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TRI.BE - Diamond (Standard Version) (4th Single)
  • TRI.BE - Diamond (Standard Version) (4th Single)

TRI.BE - Diamond (Standard Version) (4th Single)

Label: UnIVErsal

Release Date: 2024.02.21

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 13


TRI.BE - Diamond (Standard Version) (4th Single)

TRI.BE (TRI.BE) "Diamond"

'Self-luminous' TRI.BE's fourth single album "Diamond" has been released!

- "Everything changes because of me" "Diamond" is a solid and shining song by six girls.

- TRI.BE grew from an unpolished gemstone to a perfect 'Diamond'

TRI.BE's new album "Diamond," which has been making waves in the global market for the past year, has lifted the veil.

The name of the fourth single, "Diamond," refers to the process of six girls with different lifestyles, cultures, and personalities finding their true selves through hardships and adversity, and the members, who were once unpolished raw stones, eventually shine like perfect diamonds.

The title track "Diamond" is like a spell that picks you up when you feel like giving up, and the chorus that everyone can sing along to and the laid-back atmosphere of Afrobeats combined with TRI.BE's vocals gIVE the song a colorful appeal.

In particular, this song was choreographed by street dance crew LADYBOUNCE leader Knob, who added TRI.BE's unique expressIVEness to the Afrobeats' rhythmic performance, enhancing the immersIVE experience.

In addition, the song "Run" was written and composed by the members of TRI.BE themselves, expressing their own wishes to each other and their fans, and expressing TRI.BE's fierce sprint toward their dreams.

TRI.BE, who have been polishing their own gemstones during a year-long hiatus, will open their 2024 activities with a more relaxed and mature look than their predecessors, showing off their charm like a diamond that 'self-luminates' and shines brilliantly.

[Album Specification Information]

l Package: 165.5mm x 165.5mm

l Photo book : 84p : 165mm x 165mm

l CD : 1ea

l Group POSTcard : 100mm x 150mm 1 random out of 2 types

l Individual pOSTcard: 2 random out of 12 100mm x 150mm pOSTcards

l Message card: 1 random from 6 types of 120mm x 120mm

l Sticker: 1 x 165mm x 165mm

l Four-color photo: 102mm x 152mm 1 random from 6 types

l Photo card: 2 random out of 12 types 55mm x 85mm

l ID card: 1 random from 6 types 55mm x 85mm

u Limited to a limited number

² CD: 1 randomly selected from 6 portrait versions per version

² Hologram: 1 random from 12 types of 55mm x 85mm


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