woo!ah! - Pit-a-Pat (4th Single Album)
    • woo!ah! - Pit-a-Pat (4th Single Album)

    woo!ah! - Pit-a-Pat (4th Single Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2022.11.17.

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs :1

    Weight: 16

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    woo!ah! - Pit-a-Pat (4th Single Album)


    1. Rollercoaster


    - woo!ah! (woo!) sings "Pit-a-Pat," the emotion of 'excitement'

    - 'Generation Z icon' woo!ah! (우아!) presents a 'kitschy teen' concept, aiming for the emotions of MZ generation!

    - Full of exhilarating and free feeling, as if riding a roller coaster! Title song 'Rollercoaster'

    woo!ah! (우아!) 4th Single Album [Pit-a-Pat]

    The bold and charming girl group woo!ah! (우아!) will make the hearts of the public beat once again this November.

    After making a comeback in June with their album "JOY," which captured the pure emotion of 'joy,' woo! (우아!) successfully concluded their first mini-album promotion with the title track "Danger," breaking their own record for the first time and garnering 10 million views for their music video. After returning with their 4th single album "Pit-a-Pat" in about 5 months, woo!ah! (우아!) aims to showcase their new charm through their unique 'kitsch teen' concept.

    The excitement and excitement of 'two hands clasped tightly'

    The title of the album, "Pit-a-Pat," means "heart pounding. Through the album, we wanted to capture various 'pit-a-pat' moments that can be felt in everyday life, and at the same time, we wanted to capture the excitement and excitement that woo!ah! (우아!) and the adrenaline-like charm that woo!ah! exudes. The title track "Rollercoaster" musically depicts the emotions of love that bounce up and down like when riding a roller coaster. On the one hand, just like a roller coaster rising to the top, WOO!AH! (우아!)'s hard work and passion to appear at their best in front of the public, and the excitement of their hands finally touching with woo!ah!'s, you can indirectly feel the love of woo!ah! for their fans through 'Rollercoaster'. The song "LOVE THING" is also a song that creates a gentle ripple in the heart, reflecting UA!'s sincere love for Wow! who is always there for them.

    [With "Pit-a-Pat," you can't help but love the charming woo!ah! (우아!), a bright and positive energy that will make your heart skip a beat.

    [Track List]

    01. Rollercoaster

    Lyrics by Machi (MRCH)

    Composed by Lee U Min "collpasedone", David Anthony Eames

    Arranged by Lee U Min "collpasedone"

    'Rollercoaster' is a song with a funky bass synth riff that compares it to a rollercoaster, and uses the excitement and excitement as an excuse to confess your true feelings with woo!ah! (우아!)'s unique energetic personality and refreshing charm.

    02. love thing

    Lyrics by HiddenSound (HSND), HANGANG (HSND), WWW, NANO (나노), MUZI

    Composed by 히든사운드 (HSND), 한강 (HSND), WWW, NANO (나노), MUZI

    Arranged by 히든사운드 (HSND), 한강 (HSND), WWW, NANO (나노), MUZI

    'LOVE THING' is a medium-tempo song with a dreamy EP sound and a groovy rhythm, featuring the members' delicate vocals that sound like whispering. Through the lyrics 'Can you look at the same place with your feet', the members convey their excitement and innocence to their fans who will continue to be with them.

    [Album Specifications]

    -Total 2 types : Pitter ver. / Patter ver.

    -Photo book: 1 type / 223*294mm / 80p (image differs by version)

    -Component envelope: 1 type / 155*215mm (image varies by version)

    -CD: 1 type (Image varies by version)

    -Postcard: 1 of 5 randomly inserted / 100*150mm (Image varies by version)

    -Sticker: 1 type / 150*100mm (Image varies by version)

    -Ground poster: 1 out of 5 randomly inserted / 410*290mm (image varies by version)

    -Photo card: 2 out of 10 randomly inserted / 55*85mm (image varies by version)

    -Limited edition poster: 1 poster / 594*420mm (image varies by version)


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