tripleS - [+(KR)ystal Eyes [AESTHETIC]] (A version) (Mini Album)
    • tripleS - [+(KR)ystal Eyes [AESTHETIC]] (A version) (Mini Album)

    tripleS - [+(KR)ystal Eyes [AESTHETIC]] (A version) (Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.05.08

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs :1

    Weight: 9


    tripleS - [+(KR)ystal Eyes [AESTHETIC]] (A version) (Mini Album)

    "I don't like sweet because it's TOO sweet" The successful debut of Acid Angel from Asia, armed with acidic flavors.

    "I want you to be stronger and more weatherproof" tripleS, who have been running nonstop since their debut until 'Rising', will showcase another new dimension.

    +(KR)ystal Eyes, a group of girls with clear, transparent, and sparkling eyes, will finally debut. Formed by fan vote at the end of 2022, the waiting time has been filled with crisp and clear preparations, ready to meet their fans.

    'AESTHETIC', which reinterprets the emotions of Y2K into a music taste of 2023, was chosen to pursue aesthetic visuals and music that maximizes the charm of +(KR)ystal Eyes.

    The concept began with the imagination of what it would be like if groups like S.E.S. and Pinkle were to time travel to the present day, and what kind of music would it be if their emotions were interpreted as emojis? The concept started from this imagination.

    The first track, "Cherry 100%," is the intro to the title track, "Cherry Talk," and is packed with juicy and refreshing sounds.

    The title track "Cherry Talk" tells the story of a generation that is quicker to express emotions through emojis than through conversation or texting. While Acid Angel from Asia sings about selfies and TikToks, "Cherry Talk" sings about Instagram stories and DMs that quickly disappear. The song expresses the exisTENtialism of teenagers, where emotions are instantly visualized, but the visual image is impermanent. The song is led by Monotree's producer Yoon Jong-sung and features NuDance with RGB sounds, and the details are charming.

    The sub-track 'Touch' revisits the late 90s girl group sound. This is +(KR)ystal Eyes' hot track that can bring nostalgia to those who remember the girls who lIVEd in the Y2K era and freshness to the generation who only know that era through videos on the internet. Hymax, who produced tripleS's 'Colorful', is at it again.

    Even though expressing love directly is a virtue these days, there are still some girls who can't express their feelings and hide them tightly. '(Hide & Seek) Hide&Seek' captures the shyness and excitement of love in Sugar Pop.

    'Deja-Vu', a spin-off track of tripleS's 'Rising', was called 'Deja-Vu in reality, not in a dream', and the song's production participation by member Park Sohyun has been a hot topic since its introduction. Park So-hyun, who is young in experience but has incredible potential, and Fuxxy and Anymasingga, who produced 'Beam', worked together to complete the album. So, was that dream of deja vu a dream come true? Or is it a waking dream? I ask.

    The final track is tripleS's original number "Dimension" arranged in the +(KR)ystal Eyes version. The song's clear and crisp arrangement, which is different from Acid Angel from Asia, reminds us of tripleS's theme of gathering strength together.

    Idol of all possibilities. The amazing future of triple S, which will grow stronger through creation, growth, and union, is becoming more and more real.

    *Album Specifications

    - cover : 150 x 200mm / 1 type (image differs by version)

    - booklet : 150 x 200mm / 68p / 1 copy (Image varies by version)

    - cd-r : 120 x 120mm / 1 type (image varies by version)

    - special class objekt : 55 x 85mm / 1 random insert from 8 types (Image varies by version)

    - folded pOSTer : 515 x 380mm / 1 type inserted (image varies by version)

    - folding card : 200 x 100mm / Insert 1 random 1 of 4 types (Image varies by version)

    - sticker : 100 x 150mm / Insert 1 type (image is the same for each version)


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