• JEON SOMI - GAME PLAN (PHOTOBOOK Version) (EP Album)


    YG Plus

    Date: 2023.08.16

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 16




    1. 금금금

    2. Fast Forward

    3. 개별로

    4. 자두

    5. The Way

    Jeon Somi EP ALBUM [GAME PLAN]

    Irreplaceable female solo artist Jeon So-mi has visited the public with her EP ALBUM [GAME PLAN].

    This album, which contains an unstoppable message and iconic sound, consists of a total of 5 tracks, and shows a more confident and honest sound. Starting with 'Kum Kum Kum', a self-composed song in the powerful hip-hop genre, the title song 'Fast Forward', which combines the energetic deep house genre with strong performance, the attractive synth pop 'The Way', and 'Plum', which will continue the lineage of Jeon So-mi's R&B, You can experience various and stylish sounds, including ‘Individual’, in this album.

    Following her last EP ALBUM [XOXO], this album will also include various self-composed songs and showcase her further developed capabilities as a singer-songwriter. In addition to her, the participation of her producers TEDDY, 24, R.Tee, etc. further enhances her unique musical presence and adds strength to shine.

    Her EP ALBUM [GAME PLAN] contains her thoughts and wishes about love and relationships that do not go as planned in life. Her positive power to turn any unavoidable moment in her life into an opportunity will make her shine even brighter and at the same time have an energetic impact on many of her public. We hope that Jeon Somi will captivate many people with her gorgeous music, confident message, extraordinary performance, and overwhelming scale.

    1. Gold, gold, gold

    Lyrics by Jeon Somi, TEDDY, Danny Chung

    Composed by Jeon Somi, Dominsuk, 24

    Arranged by 24, Dominsuk

    It is a song with a harmonious combination of a trendy beat and a melodic bridge, comparing artist Jeon So-mi's overflowing confidence to gold and silver treasure. Her response to the sharp eyes looking at her was captured with unique rapping and a lively sound.

    2. Fast Forward *Title

    Lyrics by TEDDY, Jeon Somi, Bekuh BOOM, Vince

    Composed by TEDDY, Vince, R.Tee, Bekuh BOOM

    Arranged by R.Tee, Vince, TEDDY

    It is a song of the deep house genre with impressive organic and minimal bass sounds, and refreshing instruments are added to make the summer cool. With a soaring pre-chorus and an energetic hook as the main point, the song captures her desire to meet her true love. Jeon So-mi's honest and unconcealed way of sending messages to someone in the future continues Jeon So-mi's color as a generation icon.

    3. Individually

    Lyrics by Jeon Somi, TEDDY

    Composed by Jeon Somi, TEDDY, 24, Dominsuk, JUNIORCHEF, VVN

    Arranged by 24, Dominsuk, JUNIORCHEF

    It is a self-composed song whose point is the straightforward lyrics that contrast with the ambiguous title. The beat that reverses after the drop sound and the dynamic composition fully captures her unique personality, and the rapping that comes with her whistling sound adds to the fun of the song.

    4. Plums

    Lyrics by Jeon Somi

    Composed by Jeon Somi, 24, Dominsuk

    Arranged by 24, Dominsuk

    It is an R&B track that harmoniously combines an emotional melody line and acoustic rhythm, and is a song that expresses difficult feelings about love by comparing them to plum-flavored candy. The synesthetic lyrics and careful metaphors provide not only auditory but also visual elements, maximizing the song's lyricism. In addition, Jeon Somi's unique voice allows you to feel a soft and lovely mood.

    5.The Way

    Lyrics by Chloe George, Steph Jones

    Composed by Chloe George, Steph Jones, Sir Nolan, IDO

    Arranged by IDO, TEDDY

    This retro synth-pop genre song depicts regrets about the past and a promise for the new future. The fascinating tone combined with the mysterious synthesizer sound increases the sense of immersion in the song.

    [Album specifications]

    - Total 2 types (Red / Black Ver.)

    - Component design and image are different for each type

    - PACKAGE BOX: 153x215x27mm / 2 Version / 1ea

    - PHOTOBOOK: 148x210x7.5mm / 72p / 2 Version / 1ea

    - CD-R: 2 Version / 1ea

    - ENVELOPE & ZIGSAW PUZZLE : 2 Version / 1ea

    -ENVELOPE: 120x150mm

    - JIGSAW PUZZLE : 99pcs / 102x153mm

    - PAPER POKER CHIP: 148x170mm / 2 Version / 1ea

    - HOLOGRAM STICKER / 148x210mm / 2 Version / 1ea

    - CHARACTER CARD: 63x88mm / 2 Version / 1ea

    - SELFIE PHOTOCARD: 55x85mm / Random 2 of 6ea, Special Card Included

    - POSTER: 520x770mm / 2 Version / 1ea


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