IVE - After Like (Photo Book Version) (3rd Single Album)
    • IVE - After Like (Photo Book Version) (3rd Single Album)

    IVE - After Like (Photo Book Version) (3rd Single Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2022.08.23

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 10


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    IVE - After Like (Photo Book Version) (3rd Single Album)

    Version 1, 2, 3 Random


    1. After LIKE

    2. My Satisfaction


    - "What's next for 'LIKE'?" 'Generation Z' IVE's bold way of love!

    - 'Global Super Rookie', K-pop's RepresentatIVE Girl Group Presence Proven by Results

    - The 'best moment' to be colored by the 'six colors' of I.V.

    IVE, a girl group that has been at the center of K-pop worldwide with only two albums, is heralding a new era.

    Since their debut, IVE, who won the title of 'representatIVE girl group of the fourth generation,' has built a solid fan base by emphasizing their unique group identity and team colors, breaking away from the stereotypical worldview of the existing K-pop scene.

    With the resultant cONFidence in their differentiation, I.V.'s third syndrome begins.

    The group released "LOVE DIVE" in April, which sold over 700,000 copies in total, ranked in the top 50 on the global Spotify Global Chart, and topped Mellon's June monthly chart. Furthermore, even after the end of the activity, the group continued their streak of music broadcasting No. 1s, winning 10 awards. The same goes for their debut song. "ELEVEN" won 13 music broadcasting titles and over 140 million views on YouTube. With successIVE successes in domestic and international performance, topicality, and popularity, expectations for the new song are high. IVE, who has been hot from the beginning, paints the best moments with colorful colors.

    "What's next after 'LIKE'?" After LIKE? IVE's love for 'Generation Z'

    Once again, IVE orders a confident attitude of love based on 'self-love'. 'After LIKE' is a song that sings about a specific way to love, saying, "I'll show you my colorful charms, so now show me with your actions, not your heart." The song goes well with the refreshing vibe, and it is especially impressIVE that various genres such as EDM, pop, and house are mixed together based on the kick rhythm to create a colorful atmosphere. The song also has strong lyrics such as "Don't you dare doubt the feelings I just said / It's not just that I like it / What's after 'LIKE'?

    Especially as it is an extension of "LOVE DIVE," which conveys the message that if you have the courage to love, you should always take the plunge, it is enough to make you feel different from the emotions shown in the previous music. Produced by K-pop hitmaker Ryan Jeon and lyricist Seo Ji Eum, the song conveys the bold message of Generation Z, and is completed by IVE member Ray. Another track, "My Satisfaction," is a majestic song with a heavy beat, exuding IVE's elegance and intense energy.

    Confident and free are two keywords that describe IVE, and she's ready to change the K-pop landscape once again. After "ELEVEN," which emphasized the best combination, "LOVE DIVE," which showed the six members' visuals and confident attitudes, and "After LIKE," which was full of colorful charm, it was time to prove their presence once again. IVE, who was perfect from the beginning, confidently announces a new era.

    * Album Specifications

    - PHOTO BOOK : 145mm * 205mm / 96p (Image differs by version)

    - CD-R: 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - PHOTOCARD : 55mm * 85mm / Random 1 insert from 6 types (Image varies by version)

    - POST CARD : 100mm * 150mm / Randomly insert 1 of 6 types (Image is the same for each version)

    * pre-order benefit

    - Initially limited CIRCLE CARD : 80mm * 80mm / Insert 1 random type from 6 types (Image is the same for each version)

    - Initially limited FOLDED POSTER : 520mm * 380mm / Insert 1 type (image differs by version)


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