JISOO - ME (RED Version) (1st Single Album)
    • JISOO - ME (RED Version) (1st Single Album)

    JISOO - ME (RED Version) (1st Single Album)

    Label: YG Plus

    Release Date: 2023.04.03

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs :1

    Weight: 20

    Option: NO Poster

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    JISOO - ME (RED Version) (1st Single Album)


    1. 꽃(FLOWER)

    2. All Eyes On Me

    3. 꽃(FLOWER) (Inst.)

    4. All Eyes On Me (Inst.)

    This spring, Jisoo will finally return with her first solo album. As the final installment of BLACKPINK's solo project, it has been eagerly awaited by music fans around the world.

    The album is called "ME," which fully reflects JISOO's confidence as a solo artist. It is expected to capture everyone's hearts with a new charm that is different from what she has shown so far.

    We are looking forward to seeing what new capabilities and possibilities JISOO, an 'all-rounder' who has established himself as a global artist, will show with this album.

    JISOO FIRST SINGLE ALBUM [ME] will be released in two variants, Red Ver. and Black Ver. and will include a package box designed by JISOO himself, a photo book, lyrics, a random Polaroid, and a random poster and a random selfie photo card, which will be available for the first time only, to increase the collectible value.

    1. 꽃(FLOWER)


    Composition24 VVN KUSH

    Arranged by24

    'FLOWER' is an addictive dance song with a unique sounding bass and minimalistic arrangement. The lyrical lyrics and beautiful melody line are harmoniously combined with JISOO's charming vocals.

    2. All Eyes On Me

    LyricistTEDDY VINCE

    Composed byTEDDY R.TEE 24 VVN

    Arranged byR.TEE 24

    'All Eyes On Me' is a song featuring JISOO's cool vocal performance with real guitar and bass, an upbeat drum sound, and a deadly lead line, and it shows off her solo abilities.

    [Product Details]

    SIZE: 250*160*21

    CONTENTS: Package Box + CD + Photo Book (88p) + Random Selfie Photo Card (1 of 4) + Random Polaroid (1 of 4) + Lyrics + Bookmark (1ea) + Limited Double-sided Poster + Limited Random Selfie Photo Card (1 of 4)

    English) PACKAGE BOX + CD + PHOTOBOOK (88p) + RANDOM SELFIE PHOTOCARD (1 of 4) + RANDOM POLAROID (1 of 4) + LYRICS PAPER + BOOKMARK (1ea) + RANDOM SELFIE PHOTOCARD (1 of 4 / First Edition Only) + DOUBLE-SIDED POSTER (1ea / First Edition Only)

    -Red Ver. / Black Ver. component images for each version are all different.

    Double-Sided POSTer will be provided 1:1 separately for the first production quantity only.

    -CONFiguration is subject to some changes during production.


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