A.C.E - My Girl: “My Choice” (POCA ALBM) (6th Mini Album)
    • A.C.E - My Girl: “My Choice” (POCA ALBM) (6th Mini Album)

    A.C.E - My Girl: “My Choice” (POCA ALBM) (6th Mini Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2024.02.23

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    A.C.E - My Girl: “My Choice” (POCA ALBM) (6th Mini Album)


    1. Effortless

    2. My Girl 

    3. Angel

    4. Facetime

    5. Effortless (Eng ver.)

    6. My Girl (Eng ver.)

    7. Angel (Eng ver.)

    - ACE Releases Sixth Mini Album

    - Title track 'My Girl'

    - A listening album showcasing four vocalists

    ACE (A.C.E) will release their sixth mini album "My Girl : "My Choice"" on February 22nd.

    A.C.E (Park Joonhee, Lee Donghoon, Wow, and Kim Byungkwan) signaled their return to the scene in the fall of 2023 by releasing their singles "Effortless" and "Angel" one after the other. This is their sixth mini-album after serving in the military, and they have returned to their fans with deeper music and storytelling after about two and a half years.

    The album is a deep reflection on the 'reason for existence' and the concept of Conatus, which means the essence and core power of all beings, in a love story, and is presented in Ace's unique relaxing music.

    It can be considered more of a listening album that the public can comfortably listen to with its soft music and wide range of vocals. It is not the intense performance that Ace has shown so far, but it also draws attention to Ace's mature performance, which is colorful and softly embroidered in medium-tempo music.

    The title track, "My Girl," like the pre-release songs "Effortless" and "Angel," is available in English as well as Korean for both domestic and global fans.

    * Album Specifications

    - Sleeve: 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - CD-R: 115x115mm / 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - Photo book: 180x250mm / 1 type, 120p (some images vary by version)

    - Paper Doll : 115x230mm / 4 inserts (Image varies by version)

    - Minigame : 119x168mm / 1 insert (Image varies by version)

    - Sticker : 90x130mm / 1 type included (Image varies by version)

    - Necrophoto: 100x150mm / Insert 1 random out of 4 types (Image varies by version)

    - Photo Card: 55x85mm / Insert 2 random types from 14 types (image varies by version)

    - Initial Limited Message Postcard : 100x150mm / 1 type inserted (image varies by version) -> 100x150mm / 1 random type inserted from 3 types (image is the same for each version)

    - Initial Limited Poster : 297x420mm / 1 randomized poster out of 3 (image is the same for each version)

    (Posters will be distributed according to the initial quantity, but may not be 1:1 depending on the situation.)

    * Sizes and configurations are subject to change depending on the production company's circumstances.


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