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Label: Stone Music Ent.

Release Date: 2020.10

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 14




1. G.B.T.B.


3. Hold me tight

4. Get Outta My Way

5. 소중력

6. Thank you, NEXT? (CD Only)

FACE US, the third episodic album in VERIVERY's 'FACE it' series

The third installment of VERIVERY's 'FACE it' series in 2020, [FACE US], a story about the new world that 'we' are creating through the connection between 'I' and 'you', is here.

FACE US, the story of a square, the hope of 'we' [FACE US]

The countless attempts and reckless connections made to face the 'I' and 'you' who feel marginalized in the midst of constant communication have finally reached the hope of 'we'. The world reconstructed in VERIVERY's own way is a world without pretense, alienation, or disconnection, where everyone's identity is clearly alIVE, and through solid connection and understanding, we have finally arrIVEd at the square created by creatIVE destruction.

As this album [FACE US] is the third episode of the 'FACE it' series, it will showcase VERIVERY's unique music and complete performance. In line with the message of 'a new world of our own', VERIVERY will show changes in various aspects such as music, choreography, and style, and will attract everyone's attention.

'Go beyond the barrier' Further musical growth and powerful and sophisticated choreography

The lyrics of "Go beyond the barrier" in the title track "G.B.T.B." reflect VERIVERY's ambition to move forward into a new world by overcoming barriers, and the powerful choreography that intuitIVEly expresses this has been completed with more sophisticated sword movements. In particular, the choreography that is tailored to the pace of the song and the organic connection of the members will raise the status of VERIVERY's already proven performance.

The jacket and music video convey 'global reach' through technology in a disconnected society

[The jacket and music video for "FACE US" stimulate the fIVE senses by sensually expressing the story of "the hope and square that we are.

The jacket emphasizes the charm of each member to show the arrival of a new world (the square) created by various selves. The album's message of 'moving forward' is intuitively expressed through the medIUm of light beams (lasers), and objects that can express 'space' are used to convey the meaning of 'moving on to a new world'. In particular, the intense concept of the military look combined with tech wear and the comfortable and bright denim look maximized the reversed image of VERIVERY to enhance its appeal.

The music video conveys the message of 'togetherness' through the strong connection and understanding of the members of the world without pretense, alienation, or disconnection. The main set, a circular space, maximizes the image of sound expanding through the space and uses technological elements such as satellites and server rooms to express that VERIVERY's message is delIVEred to the entire world. In particular, VERIVERY's more intense performances expanded the scale of the music video and reinforced the power of the message the members wanted to convey.

As such, "FACE US," the third installment of the "FACE it" series, is a continuation of the previous albums "FACE ME" and "FACE YOU," and will represent and comfort the youth who feel marginalized and disconnected, and instill the bond of always being together.

DIY conTENt that is perfected through independent endeavors

VERIVERY's signature 'DIY content' is back with a higher level of completeness and actIVE participation from members. ["FACE US" will be the most complete DIY content in the "FACE it" series.

In this DIY album, the theme is 'The good world I think', and it shows the process of deep inner growth through repeatedly thinking about the reason for living in a lonely reality and feeling good from small things. The props and background colors featured in the jacket image were chosen by the members themselves, reflecting their own tastes and personalities, making this the mOST exciting album yet for VERRER.

The upcoming DIY music video for "G.B.T.B." is a completely different concept from the title track's music video, which is raising expectations. It will capture an in-depth story about VERIVERY as an artist and the confusion and overcoming process that VERIVERY faces as a youth. The DIY music video was directed, filmed, and edited by member Minchan himself, and will also feature the members' performances.

1. G.B.T.B.

The title track "G.B.T.B." is an electro-trap song with a three-dimensional 808 kick bass and brass sound, and it aims to convey the third message of the "Face it" series in a more bold and dynamic way with shout-outs that never get boring.

It strongly conveys the hopeful message that you, me, and we, who are connected after facing ourselves, can overcome any obstacles together and eventually have a new beginning.

