DKB - 1st Album The dice is cast
    • DKB - 1st Album The dice is cast

    DKB - 1st Album The dice is cast

    Label: genie Music

    Release Date: 2021.03

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    WEight: 13


    DKB - 1st Album The dice is cast


    1. 줄꺼야 (ALL IN)

    2. Flower Less

    3. Real Love

    4. 난 일해 (Work Hard)

    5. 미안해 엄마 (Sorry Mama)

    6. 오늘도 여전히 (Still)

    7. 퐁듀 (Fondue)

    8. Tell'em Boys

    9. Tell Me Tell Me

    10. Samsung

    - In the final installment of the four-part series, DKB, who has grown through youth, love, and heartbreak, puts everything on the line and goes head-to-head.

    - Title track "I'll GIVE You (ALL IN)," a pop dance song about going all in for the one you love

    DKB, a monster rookie who has been debuting for a year now, is challenging for the top of the music industry with his first full-length album "The dice is cast.

    Various emotions and experiences felt through youth come together to create a unique 'me'. There will be many difficulties in the process of discovering oneself and true love. However, the die is already cast, and there is no place to retreat. You put everything on the line.

    Their first full-length album, "The dice is cast," tells the story of young people who have been enlighTENed through love, breakups, and various emotions, and are now more mature and in search of true love.

    The title track, "ALL IN," is a pop dance song with an 808 sound with an emotional piano melody and groovy rhythm. Contrary to the exciting sound, the lyrics tell the story of a man who wants to gIVE his all for his loved one, and you can feel the different charm of DKB, who has grown once again.

    In particular, the choreography of the title song "ALL IN" was created by DKB, who is known for their performance flavor, and will showcase a performance that has grown even more by putting their own colors into it.

    In addition to the title track, "ALL IN," the group will also perform "Flower Less," an emotional melody that compares the longing for a broken-up lover to a flower, and "Real Love," a rock hip-hop song that tells the story of a true breakup after a long relationship and wishes for the happiness of a broken-up lover, In addition, the album is composed of 10 songs, including the title track, "Work Hard," "Sorry Mama," "Still," and "Fondue," "Tell'em Boys," "Tell Me Tell Me," and "Samsung," which are songs from previous albums in the series.

    DKB, who made a comeback with their first full-length album, will captivate not only domestic but also global fans with their deeper musicality and eye-catching performances through this album [The dice is cast].

    01. 줄꺼야 (all in)

    The title track of 'DKB's first full-length album 'The dice is cast' is a pop dance song with a piano melody that stimulates emotions from the intro and a groovy rhythm with an 808 sound that gIVEs it a different charm unique to 'DKB,' who has grown once again with new music and performance. In particular, the lyrical lyrics and melody, unlike the exciting sound, added to the song's charm.

    The song captures the change of heart to gIVE everything to the one you love, as if the many thoughts and endless worries about your loved one were a waste.

    02. Flower Less

    'Flower Less' is a pop dance song composed by DKB member Theo, and written by members Theo, D1, Lee Chan, and GK.

    The song compares love to a flower and contains a sad meaning of missing a lover who has broken up with you and wanting to meet again, but making a true breakup for the one you loved. The song also features an emotional melody and the members' voices.

    03. Real Love

    'Real Love' is a song about realizing that the lover you loved so much but hurt you so much that it wasn't true love, and hoping that you will be happy and find your true love, even if it's not me. DKB member Theo participated in composing the song, and DKB members Theo, D1, Lee Chan, and GK participated in writing the lyrics.

    In particular, the song's exciting rock hip-hop-based sound is enriched by the witty voice of 'DKB'.

    04. 난 일해 (Work Hard)

    'Work Hard' is a hip-hop R&B song with a simple instrumental composition and an addictIVE pluck source, and the addition of a heavy 808 sound creates a full and dreamy atmosphere, further maximizing the song's appeal.

    In particular, the addictIVE chorus contains the lyrics, "Every day I work," about working hard to build a wonderful future with the one you love.

    05. Sorry Mama (Sorry Mama)

    DKB's debut song "Sorry Mama" is a hip-hop dance song based on the 'EDM TRAP' genre, and the arrangement is impressIVE from start to finish.

    In particular, the colorful sound and the lyrics that the members of DKB sensitIVEly expressed the feelings of wandering young friends that everyone has experienced at least once added to the charm of the song.

    06. Still (Still)

    "Still" is a dance song based on hip-hop, with members Lee Chan and GK contributing to the lyrics, and the members' more mature vocals and raps adding to the song's appeal.

    In addition, the emotional guitar loop and groovy and sophisticated sound enhance the song's completeness and atmosphere, and the lyrics are impressIVE, expressing the sweet and mournful feeling of regret while still missing the person you loved.

    07. Fondue

    This is a funky hip-hop song with a minimalist sound with groovy bass, drums, and a simple instrumental composition that makes it more attractIVE. DKB members Lee Chan, D1, and Junseo sensitIVEly describe the excitement and trepidation of falling in love with someone you've been friends with by comparing it to a fondue.

    08. Tell'em Boys

    This song wittily conveys the message of warning other men who are hovering around her like an angel in DKB's unique style. It is a song with a colorful sound with a bouncy and addictIVE pluck line and various voice instruments.

    09. Tell Me Tell Me

    'Tell Me Tell Me' is a song in the retro pop genre that has been receiving a lot of love recently, and it is impressIVE that it harmoniously blends old school and new school from old school voice samples and rhythms with old school hits to 808 bass. The lyrics are charming as they honestly express the determination to check the other person's heart today.

    10. Samsung

    'Samsung' is a hip-hop song written by DKB members GK and Lee Chan. It has a completely different atmosphere from the previous tracks, and the hook is attractIVE, and the theme of 'Flex' is expressed with witty and sensible lyrics.


    - Box

    - Photo Book

    - 1 CD

    - 2 large pOSTcards (1 group + 1 randomized from 9 individual pOSTcards)

    - 1 pOSTcard

    - 1 sticker

    - 1 photocard (1 random from 9 types)

    - 1 photo sTANd (1 random out of 9)

    - 1 transparency card (1 random out of 9)

    - 1 limited-edition pOSTer (1 random 1 of 2)


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