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Kep1er - FIRST IMPACT (1st Mini Album)
  • Kep1er - FIRST IMPACT (1st Mini Album)

Kep1er - FIRST IMPACT (1st Mini Album)

Label: Stone Music Entertainment

Release Date: 2022.01.03

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 17

Option: NO Poster

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Kep1er - FIRST IMPACT (1st Mini Album)

Connect o, Connect - , Connect 1 Version Random


1. See The Light



4. Shine (Kep1er ver.)

5. Another Dream (Kep1er ver.)

6. O.O.O (Over&Over&Over) (Kep1er Ver.)

Global fan-made group 'Kep1er' releases debut album 'FIRST IMPACT'!

'Catch your eye! Catch your mind!" to capture the hearts of global fans!

The 4th generation super rookie 'Kep1er' will release their first mini album 'FIRST IMPACT' on January 3, 2022.

Kep1er is a group composed of the TOP9 members selected through Mnet's "Girls Planet 999: Girls' Battle" in 2021. The program, which featured girls from three countries, Korea, China, and Japan, attracted fans from 175 countries around the world to participate in global voting,

and accumulated a total of 129.7 million votes during the airtime. The related YouTube videos have also accumulated more than 460 million views, and the final episode has been trending on Twitter globally, proving that the group is the fourth generation of super rookies created by global fans.

"Kep1er" combines the word "Kep," which means "catching a dream," and the number "1," which means that the nine girls will come together as one to become the best, and reflects the girls' ambition to "catch their dreams, fulfill their dreams, and become the best global girl group.

It also reflects the girls' deterMINAtion to continue to grow and challenge themselves to meet the expectations of their global fans.

The worldview of "Kep1er" is also eye-catching... There are two suns that coexist on the planet where the girls lIVE on their adventures to pursue their dreams. They represent the girls' dreams and the fans' love, respectIVEly.

With these two suns as their driving force, the girls explore the unknown and actIVEly set out for a new world. Wherever they are, they can turn into a Kep1er.

Their debut album 'FIRST IMPACT' consists of 6 songs that showcase the vast world of 'Kep1er' and the colorful charm of the girls.

'WA DA DA', the title track with energetic and lovely chaRM, and 'MVSK', a sophisticated and stylish coupling song,

and "See The Light," an intro song with an intriguing dreamy atmosphere, were produced by K-Pop's leading composers Prism Filter, e.one, and Park Woo-sang, respectIVEly, to support and empower the super rookie "Kep1er" in her first start.

In addition, "Girls Planet 999: Girls' War" also featured the signal song "O.O.O (Over&Over&Over)," which was much talked about with the killer part of "It's me!" and the

'Shine', a dance song with a bubbly and chubby charm that was loved by many as a final mission song, and 'Another Dream', a ballad song that fans responded to with its lyrical melody and emotional line, have been re-recorded in the 'Kep1er' version and will be available again on the album.

Along with the high-quality music, their spectacular perfoRMances are also enough to fulfill the expectations of global fans.

Korea's top K-Pop performance makers Jang Joo-hee and Baek Goo-young, who served as dance masters for the members of 'Kep1er', and choreographer Freemind Chadasom, a choreographer of a multi-member girl group, are participating in the 'Kep1er' 1st mini album as co-recordographers, raising expectations even more.

Nine girls united through the choice of global fans. The adventure story of 'Kep1er', where dreams become reality, begins now.

**Album specifications and conTENts (images differ for each version)** 1.

- Photo book72p

- Photocard: 2 random cards (out of 18)

- POSTcard: 1 random pOSTcard (out of 9)

- Sticker: 1 sheet included

Limited time offer

- Baby Card: 1 random card (out of 9) (*Common to all versions*)

- POSTer: 1 random pOSTer (out of 9 individual member & 3 group pOSTers) (12 total)

- Random 225 Polaroids autographed by the members

(*Not included in all products*)


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