impressive chorus, and the members' charms stand out as they express their individuality.

02. Hello, Neverland

Composed by BYMORE, Ondine, Strawberrybananaclub, Julie, Haneul

Lyrics by Ondine, BYMORE, Strawberrybananaclub, Julie, Julie

Arranged by Strawberrybananaclub, BYMORE, Ondine, Julie, Haneul

'Goodbye, Neverland' is a pop and rock song with a fairytale melody and intense sound. The song, which symbolizes both a welcome 'goodbye' to our own 'Neverland' and a 'goodbye' that we can never return to, shows the process of becoming a full-fledged adult by leaving a place that was once everything but remained painful and wanted to forget, and dreaming of a new beginning in a strange place.

03. Sugarcoat (NATTY Solo)

Composed by Uzoechi Emenike, Chloe Martini

Lyrics by Cho Yoon Kyung

Arranged by Chloe Martini

Member NATTY's solo song "Sugarcoat" is an R&B genre with an impressive harmony of sensual beats and synths, and is likened to "Sugarcoat" (sugar wrapping, candy rolling), which is about finding your true self by boldly shedding your outer appearance created by others' gaze and judgment. It is a sensual song where you can appreciate both NATTY's rich bass and fluid high notes.

04. Countdown (BELLE Solo)

Composed by Royal Dive, Belle

Lyrics by Gemma, Belle

Arranged by Royal Dive

Featuring an intense but warm energy created by pop and rock together, member Belle's solo song "Countdown" signifies the countdown to a new beginning, leaving the hard days behind. Bell's voice sounds clearer through the concise composition, and the rich emotion conveyed by the lyrical melody is an impressive song that instantly captivates the listener.

05. Kitty Cat (JULIE Solo)

Composed by JaeH

Lyrics by Park Sunghee, Tsai Lin(153/Joombas), Mok Jimin(La La La La Studio), JaeH

Arranged by JaeH

Member Julie's solo song "Kitty Cat" is a hip-hop-based pop genre song that is harmoniously composed of vocals and rap, flow and expression. It shows contrast and ambivalence through the figure of a cute but somewhat dangerous and sharp cat. The lyrics seem to be right in front of your eyes, immersing you in Julie's unique personality and three-dimensional charm.

06. Play Love Games (HANEUL Solo)

Composed by Skylar Mones, Hollyn Shadinger, Alna Hofmeyr

Lyrics by 문설리

Arranged by Skylar Mones

HANEUL's solo song "Play Love Games" is a dance pop genre with a clear composition and catchy sound, and you can enjoy the various expressions and voices of HANEUL, who looks a bit wacky but is full of life. With funny expressions that seem to be shouting at us, it's like watching a musical movie, further enhancing HaNeul's spunky and adorable charm.

* Album Specifications

- Booklet: 210mm * 297mm / 204p / 1 type

- Alphabet: 1 type

- Photocard : 55mm * 85mm / Glossy coating / Insert 2 random out of 12 types

- Ripcard (Postcard) : 100mm * 150mm / Insert 1 random from 4 types


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