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Label: Universal

Release Date: 2021.10.12

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 12


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1. 우주로(WOULD YOU RUN) 


3. -18


5. True

6. 둠둠타(DOOM DOOM TA)

7. 러버덤(RUB-A-DUM)

- The global anticipation that the whole world is waiting for!

- TRI.BE's first mini album [VENI VIDI VICI], which will fly higher.

- Recharge your energy with TRI.BE! Level up the spiciness! One title track, "WOULD YOU RUN

- Space-grade performance by performance specialty TRI.BE

- 5 new songs with irreplaceable charm and unique personalities!

Global newcomer TRI.BE, who will fly higher, is making a comeback with their first mini album "VENI VIDI VICI".

TRI.BE, who debuted as the youngest girl group in February this year, has been garnering the expectations and attention of K-POP fans around the world with global achievements such as 'over 10 million views on their music videos' and 'No. 4 on Taiwan KKBOX's Top New K-Artists in the middle of 2021' within five months of their debut, as well as the US management of Ariana Grande's Republic Records.

This is TRI.BE's first mini-album with a total of seven songs, including previously released songs DOOM DOOM TA and RUB-A-DUM, and the album's title "VENI VIDI VICI," which means "I came, I saw, I won," expresses TRI.BE's bold ambition to go their own way, like conquering a new world that hasn't been visited yet. This album is full of challenges for a new path, including challenges in a new genre and challenges as a unit that have not been shown so far, and raises great expectations for TRI.BE, which is full of individuality.

The title track "WOULD YOU RUN" is a song with a tense brass riff and dynamic rhythm, which is said to be a performance restaurant, and TRI.BE's space-class performance, which is further blown up to create an energy-charged song that is satisfying just to watch and listen to.

The five new songs, including the title track "WOULD YOU RUN," are filled with new challenges.

"LOBO" is a fun song that compares TRI.BE members who are not scary when they are together to wolves that attack to protect their pack, and "-18" is a song about the regret of not being 18 years old despite having many things they want to do. The entire album is full of TRI.BE's unique charm, from the emotional "GOT YOUR BACK" with SongSun, Kelly, Jinha, and Jia to "TRUE," which expresses their love for their fandom TRUE.

With the production of TRI.BE's producers Sinsadonghorang and ELLY, you can feel the unique music of TRI.BE, and we are looking forward to the future activities of TRI.BE, who show infinite possibilities with their overflowing energy.

[Track Review]

- Would You Run(WOULD YOU RUN)

The title track "WOULD YOU RUN" is a mumba-toned song with a tense brass riff and energetic rhythm, featuring an addictive hook and TRI.BE's unique vocals that have grown even more, and the drop part that starts with "fly higher" when all sounds stop gives the illusion of being in space.

The lyrics, which contain the ambition to go to 'space' in search of newness, express TRI.BE's determination and energy to walk confidently on their own path.


LOBO, which means wolf in Latin, is a reggaeton song with a groovy rhythm and a catchy riff, and the lyrics compare TRI.BE to a wolf that can become ferocious for the sake of the pack, which is stronger with seven members.


'-18' is a hip-hop song that combines traditional Korean instruments (gayageum, sarangnori) and afrobeats, and is composed of Hyunbin (17 years old), Soeun (16 years old), and Miree (15 years old) as a unit, wittily expressing the regret that there are many things they want to do but can't because they haven't turned 18 yet.

The lyrics are especially impressive as they are based on the things the members themselves want to do when they grow up.


"GOT YOUR BACK" is a pop number in the reggaeton genre with rhythmic drums and a catchy guitar sound, and SongSun, Kelly, Jinha, and Jia deliver emotional vocals and harmonies as a unit.

The song was composed by member Song Sun herself, and the lyrics are a down-to-earth expression of the idea that "I will always be by your side when you are in need.


"TRUE" is a pop R&B song with a lo-fi sound and trap rhythm, and the vocals and composition of TRI.BE members' personalities stand out.

The song is dedicated to TRI.BE's fandom, "TRUE," and conveys the message that no matter how hard it is, it's okay with "TRUE".

- doom doom ta (doom doom ta)

'DOOM DOOM TA' is a future house song that blends afrobeats, mumba-tones, and house, with the message of being yourself and not letting other people's opinions affect you.

With a strong beat and TRI.BE's unique voice, the song is a perfect representation of TRI.BE's girl-swag to make a strong impression with her own personality, as the chorus says, "Put it in your ears, make your eyes glaze over, make your heart burst.


"RUB-A-DUM" is a Dancehall song with a catchy flute melody and energetic drum sound from the beginning of the song.

Based on the catchphrase, 'Anyone who wants to run around like crazy, stick around here', the lyrics express a youthful but confident attitude, and the rhythmic and addictive melody of RUB-A-DUM, which means drum sound, is well combined with TRI.BE's unique vocals.

[Details (Except for the poster, the rest of the components are on-pack.)]

1. sleeve cover (size 153*213)

2. digipak (size 151*212)

3. photo book (92p ? Size 148*210)

4. CD-R (size 120*120)

5. behind-the-scenes postcards (1 set of 7 - size 120*170)

6. name card (1 random out of 7 - size 55*85)

7. photo card (2 random out of 16 - size 55*85)

8. concept photo card (1 random from 7 types - size 100*100)

9. ticket (1 out of 7 types ? 150*70)

10. 1 sticker (120*170)

11. poster (1 random out of 2 per version - size 420*594)


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