PIXY - CHOSEN KARMA (4th Mini Album)
    • PIXY - CHOSEN KARMA (4th Mini Album)

    PIXY - CHOSEN KARMA (4th Mini Album)

    Label: genie Music

    Release Date: 2023.03.11

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 11


    PIXY - CHOSEN KARMA (4th Mini Album)


    1. Hide & Seek

    2. Flip a coin

    3. KARMA 

    4. Falling

    5. 귓속말

    6. KARMA (Inst.)

    PIXY "Dark City" Episode 02 - "Chosen KARMA"

    Dark Doll PIXY has released her fourth mini album "Chosen KARMA".

    In 2022, PIXY successfully completed their European tour, Otakon DC, and Anime Weekend Atlanta, introducing PIXY to global fans. They are also planning a U.S. tour in 2023 and have been invited to KawaiiKon in Hawaii, continuing their impressIVE run. With the addition of new member Lindsey, PIXY's fans are excited for their upcoming album.

    Just like the double meaning of "Chosen KARMA" in the album title, PIXY will show that the evil in "Dark City" has an inevitable fate, and that PIXY is a special being with a chosen destiny.

    With a unique worldview, PIXY's title track "KARMA" is a hybrid mix of two songs, "Hide & Seek," which tells the story of tracking down evil, and "Flip a coin," which tells the story of judging evil by flipping a coin of fate, and shows the strange harmony and cinematic development created by mixing two songs with completely different moods.

    This unique endeavor works well with PIXY's character, which is at times playful, but at other times colorful and intense.

    The album captures a variety of feelings, from the funky sound of "Hide&Seek," the heavy bass sound of trap beats, "Flip a coin," and the new story "KARMA," which combines the two, to PIXY's deeply colored "Falling" and "Whisper," which features a catchy guitar riff.

    The producers of ALLART, who best understand PIXY as an artist, and MOFT (Men of the future), who have been in charge of PIXY's performances since their debut, provided music and stage like a tailor-made suit.

    PIXY shows a new transformation with each album, updating career highs.

    We hope this album will be another leap forward for PIXY.

    [ConTENts] (ConTENts image differs by version)

    - PHOTO BOOK : 62p



    - CD : 1ea

    - PHOTO CARD : 2 random out of 15 types

    - SCRATCH MESSAGE CARD : 1 out of 10 types randomly



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