EVERGLOW - ZOMBIE (5th Single)
    • EVERGLOW - ZOMBIE (5th Single)

    EVERGLOW - ZOMBIE (5th Single)

    Label: Stone Music Entertainment

    Release Date: June 11, 2024

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 11


    EVERGLOW - ZOMBIE (5th Single)


    1. ZOMBIE 

    2. Colourz

    3. BACK 2 LUV

    love me, but leave me

    EVERGLOW's unconventional love song that blossomed hatred in the place where love left

    EVERGLOW, who attracted the attention of many global fans last year with their fourth single album "ALL MY GIRLS," which was released in a year and eight months, as well as tours in Korea, the U.S., Europe, and Japan, will release their new album "ZOMBIE" in about nine months.

    EVERGLOW's fifth single album, "ZOMBIE," is an album that emphasizes EVERGLOW's delicate emotional expression and relaxation, and it contains the true essence of EVERGLOW, who has been transforming every album. The title track, "ZOMBIE," pioneered the genre of suspenseful love songs that only EVERGLOW can digest, with 'love' and 'hate' as the main keywords. Through the songs "Colourz" and "BACK 2 LUV," EVERGLOW's unique charm was showcased in a more confident and relaxed manner, and the album captured EVERGLOW's growth in every aspect, including vocals, performance, and conceptual ability.

    Like a flame dancing alone in the darkness, EVERGLOW will sing delicate and intense emotions like a flower that blooms even though it knows it will be destroyed.


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    - POSTCARD / 100*150 mm, 2 ver. Random 1ea out of 6

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    - HAND-DRAWING STICKER / 100*150 mm, 2 ver. 1ea

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