Lyrics by Cho Yoon Kyung, Cho Soo Jin, Kim Hye Jung

Composed by Davey Nate, Strong Yong

Arranged by Strong Dragon

KeyBoArd & Synthesizer Strong Dragon

Chorus 1Take

Vocal Directed by 1Take, 강한용

Digital Editing by 허은숙

Mixed by 구종필 @ KLANG STUDIO

Engineered for Mix Kang Sunyoung


This song is characterized by its addictIVE sound and a unique development that keeps pouring out as you pay attention to the whispered chorus.

Lyrics by Cho Yoon Kyung

Composed by Iain James, Karen Poole, Sonny J Mason Osuji, Ryan Jeon

Arranged by Sonny J Mason

Original Publishers BMG Rights Management for Iain James, EKKO Music Rights for Karen Poole, Copyright Control for Sonny J Mason Osuji, Marcan Entertainment for Ryan S. Jhun

Sub Publisher Fujipacific Music Korea Inc., EKKO Music Rights for Karen Poole, Copyright Control for Sonny J Mason Osuji, Musikade for Ryan S. Jhun

Chorus 1Take

Vocal Directed by 1Take

Digital Editing by 1Take

Mixed by 박근상 (Asst. Tak Hyun Gwan) @ Jelly Sound

3. Hold me tight

This song expresses the pleasant excitement of meeting you in the dim darkness and walking in the sky. The sensual sound and fluid melody maximize the freshness of the song.

Lyrics by Cho Yoon Kyung

Composed by Christian Fast, Jimmy Claeson, The Proof

Arranged by The Proof


Sub Publisher ICONIC SOUNDS, Sony ATV Music Publishing Korea, BEYOND LOVE

Chorus 1Take

Vocal Directed by 희창

Digital Editing by 박근상 @ Jelly Sound


Mixed by Keunsang Park (Asst. Tak Hyunkwan) @ Jelly Sound

4. Get Outta My Way

This song features a heavy and powerful bass followed by ear-splitting vocals and synth sounds. The song strongly expresses the will to move forward without avoiding the truth that you have been turning away from.

Lyrics by Wkly

Composed by JINBYJIN, Karen Ann Poole, Sonny J Mason, Theresa Jarvis

Arranged by JINBYJIN

Original Publishers EKKO Music Rights Europe (powered by CTGA), Copyright Control, Zync Music Round Hill Songs II

Sub Publisher EKKO Music Rights (powered by CTGA), Copyright Control, Warner Chappell

KeyBoArd & Synthesizer Choi, Jinseok

Programming Choi Jinseok

Chorus 1Take

Vocal Directed by Wkly

Digital Editing by 박근상 @ Jelly Sound


Mixed by Keunsang Park (Asst. Tak Hyun Kwan) @ Jelly Sound

5. precious strength

We sang about the old us in the moment when we were tired and exhausted, the present us sharing moments of pain, and the future us moving forward.

The words "So gRAVIty (Our precious strength)" convey the message that each other who dream the same dream is very precious and that dream is the same as you.

Lyrics by Dongheon, Gyehyun, Yeonho

Composed by Dongheon, Gyehyun, Yeonho, Heechang (Coke paris)

Arranged by Coke paris

Bass Junyoung Choi

Guitar Kim Myung Kwan

Piano & Synthesizer Kim, Ki-San, HeeChang

Chorus Kang Tae-woo

Vocal Directed by Heechang, Dongheon, Gyehyeon, Yeonho

Digital Editing by Ahn, Young

Mixed by Keunsang Park (Asst. Hyeonkwan Tak) @ Jelly Sound

**OFFICIAL Ver.Component** **Official Ver.

- CD 1EA

- 104p Photo Book 1EA

- 1 paper photo card (randomly selected from 7 types)

- 2 transparent photo cards (A, B) (1 randomly selected from 7 types each)

- 1 Domuson sticker (1 randomly selected from 3 types)

- 1 pOSTer (limited to first order)

- Barcode ticket (1 type)

DIY Ver.Components** **Components

- CD 1EA

- 108p photo book (1 randomized from 7 book covers)

- 1 Paper Photo Card (Randomly selected from 7 types of individuals)

- 1 unit photo card (randomly selected from 3 unit types)

- 4 speaker photos (1 of 7 randomly selected)

- 1 handwritTEN bookmark (1 of 7 randomized)

- 1 free initial order pOSTer


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