ICHILLIN' - Feelin' Hot (POCA Version) (3rd Mini Album)
    • ICHILLIN' - Feelin' Hot (POCA Version) (3rd Mini Album)

    ICHILLIN' - Feelin' Hot (POCA Version) (3rd Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.03.08

    Weight: 3


    ICHILLIN' - Feelin' Hot (POCA Version) (3rd Mini Album)


    1. BITE ME

    2. DEMIGOD

    3. ON MY LIPS 

    4. La Luna (달의 아이) 2024 Ver.

    5. ON MY LIPS (Inst.)

    ICHILLIN' 3RD MINI ALBUM [Feelin' Hot] (POCA ver.)

    ICHILLIN', 3RD MINI ALBUM [Feelin' Hot] released.

    Pre-release song 'BITE ME' → Pre-release song 'DEMIGOD' → Title track 'ON MY LIPS'.

    'Little by little my attitude changes, together we have zero fear I'm always defensIVE, but sometimes I'm also a door lock'

    Have you ever thought about what is the 'Hot Sauce' that makes you [Feelin' Hot] in the busy and boring modern society?

    This 3rd MINI ALBUM [Feelin' Hot] is a curated album of ICHILLIN''s different charms, including 'BITE ME' in the dance house genre, 'DEMIGOD' in the hip-hop genre, and 'La Luna (Moon Child) 2024 Ver.', which was reborn in the year 2024, and contains ICHILLIN''s heart to be an exhilarating stimulus for listeners' free daily life.

    'I'll go anywhere as long as you're by my side'

    I want every moment we spend together to be meaningful. It sings about how much wider the world of ICHILLIN' will be when we are together. If the previous albums have shown listeners the pride that comes from ICHILLIN''s unwavering ability, this album conveys the hope that listeners will accompany ICHILLIN' on the rest of their journey.

    01. BITE ME

    'BITE ME' is a dance house genre song with a dynamic song development and a chorus reversal consisting of drops, and tells the story of ICHILLIN's story of becoming more solid and shiny before the world.


    Composed by WWWAVE (PAPERMAKER), C'SA

    Arranged by WWWAVE (PAPERMAKER)

    Chorus by C'SA

    Piano by ROSIE

    Synthesizer by HAIM

    Recorded by 정우영 @Doobdoob STUDIO

    Mixed by Bongwon Shin @Glab Studios

    Mastered by Kwon Namwoo @821 Sound Mastering

    02. DEMIGOD

    'DEMIGOD' is a hip-hop genre song with a strong drum beat and a heavy bass hip-hop sound as its mainstay, and it shows a new side of ICHILLIN' that ICHILLIN' has never shown before with confident lyrics that reflect ICHILLIN''s self.

    Lyrics by MinorMilo, HotSauce, Jackie(ICHILLIN')

    Composed by HotSauce, Awrii (THE HUB), Sol

    Arranged by HotSauce

    Computer Programming by HotSauce

    All Instrumental by HotSauce

    Background Vocals by Perrie

    Vocal edited by HotSauce

    Recorded by Min Sung Hwan @THE VIBE STUDIO

    Mixed by 이태섭 @JYPE Studios

    Mastered by Kwon Namwoo @821 Sound Mastering

    Published by JYP Publishing (KOMCA), KREATION Music Rights Co., Ltd.

    03. on my lips

    The title track 'ON MY LIPS' is an energetic and sophisticated dance song that harmoniously combines bright synth sounds, energetic drum sounds reminiscent of the 2000s, and vibrant horn sounds. With lyrics full of boldness and charisma, the song conveys Aichilin's confidence and bright energy, and is sure to be an exhilarating stimulus for lisTENers who crave the freedom and fun of everyday life.

    Korean Lyrics by Choi Ja of DynamicDuo

    Composed by Alina Smith (LYRE), Annalise Morelli (LYRE) Gino Barletta, Scott Bruzenak

    Arranged by Noisecastle III, LYRE

    Directed by Perrie, Jeeyoon Lee

    Background Vocals by ICHILLIN', Perrie

    Recorded by Kim Minseok @salpotstudios 살폿스튜디오

    Digital Edited by Kim, Minseok @salpotstudios 살폿스튜디오

    Mixed by Min Sung Hwan @THE VIBE STUDIO

    Mastered by Kwon Namwoo @ 821 Sound Mastering

    04. La Luna (달의 아이) 2024 Ver.

    'La Luna (Moon's Child) 2024 Ver' is a powerful track with a dreamy and sophisticated melody and the powerful but refreshing voices of the members. The song expresses the aura of the moonlight, which is the only light in the dark night, and the members express their confident attitude that they will inevitably be drawn to Aichilin in the lyrics, such as 'Somehow you'll be drawn to me,' 'I can see it everywhere, Aura It's mine,' and 'Spotlight is only for me,' and it opens the year 2024, which will show the colorful colors of Aichilin. (Aries ScorpIUs Gemini Capricornus Virgo Leo)

    Lyrics by 노는어린이(high seAson), 혜지

    Composed by AVENUE 52, JJean

    Arranged by AVENUE 52

    Recorded by Jang Woo-young @doob doob Studio, 노는어린이, Lim Ki-beom, Choi Woong-jin @high seAson

    Mixed by 노는어린이 @high seAson

    Mastered by Kwon Namwoo @ 821 Sound Mastering

    * Album Specifications

    - Photo STANd Package + Sleeve : 85x130 mm / 1 piece

    - QR Card : 55x85mm / Insert 1 random out of 7 types

    - PHOTOCARD : 55x85mm / Insert 2 random out of 14 types

    - Sticker : 70x90mm / 2 types inserted

    - User Guide : 55x85mm / 1 type


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